Friends New Blog – “The Inner Journey”

Recently a friend of mine Lakhvir Singh, from Nairobi, Kenya (Africa) has been blogging lots of great articles on his blog titled "The Inner Journey". He has been posting all kinds of interesting articles and really unique pictures/paintings. When you see the beautiful header images and the the things he posts you’ll appreciate the time he spends on it. Lakhvir Singh…you thought you were busy before you started blogging, eh?  Hahaha….  welcome to the blogosphere!

Have a look at his blog at –  

While I’m at it making blog shoutouts…check out the SikhWithin blog which features a regular Sikh audio podcast on Sikhi related topics. A team of people record a radio style show in a studio, specifically for online audience.

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3 Responses to “Friends New Blog – “The Inner Journey””

  1. Thank you Gurumustuk Singh Ji, for the humbling feature on your blog. You are absolutely right, I thought I was busy until I got the world of bloggers . . . it’s like realising the dream to share the greatness of Sikhi with those we barely even know . . . and you inspired me to start my own blog . . . as soon as you moved to wordpress, I was hooked to the beauty of this service and I couldn’t resist any longer and get blogging. It’s all your inspiration, Gurumustuk Singh Ji, thank you . . .

  2. H says:

    OoooooohHHHH!! LAkhvir SIngh is from Nairobi, Kenya. Nice to hear that.. I was from there not so long ago. Nice blog…thanks for posting G Singh Ji!!

  3. haha i was born in Nairobi Kenya. one day ill be back………. and wicked blog