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  1. Saibhi jatt says:

    look very prity girl after all she is khalsa

  2. Is tweezing your eyebrows different than cutting your hair?

  3. Lotus says:

    How do you know she is tweezing her eyebrows? Do you know her? Why must assumptions be made? This hair business is so tiring and passing judgement on this innocent Kaur is so cruel.

  4. Parm says:

    I am interested in the Khanda that you wear on your adorable dastar. Where can I buy this kind of ornamental Khanda, adi shakti pin. You look awesome because of this Khanda, that expresses your good taste and good royal choice !

  5. niyarakhalsa says:

    for May Greenfeeld :

    tweezing ~ “cutting” ~ deforming ~ using chemicals = one and the same thing … disrespect to god given gift of kesh (hair) on our body.

    But none of this will make or brake you as a good human being. But , it remains in ur subconcious and will always nag you while doing ur sadhana .

    Ways of giving respect : washing ~ Wearing Turban ~ keeping beard in natural form i.e. free flowing .

    sorry for sounding to fundamentalist.

  6. G says:

    We should always look at the positive side but we have the tendency to nick-pick things and push others against the wall, and thus make others to breathe difficult.

    we should be proud of our children who are putting so much effort to retain sikhi. Our job is to give them inspiration and courage to face society’s pressures, but if we (ourselves) keep on nagging on small things then it would make very difficult for others to follow way of sikhi.

    Sikhi is all about love, peace and disipline. We should let Guru Ji do his job in JUDGING others. Lets focus this energy on ourselves and our family.

    I am proud of these children who have greater courage than we do. Guruji is working through them and again lets Focus on 99.9% positive attributes!

  7. Krissang says:

    leave her alone!!

  8. Kiran says:

    Not a fundamentalist reply….its good to give information according to what you know….it clears up issues for others too


  9. Hari Prakash Kaur says:

    What about those who have to be on medications that cause abnormal hair growth. Is that hair a “gift” from god or just science. Your fingernails are a gift from god and you trim them. Moles are a gift from god and some people have to have them removed. Yogi Ji did say to be graceful and having a noticable mustash or unibrow is not graceful. God and Guru gave us the ideal and then there is living and getting thru it. I can confidently say the lovely Kaur is not going to create karmas for herself if she chose to tweeze her brows or not, but judging someone will!

    Sat Nam,
    Hari Prakash Kaur Boyd

  10. dupinder singh says:

    she look such like a queen after all she is karu khalsa

  11. I agree with bibi Hari Prakash Kaur, please don’t predict anything for her untill u don’t know the truth, you should all thanks to her for choosing Sikhism, she has choose one of ture and kind way to live Life, Congartualtion! to her (……. kaur) ?

    I wish and pray to Waheguru that every Sikh girl and women take lesseion from her and wear his turban and her bana, i request to all gursikh girls and womens that please take Amrit and wear bana, and get bleesing from Guru’s.

    Fathe To all
    Jatinder Pal Singh Khalsa

  12. sikhzen says:

    this is like the worst conversation ever seen May greenfield should be ignored

  13. Singh says:

    Really out of order to bring such negativity to the website, no need at all.

    At the same time it does need to be clarified that for a baptised Sikh, hair removal from any part of the body is not acceptable and is one of the 4 “Bujjar Kurehats” which an Amritdhari is forbidden from.

    Hari Parkash Kaur, I know your intentions are good but what you said is nearly as offensive as the original comment. Why is it ungraceful to leave the body in the natural form and by who’s standards? Is it ungraceful for a man to have a unibrow? Within modern western society it is surely ungraceful for a man to keep a beard. I think it is not right to tell practising Amritdhari women who keep all hair intact they appear ungraceful.

    Rather one becomes graceful by maintaining Khalsa form, and becoming graceful through Simran and Paath. It is very wrong to say it the way Guru Gobind Singh told women to keep themselves, is ungraceful. I don’t know what “Yogi Ji” said but I certainly know what “Guru Ji” said. Apologies if I offended you.

