Mr Mustuk

I’m normally the one taking the pictures, but Kent got a pic of me at Solstice while I was checking my email on my laptop.

6 Responses to “Mr Mustuk”

  1. sharan says:

    guru fathe….. u r photo is so gud

  2. Noble Singh says:

    Waheguru Ji Ke Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ke Faithe .. Where do i figure out the information of where are the camps are held? These pictures are really sweet.

  3. jatlee says:

    Gurmustak baba! i know you took that photo yourself i can see your arm tilting towards the camera slightly! hmmm a hint of being vain? it looks like youve masterd that pose aswell spending hours on end, it would look nice black and white too!! take care!

  4. Yeah Right! If you’ll notice you can see my arms which are down. I’m not plastic man.

  5. jatlee says:

    loll im just making up stories lol! ha ha just you wait ill catch you out!