Narayan Meeting His New Sister

Narayan was at a kids camp all day during the labor so was excited to meet his new sister when he came home.

3 Responses to “Narayan Meeting His New Sister”

  1. corey conn says:

    Hi there! Congratulations! What a sweetheart. Can’t wait to here the name and hopefully, one day soon to meet her. Narayan is such a sweet looking boy too.
    Michael looks at his picture board often and talks about cousin Narayan and playing with him at “Chuckin Cheese”. I have a package ready to send, it will be on it’s way soon.
    Congratulations to all, to Narayan and a special kiss and warm welcome to the baby.

  2. Guru Surya Kaur says:

    oh, how wonderful. congratulations to your whole family. it was nice to meet you at jaap sahib and see you at solstice, coming alive from the blogosphere. many blessings for your new daughter! and high five to arjan kaur!

  3. Sukhjit says:

    Many Congrats to you and your family , i was bit loaded with some work at office . So dealy in congrats on new arrival.
    she is cute… and her bro is too happy .