  14. Hari Prakash Kaur says:

    After speaking to my Mata Ji this morning I realized I had placed my own judgement in my comment. To say one has a unibrow is ungraceful is a judgement in itself. Singh you say the negativity is not needed on the website, but in the same statement you create it. You assume a lot. Who said this young woman has taken amrit? If she has not taken amrit she is not bound to the commitment. I am who I am that is that. I am am who you are looking back. You are who I am can you image that. Thank you for the mirror Singh.

  15. aksandhu says:

    Yeah it’s true we should open up in the clear but imagine if she read all this, HOW WOULD SHE FEEL.

  16. sbk says:

    Hahaha…aksandhu welcome to mrsikhnet!! The place where controversy abounds and debate thrives. Not only in viewing this blog does one get the joy of video, kirtan, lovely faces, live gudwara etc, but we also get to partake in the abundace of issues in and around Sikhism. Live and in color!

  17. singh says:


  18. singh says:

    sat sri akal ,can you guys leave her alone ,why r u guys making big debate ,you cant say any thingh untill you know her ,she is belong to guru gobind singh ji ,when ever i see her pics ,i can see god in her face , if she read all this, how would she feel

  19. Rubeena Kaur says:

    just a thought, perhaps the comments for the pictures should be left as ‘comments’.. ones direct opinions of the pictures, whatever they be. there could be a separate area of the wesite as a forum to further discuss the ideas, and then criticize/take criticism and praise from eachother about the comments themselves. again, its just a thought, and the rate at which everyone was expressing theirs, i thought this one wouldn’t hurt. Vaheguru Vaheguru Vaheguru…

  20. Singh says:

    Hari Parkash Kaur,

    Sorry if I did not express myself clearly. My issue was not at all with the Bhain Ji in the picture. Whether or not she is baptized/unbaptized/keeping hair/not keeping hair could not be of any less relevance to me. More I was thinking of, the many Amritdhari women who keep their hair (as they have been told to by Guru Ji directly) and then read comments from their fellow Sikh sisters which tells them that they do not look dignified.

    My issue was that it is not so much a judgement but rather it is inappropriate to claim that all practising baptized Sikh women who follow code of conduct and do not remove hair are undignified. Hope this makes what I said clear.

  21. Yasmine says:

    I’m really not sure she’s a plucker at all. I see facial hair on the left side of her face. If true, why would she pluck her brows if she doesn’t even remove facial hair near the mustache region? I think she looks fantastic.

  22. G says:

    Its astonishing to see this kind of subject comes back again and again, even after couple of years of arguements on siknet blog.

    I am wondering who are these people who continually make these allegations. Are they really sikhs? No one knows for sure because anyone can leave statements on the blog without revealing their identity.

    These kind of people leave negative comments to flare up the issue and would like to see people agruing over nothing. This leads to small divisions in the comunity.
    Therefore, we should not take these statements seriously, because we have no clue who is leaving these comments.

    Even if we knew the persons identity it should make no difference, because my relationship with Guruji is through myself not through other individuals in this society. And if I am not being 100% on the right tract then gradually guruji will give me the directions while I strife for Guruji’s blessings. I do not need other people INPUT how to dress, eat, brush my teeth, etc…

    I only need directions from Guru Granth sahib. I might be far behind from other people in sikhi but that does not make me less precious in Guruji’s eyes because guruji is Nir-VAR. There could be lot of other positive aspects in my life and some negative. I will tend grasp energy from postive attributes while I walk on sikhi path.

    Therefore, people are at different stages of sikhi, some are baptised and some are not. some are walking on the path of sikhi to become sikhs.
    So, it is our responsibility to make the journey for others easier so that they could also feel the real essence of sikhism.

    A true sikh would always extend his or her hand to others who are striving to follow this path. Anyone who thinks that he or she is REAL TRUE SIKH will NOT slander, or see negative aspects, but treat everyone equally.

  23. Kaur R says:

    It is so motivating to see a lady with a dastaar. This way they cover and respect their hair 24X7. Most of sikh ladies do not even cover their hair with a dupatta. Your decision to stay unique yet simple is highly appreciated. We have to learn a lot from you.
    These sikhs born in English speaking families, recite gurbani so melodiously and flawlessly, read Sri Guru Granth Sahib so humbly, practice amritwela meditation, follow gurmat traditions, give proper respect to Bani and Bana, well we do have to learn a lot from you.

