Taking The Blog Pulse

Ram Das Puri - During the blind walk at Summer Solstice

One of the things I do every morning is sift through my list of some Sikh blogs that have been updated the day before. It’s a great way to feel connected with different people and see what is going on in different parts of the world. People express themselves on blogs in a totally different way, so you get a very personal view into people’s lives.

This summer there were so many cool young Sikhs that visited us here in Espanola, New Mexico (USA). They came from all over the world. It was so great to have the time to learn and share with each other. It is these types of things that I think build bridges of understanding and form bonds which last a lifetime.

The past few days I have been coming accross different people’s blogs which have pictures and their experiences from their visit here. It is cool "taking the blog pulse" and reading about different people’s thoughts during time here. Here are a few blogs that share different stuff. You might have to scroll down a bit on some of the blogs depending on when you read this.

Happy Birthday Sukha Singh ji! All of us here really enjoyed your company. I wanted to have more time to hang out with you all, but had my hands full with Narayan and Helping Arjan get ready for Charanjeet. Such is the life as a family man. Gone are the days when I was single and could just do whatever I wanted.  Hahaha…

Sukha Singh (UK) – Solstice, Espanola, Etc

Manjit Singh (California) – Khalsa Youth Camp
Pictures and stories from Khalsa Youth Camp (Espanola, NM)

Jasbir Singh (Singapore) – Solstice, Hanging out, etc

Harveer Kaur (Singapore) – Solstice, Espanola, etc.

Prabhu Singh (Espanola)

(If you know of anyone else that is blogging about their visit here to Espanola….let me know.)

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