Satsang Singh

7 Responses to “Satsang Singh”

  1. mandeep singh says:

    i remember this singh was constantly busy doing the electrolytes seva, keeping us all hydrated…
    so thankful…this is beautiful picture, captures his warmth and strength.
    wahegurus grace

  2. Teekia says:

    hoe sikh sir ttopee dhharai || saath janam kushattee hue marai ||
    He who as a Sikh places a hat on their head; will be reborn seven times as a leper.

    Thankhaanama Bhai Nand Laal Singh Jee

  3. Prabhu Singh says:

    A sunvisor is not a hat, furthermore this writing is more of a guiding principle than some kind of hard and fast rule. Do you honestly think if you place a hat on your head for a few seconds you will instantly acheive seven lives of leprocy?
    Come on!
    This is about those who abondon the turban for a hat and abondon the Sikhi Saroop. This is a hat instead of a turban not a hat or sunvisor with a turban.
    Those who don’t need sun screen and sunvisors shouldn’t get on the case of those who do. You’ll never understand. Most lighter skinned people have had family members or people close to them get skin cancer. It’s a real concern. Next time read between the lines or learn a little bit before opening your mouth and misquoting and condeming innocent people to lives of leprocy.

  4. Parminder says:

    So well said, Prabhu Singh! We seem to be more worried about what others are or are not doing, and finding faults, instead of minding our own business and pursuing the path to Waheguru.

    Guru Fateh.

  5. aksandhu says:

    Do you it horrifying having a friend who first keep his Sikhi roop and then turns into a clean shave

  6. Gurpual singh says:

    well said Prabhu singh ji we are too much busy what other are doing
    make your path and Naam Simran and then you can see waheguru will
    guide you.

    Gurpaul singh

  7. aksandhu says:

    Can i just say something
    None of friend are strong, firm and have a passion for sikhi
    Which is sad because i can never share these topics.

    But whenever i tune to Sikhnet here i she lots of people who are tunned in Waheguru.
    Ur proberly just thinkin what da hell i’m on about.

    All what i want is to meet people who share the same passion that we should all do.