Wedding of Sada Sat Simran Singh and Guru Das Kaur

Here is the video of the wedding of Sada Sat Simran Singh (CK Jatha) and Guru Das Kaur Gurdwara. It starts out with an inspiring talk by Shanti Kaur about being married and the four rounds of the Anand Karaj. It was a wonderfull celebration and a beautiful wedding. So, sit back enjoy the video!

Download Video (196MB)

30 Responses to “Wedding of Sada Sat Simran Singh and Guru Das Kaur”

  1. Ravneet says:

    Video not for download?

  2. HKaur says:

    What a beautiful couple !! It was an amazing ceremony!

  3. The video is 250MB…so didn’t think people would want it.

  4. gurpreet k says:

    really awesome….it would’ve been wonderful if i were able to d/load it. i wanted to show it to my mum, but she said she can’t see it cuz its too small.
    would be wonderful to see it as full screen

  5. NKhalsa says:

    Waheguroo!! Amazing!!! Just so charhdikala!!

    I especially love the kirtan :-)

  6. Conni says:

    It was a wonderfull wedding. God bless you all. Cratulation from me.

  7. Ravneet says:

    I am sure people will like to download it even if it is 250 MB. I also wanted to show it my mum, but the embedded one is too small to watch. Please upload it atleast for some limited time!

  8. Palvinder says:

    waheguroo ji …veerji can u plz put the video for download???i really would like to keep it:)..plz ji..wjkk wjkf

  9. I’ll be uploading the file shortly…and will be replacing the current video with a shorter higher quality version of just the wedding portion (rather than the whole 2.5 hour Gurdwara).

  10. Bikramjit Singh says:

    Veer Gurumustuk:
    could you please have a download link of this wonderfull wedding. I want to show this to my parents back in India.

    Gur Fateh

  11. Ravneet says:

    Thank you Gurumustuk Singh ji!

  12. Thank you so much for putting the wedding up for all to see. We were sad we were not able to attend, so seeing it this way made us feel like we were there too. It was beautiful. Guru Das and Sada Sat Simran are a beautiful couple. May God and Guru bless them with a wonderful and successful life together. They are two of the sweetest people and deserve all happiness and blessings.


  13. GS says:

    Guru is working in his own wonderous ways. This is one of the most joyous and blessed weddings I have witnessed. The whole atomosphere was one of enthusiasm and Chardi kala. The whole congregation in Guru’s Bana and spirits reminds us how Khalsa Darbars used to be in Guru Gobind Singh’s time.
    I wish this wonderful “made for each other” couple a very very happy and blessed life.

  14. kulwant says:

    just saw the video of the wedding of. really awesome… May God bless the couple with all the happiness

    all the best to Sada Sat Simran Singh and Guru Das Kaur

  15. Jaspaul Singh says:

    Really awesome video ! Congrats on the new blessed soles :)


  16. Tejinder Pal Singh says:

    Wonderful wedding.
    I really liked the KIRTAN and the atmophere was full of Chardikala.

  17. A says:

    Wonderful Anand Kaaraj!

    The introduction by Shanti Kaur is great but I would fine tune certain usuage of words (never leave your theasarus to far from hand)

  18. UK Khalsa says:

    bhupinder singh (bob) from Uk there?

  19. Sarib Singh says:

    After their marriage ceremony was complete they went outside and served langar to the Sangat during the rest of the Gurudwara.

    Guru has blessed them with a true understanding of what is important. Amid all of the congratulations, decorations, fancy clothes, gifts, festivities etc their first thought was to serve the Sangat. They together blessed their own marriage by making this the first act they performed as a married couple.

    They are blessed by the hand of the Guru.

  20. kaur :) says:

    Bhalo Re Bhalo Re Kirtania!

    Jee, who are these pairay ras bhinay kirtanees? Where are they from?

    Is it possible to get just audio of the kirtan?

  21. preet kaur khalsa says:

    veer ji
    I just saw the video of wedding’s a great.May God bless the couple with His great love.

  22. satguru kaur khalsa says:

    wahe guru ji ka khalsa wahe guru ji ki fateh!!!
    hi you guys, i may be in Spain, Barcelona but I am not lost to this planet yet! I wish the happy couple all the best and it was lovely to see them on the sikhnet…i just wish i could’ve been there, but in spirit i was….and i hope to return to this amazing family land again one day…where do you go on your honeymoon???!!! remember lots of moon and lots of honey!!! may Guru bless this lovely couple para siempre, hasta la vista…..Sat Guru Kaur – Khalsa brit living in Spain…

  23. Thats a fantastic wedding, all the best to both of you’s. May your life together be blessed.


  24. sumeet makkar says:


  25. Kanwar Jot Singh says:

    Really beautiful wedding.. GOD BLESS THE COUPLE..

  26. Kaur says:

    This wedding is such a good role model ……………lovely anand karaj..may they always be happy together….indeed very sweet and cute couple

  27. Rupinder says:

    Do you know if I can have a wedding like this in NY?  It was so beautiful. Congrats!

  28. Bhagat Singh says:

    beautiful couple! they wore such beautiful turbans! stay in chardi kala guys!!

    Should’ve gave the girl a sword as well. Let’s break old punjabi traditions!

  29. A_Singh says:

    Amazing Kirtan and Laavan sung by Bibi Amarjit Kaur (Virginia Wale) and nice talk by Bibi Shanti Kaur. Thanks a lot.

  30. Kaur says:

    I recently went to the European Yoga Festival 2010 in France, where I was mesmorised by paji's kirtan. Am really happy for the couple, may guru bless you on this journey of self-realisation…the realisation that you already are the 'Ik', that you already are 'brahm' and that you already are connected to your true beloved.

    Peace and light to you both