Audio and Video Archives – UPDATE

I just updated the audio and video archives page. (You’ll notice the link on the top right corner of this website under the section "Pages"). You can watch/download most of the videos I posted on this blog, as well as listen/download previously featured MP3 files. There are lots of really great audios and videos just waiting to be watched! So , unless you have been reading this blog from the beginning (March 2005) then you probably haven’t seen/heard all of them. :)

I’m also testing out having a smaller version of the audio player on the right hand navigation bar for quick listening while you are on the blog. If people find it usefull then I’ll keep it there. Otherwise the audio player is just a click away (Audio/Video Archive).

5 Responses to “Audio and Video Archives – UPDATE”

  1. Gurpreet Singh says:

    Great idea!

    Its a really benefit having the MrSikhNet audio player at the side bar. Thanxz

    Gurpreet Singh

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh

  2. co says:

    very good idea.only thing when I open another comment the music stops??
    how do I download shabads from your archives without joining the matrimonial section??

  3. Yes….the player loads on the web page…so if you browse to another page it will stop. If you want to keel listening open up another web browser window.

  4. co says:

    What about the second part of my question… downloading shabads??

  5. co: We are in transition with the Gurbani MP3 files on SikhNet. We will be offering a new service sometime in the near future for downloading MP3s…but for now… you would need to sign up for a “matrimonial” membership…even if that is not the purpose. It will give you the access to download MP3 files from SikhNet.