  24. aksandhu says:

    I bet this pic was taken for her rista Hahahaha.
    Just joking

  25. Kiran says:


    You might have a point u know…lol

    lots of pyar


    p.s its humid in London today….cant see the sun anywhere…the atmosphere is just soo warm

  26. aksandhu says:

    Kiran let me tell u this that uk whether is da wierdest whether on da planet, totally unpredictable.

    Nice 2 chat 2 u

  27. GS says:

    Guru Fateh

    I am rather surprised and pained to see what this beautiful Khalsa women has been made to endure in these comments column just because her photo has been posted in this blog.

    It all started with speculation in one comment . I dont know what the truth is but we should all look inwards and also remeber the Guru’s edict and our daily prayer.

    I would strongly suggest that all comments about this post/photo be removed and not become a part of the record.

  28. Tarun Singh says:

    I find it extremely offensive that every time somebody brings up a question that all these people come to say "this forum is a place where we should be kind, sikhism is about acceptance, etc." but at a certain point you need to ACCEPT that there are issues in Sikhism that need to be discussed like the removal of hair (not saying the Singhni does or not, I personally can't tell).

    But this is the definition of a Sikh according to the Rehat MaryadaSikh Reht Maryada


    Section One


    The Definition of Sikh :

    Article I

    Any human being who faithfully believes in

    i. One Immortal Being,

    ii. Ten Gurus, from Guru Nanak Sahib to Guru Gobind Singh Sahib,

    iii. The Guru Granth Sahib,

    iv. The utterances and teachings of the ten Gurus and

    v. the baptism bequeathed by the tenth Guru, and who does not owe allegiance to any other religion, is a Sikh

    So as Aritcle I clearly states, a Sikh is one that believes in Amrit, so therefore it can only be logically cross-applied that a Sikh should not remove hair. And if it wasn't that big of a deal or wasn't "graceful" then why would Guru Ji ask us to keep our identity as he did? Many may argue it is not "graceful" or "practical" to wear a turban and keep unshorn hair in this day and age, so are they right too? Each hair is like a tree on our body which is an earth, if we romove even one tree, it will show on the overall state of the earth.

    By the way this issue was brought up by May Greenfield as a question not as an acusation. I would just like to reiterate that this post is in no way a judgment about the person above since I don't know "the facts" so to speak, but rather is a response to the issue as a whole.

  29. Prabhu Singh says:

    There’s a time and place for everything. This young lady, who’s name I believe is GuruPrakash Kaur is a student at MPA. I think her parents would probably be quite upset if she were to remove any hair and I really really doubt she does.
    May Greenfield’s “question,” wasn’t an honest enquiry asking for people to discuss a topic. It made the assumption that she tweezes her eyebrows and then asks if it is the same as cutting hair, when we all know that it is the same.
    There are many discussion forums where these topics can be discussed. There’s also nicer ways to communicate our opinions with each other. Making assumptions and judgements about other people whom you know nothing about is not constructive.

  30. Tarun Singh says:

    Maybe Gurumustak Veerji can add a web forum just for mrsikhnet.com visitors, that might help have a place to discuss these issues and limit the amount of assumptions that are made about others

  31. Actually…record is much higher on past posts. Somewhere in the range of 60+

  32. cinzamaria says:

    Its seems to me at the bottom of this subject is the troubling set of standards for female attractiveness ….
    I find most people comment, respond towards a girl’s /woman’s outward beauty before anything else when they do not know her.

    From the moment a female is born, the evaluation of her appearance is a topic. ” What a pretty little girl”… becomes praise.

    Unfortunately, the sad truth in my life is that accentuating the feminine makes for more energetic responses from everyone …
    People love female beauty, perfection and encourage it on every level.
    Even the most wonderful soulful people love to love beauty.

    Its a tough thing to give up what the world offers beauty.

