There were over 100 different weapons placed before the Siri Guru Granth Sahib for the wedding Gurdwara. Seeing them before Guruji made me think of Guru Gobind Singh.

9 Responses to “Shastars”

  1. SKaur says:

    All i can say is i have streams of tears rolling down my eyes. What
    can i say, Vaheguru Ji you are infinite!

    May Sikhs such as these be an example to all of us. Khalsa Ji,
    let this be a very beautiful lesson for all of us. This is HOW a
    wedding should be!

  2. asdf says:

    These shaster give you goosebump.
    They are form of akal purkh waheguru!

    When jatha of gorh svaar sikh ride on their horse you can see the shining shasters.

  3. kaurR says:

    That is a mind blowing picture. Wow

  4. Kimi says:

    I don’t think its acceptable to place weapons in front of a holy book. Its disgusting, regardless of who the weapons belong to. Rather, a museum is a better place to display historical items.

  5. Indy C says:

    Sic Pictures mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. james says:

    Hi Could you tell me about Guru Govind Singhs' ring weapons. I assume they were thrown and very sharp and used to pierce the body or armor.


    Email your response please.


    • gurveer says:

      they were called chakrams they were thrown at an enemy at speeds of upto 50 60mph and could severe limbs from someons body they were normally kept around the turban ans around the neck

  7. learning to be a good sikh says:

    weapons are a great part of sikhism we can never protect anyone if we can not learn from our peers our shastars.  I love shastars I love them so much thank you for bringing back the shastars to sikhi and our culture.