Wedding of Guru Das Kaur and Sada Sat Simran Singh


My friends Guru Das Kaur and Sada Sat Simran Singh Khalsa (from Chardi Kala Jatha) are getting married tommorow June 25, 2006 starting at 9AM. The wedding will be held here in Espanola, New Mexico at our Gurdwara. If you wish to tune into the live video broadcast of the Wedding and Gurdwara you can do so here. I will probably be broadcasting with video AND audio on this day (if all goes well) so you should hopefully be able to see everything. You’ll need broadband (fast) internet connection to watch. You can check the website to view the current time here in New Mexico so you can calculate the time difference from where you live.

Tune in Here

12 Responses to “Wedding of Guru Das Kaur and Sada Sat Simran Singh”

  1. GS says:


    Please make sure that it works before hand. These Chardi kala Jatha guys are amazing . This should be an occasion of great celebration and blessing. I wish I could be there.

  2. I have things ready ….but I will be up at the Summer Solstice Camp all week….so won’t have a lot of time to test/setup.

    Just make sure that you go to: and verify the time difference. The wedding starts at 9AM Mountain Time….so you should figure out what that time converts to for your area. On the webpage it displays current time here in Espanola so you can calculate from there.

  3. G says:


    Please record as much as possible on summer solstice camp. Meditations, educational lectures, etc… Audio or video

    Please keep on posting, and share these precious gems with all of the sangat around the world.

  4. G: I won’t be able to record much of that type of thing, mostly just some general things to give you a taste of what goes on. I’ll do what I can.

    Arjan isn’t going to be there with me at camp…so it is just me and Narayan for the week.

    I’ll get some video clips, music and other things that might be of interest. You really have to be here to experience it as a whole :)

  5. G says:

    thank you for your efforts! Will try for next year!! After seeing or listening lectures , kirtan, meditation really made my mind to join the sangat next year!

    We all deeply appreciate your hard work, above all guruji!

    once again, thank you.

  6. Sarib Singh says:

    Gurumustak you are awesome!

    On the “Sunday Gurudwara” page it says 10:15. That is when we tuned in and had just missed the final round!!! Still, so nice to be able to see them! Blessings to them and the whole Sangat!

    If there is any way you can put their wedding up for streaming a little while we would really appreciate it!

  7. I’ll post the video later on so you can watch it.

  8. Sarib Singh says:

    Thanks brother. (Geeze you are fast!)

  9. Gurpreet Singh says:

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to have darshan of the sangat. I really appreciate it Bhai Sahib. Chardikalaa

  10. dalljit says:

    i will like to watch the wedding ceromony,,, howcan i view it


  11. Raja Singh says:


  12. pushpinder kaur says:

    god bless this divine couple.