  33. aksandhu says:


  34. Tarun Singh says:

    Cinzamaria brings up a good point, but Guru Ji tells us that all we see in this world is false and that should not be the focus, and I am not anyone that lives by this fully in any way but it is something that I have to tell myself at times to make sure I don’t get caught up in materialistic ventures…

  35. inder mohan singh says:

    i am totally agree with prabhu singh. you can discuss such topic somewhere else but not here. its like discriminating someone feelings. so beware of making these type of comments in future. wjk wjf.

  36. A.k.Sandhu says:

    GURUMUSTUK Singh ji i think lots of people have now said and also been hurt about all da comments made, that they’re requesting for a discussion forum and many have backed that idea up as well.

    Consider it, who knows it might be very interesting and bring people together and also learn from these discussion forums.

  37. AK Sandhu: Thank you for your suggestions. There are already more than enough discussion forums and it would not help to create yet another forum. Also I would prefer to not have to manage another forum which can be quite time consuming. My suggestion would be to start a topic in the SikhNet discussion forum at: http://www.sikhnet.com/discussion. You can just start a topic and post a link to the original blog post (so others know what it is relating to).

  38. Happinder Singh Khalsa says:

    So many diffrent views for one photograph.Shows how much diversity human have in there thoughts.One should always look to himself before commenting on others .

  39. Hari Prakash Kaur says:

    I think it is interesting that a lot of people see this discussion as an attach on the young Kaur. What if she did see this. If it were me I would laugh. To inspire such passion on a subject. I do not see any of the comments as personal, but of course that is my opinion. I just listened to the Ek Ong Kaur lecture by Yogi Ji and one of the most profound statements he made in the lecture that impacted me was “If you do not except all, you do not except one.” In the end we are all given choices. As a Sikh we know what is the ideal. I do not believe one needs to be reminded of what that ideal is. You do not forget. If one chooses to remove hair it is there choice. They live it.

  40. Guri Singh says:

    For the person looking for Adi Granth Pins, one can find them on Ebay and on my site at http://www.goSikh.com

    Hope this helps.
    Best wishes,
    Guri Singh

  41. Guri Singh says:

    Sorry the last comment was to say Adi Shakti Pins can be found on eBay and goSikh.com website.

    Guri Singh

  42. Gurpreet says:

    Good Photo

  43. Maninder Singh khalsa says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa
    waheguru ji ki fateh
    this is a very beautiful gusikh lady

  44. Dr Sandeep Singh says:

    Who is beautifull in Guruji’s Eye?

    “Soi sunder sohney sadh sangey jin behney”
    -Beautifull are those who sit in company of sadh sangat.

    physical beauty is temporary, short lived.Inner beauty is for ever.
    But when i saw this pic of lady in bana -she reminds me of Guru Gobind singh.I would like to kiss the feet and take charan dhud of anyone who reminds me of my Guru.

  45. Pete Jackson says:

    Judgements on another’s religious orthodoxy are always dangerous since it implies that one is on a superior plane, leading to the sin of pride. These discussions should be kept within a person’s family, or between the family and their religious teacher. Especially in a public forum, such as a website, people should not criticize since it will hurt more than it helps.

    Note that I am Christian, but have always been attracted by and interested in Sikhism.

  46. rajinder singh says:

    vahe guru ji ka khalsa ,vahe guru ji ki fateh
    you are really a khalsa and you are totally according to REHNI RAHE SOI SIKH MERA .

  47. SAHIL says:

    looking so nice after wearing turben

  48. Ravinder Singh says:

    Women look so radiant in turbans!

  49. jagpreet singh says:







    MY MAIL ADDRES IS [email protected]

  50. Rachel McDermott says:

    What I see is the essence of spiritual beauty from within shinning forth from her face. I see peace and tranquility. Judgment is left to the higher. Helping, guidance, and nurturing is earth bond. I was raised Catholic, Jewish, and exposed to two atheists. I have studied many religions looking for the true path. Now I study the Koran after holding onto all else for so long. Perhaps, I too will have such a beautiful shine of spirituality and peace. After all, isn’t that what so many look for,, so many question? We just forget to look back for our brothers and sisters, and we forget about respect and graciousness. Perhaps I missed the boat on the tweezing eyebrows, for that is not what I see when I look upon the picture. Call me a “Rookie”.