New Music from Balvinder Singh (Australia)

Back in March I featured some music by a young Sikh musician named Balvinder Singh who is from Australia. He has been sending me new audio tracks from time to time, so tonight I thought I would feature one of his latest titled: "Crimson".

Most of his music has a strong Electronica / Down-tempo / Ambient influence which some of you will notice when you hear is music. In other words it is definitely not traditionalal or classical in style, and is more of a fusion of east and west. I personally like all varieties of music and enjoy his music quite a bit.

Track Title: "Crimson" 
From the Shabad: "Aisay Gur Ko Bal Bal Jaiay"

[Audio:] Download

If you didn’t hear the other tracks from Balvinder Singhs’s CD "Reaching for Home" you can view my previous blog post which has some audio samples from the CD.

Balvinder Singh now has a page on MySpace with some other non-Gurbani related tracks that you can listen to and download if you are interested.

15 Responses to “New Music from Balvinder Singh (Australia)”

  1. Sikh Speak says:

    Have been listening to this album / EP for like 3 months solid – even my non-sikh mates who dont understand it LOVE IT! THeres a great ambience this is something productive and positive hope for more keep it up! hopefully, an article for the mag soon!!!!

    “the free sikhi magazine coming soon”

  2. Mohinder Singh says:

    This was amazing. I never heard bani sung this way before. I really loved it. I would like to order a CD or download the Bani music. Please Gurumustak if you can provide the exact location to downlaod from. Thank you!

  3. Angad Singh says:

    sorry to be a sore thumb but i think guru sahib has instructed us on how we should go about singing bani and i cleary see balwinder singh flouting this..

    there is no harm at all with exprimentation as long as its within the rules mentioned in the sri guru granth sahib ji.

    to read more on this issue please read ” Unterstanding the musical frame work of the sri guru granth sahib. (


    angad singh

  4. Kiran says:

    angad singh…

    You can sing gurbani how ever u want! theres no right or wrong answer, as everybodys interpretation is different….have an open mind will ya.


    P.s its nice and sunny in London this afternoon.

  5. Angad Singh…. I am no expert in Gurbani or the writings of the Gurus…but I don’t think you have to do Gurbani in raag all the time. In other words… SGGS was written to be played to certain raags, but don’t think that it is wrong do otherwise. I know many people who sing Gurbani from their heart and express in many ways (non raag). I don’t think that it is wrong. This is especially the case as people from different cultural backgrounds become Sikhs and their local language and musical background influence expression of Gurbani.

    >>there is no harm at all with exprimentation as long as its
    >>within the rules mentioned in the sri guru granth sahib ji.

    Maybe you could share with us what is written on this subject in SGGS (briefly) about raag and gurbani.

  6. Sikh Speak says:

    If it brings someone closer to GOd or his/her Guru, even for 1 second or a millisecond, CAN’T BE WRONG CAN IT?

    It’s all good – each to their own! LOOK OUT FOR AN INTERVIEW with B.Singh soon….

  7. aksandhu says:

    i agree that as long as it brings someone closer to gurbani and even just listen 2 it for a few second is worth millions of goun

  8. aksandhu says:

    message 2 kiran…

    u always mention about london weather don’t
    it makes me laugh

  9. Kiran says:


    its my tag……least then u know its the original Kiran from London and not the one from Malaysia.

    Lots of pyar


    P.S….its 17* in London tonight and a little humid.

  10. Angad singh says:

    please read

    and if you have the time listen to the audio lecture series on

    you will know where I am coming form..

    from a music point of view its good no doubt but u cant call it guru mat kirtan..


  11. aksandhu says:

    2 Kiran hahahahhahaaa lol.
    ur funny
    and guess what it will be 25* tomorrow

  12. Jagjit says:

    I think singing Bani like this is nothing wrong.

    Me and my friend have sung Gurbani using a guitar and tabla. It was sooo fanstastic that people hearing it cried because it was soo beautiful…

  13. angad says:

    jagjit ji..

    that is what you think? have you ever asked what the guru has to say…ask yr self whom kirtan is done for and why..and wht is the message behind it all..

    never take a decision before knowing the complete picture.

    akal sahee

  14. angad says:

    as for what instrument you use is yr call..tough not completely u have to see what instrument fits the mood of the guru has wanted a particular shabad to be sung

  15. Amritpal Singh says:

    does any1 knw where i can download balvinder singhs kirtan