Google Maps – Punjab

Google Maps was recently updated with much higher resolution images of parts of Punjab and many other places. You can now see the Harimandir Sahib (Golden Temple) up pretty close right from the top.

You can also check out the article by which shows some other cool images of Sikh related places on Google Maps and gives some great descriptions of the different places. has some very interesting articles and you’ll be sure to learn a lot.


8 Responses to “Google Maps – Punjab”

  1. J S Bansal says:

    Google Earthing is quickly becoming my fav. hobby. If anyone is up to it Find the city Nairobi, Kenya when it is zoomed in move slowly to the right you will spot Nairobi’s Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara with is single 80 foot white dome (resolution is excellent).

  2. I was hooked the minute I discovered it about two weeks ago. I managed to locate the South C Gurudwara in Nairobi (close to where I live) and I’m now trying to locate Gurudwara Makindu Sahib. Gurumustuk Singh Ji has given me an idea to post some of the landmark sighting from above the Kenyan skies on my blog.

  3. A says:

    Are there no trees in Amritsar?

  4. Pali Singh says:

    Im not sure, but i was sure that there was 5 sarovars where one takes a dip, but i am unable to find the 5 sarovars.
    Also to the upper right on the golden temple there is another sarovar which has the same layout as the golden temple, and i am unsure wot it is, weather it is a hindu/muslim replica or wotnot?
    Buth othervise the goldent temple looks Awsome!
    Thank you.
    much appriciated.

  5. Yes ,!

    There is replica of Golden Temple in Amritsar and is Hindu Temple ( Sitla Mandir)

    And yes there are very few trees in Amritsar ! All gone in urbanisation

    But there are few new plantation around Golden temple Complex

    JAtinder Singh

  6. aksandhu says:

    “are there no trees in Amritsar?” lol daz funny hahahaha…

  7. I think its miracle, no one can compete with this. I can see whole world throw this software, every one should vide it…. Now i tell every one I had seen lahore and thorough Pakistan, maszid. I am requesting to ‘Google’ plz make it more clear because of this i am very happy, there is no more equipment to see what ever you want. I have already intall it on my laptop, whenever i want it to see in my leisure time…….. Its pleasure to make it possible.

  8. ranjot singh says:

    i dont get it why would the hindus want to make a replica, is it golden, or is it not gold but it just looks the same.