Pre-Wedding Party

I’ve been up at the Summer Solstice camp for the past few days…but decended from the mountains to celebrate with Sadasat Simran Singh (Blue Kurta) and Guru Das Kaur (Purple dress) who are getting married this coming Sunday. Here are a few pictures from the party last night.

5 Responses to “Pre-Wedding Party”

  1. love that picture, singh in blue looks amazing.

  2. hardeepsingh says:

    Hey sada sat simran singh man! that’s a sexy colour you are wearing,looking great la……….. Haven’t seen you in that colour dumalla.gggggggggrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeat la.

  3. Siri Simran says:

    Is that someone surreptitously holding the chocolate bowl behind his back? “While they’re all distracted by the photograph… the chocolate is MINE! Mwahahahaha!”

  4. harpal singh (uk) says:

    the blue chola is amaaaaaazing n the dhamalaa looks wicked too. its just the colours, there well cool!

  5. Jagjit says:

    this ppl r really very colourful!!