Joy of Anand Karaj

5 Responses to “Joy of Anand Karaj”

  1. aksandhu says:


  2. jatinder says:

    At the time of the weding lots of so called big guys get scared but at this place with the sword he is looking great.

  3. Noor Kaur Khalsa says:

    Thank you Sada sat Simran Singh Khalsa ji. I live in Sydney and you recently toured. You have inspired me tonnes. I’m 14 years old this year and i am amritdhari. You didn’t inspire me to become amritdhari (that was someone else) but you reawakened the Khalsa inside me. For that Thank you very much

    Oh and can you come back to Australia please.

    Yours Truly
    Noor Kaur Khalsa
    [email protected]

    ps. Have a happy married life

  4. alvinder khalsa says:

    congrates……….to sada satsimran’s wedding…..n thanks for inspiring us from malaysia

  5. vaninder kaur says:

    awesome…how sad and happy thing to knw that sikh guys are getting their hair trimmed whereas forigners are adopting our religion….

    congrats to himmm….