Guru Amrit Kaur and Her Husband Guru Dham Singh. I wanted to get a picture of his turban.

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  1. jatlee says:

    now thats a turban! going for the 70’s style afrikoo singh look!

  2. hardeepsingh says:

    wah ji wah that’s perfect Bhapa ji turban man! awesome hahah lol never mind was just kidding it’s a beautiful Bhapa ji turban.

  3. Harpal Singh says:

    Dear Amrit & Dham,


    I would like to comments on, the way you spell your names. Traditionally, people from India when they have ‘Gur’ or ‘Guru’ as part of their name, they write them as one word like ‘Gurcharan ( which could mean ‘my place is in Guru’s feet – a humble – servant’, ‘Gurikbal – a person who has accepted Guru as his/her protector’, ‘Guramrit – he/she has taken Guru’s amrit’

    Note that in these names last letter ‘U’ is dropped from the word Guru.

    When we write a names like ‘Guru Amrit’ or ‘Guru Dham’ – it implies they s/he has taken a title of a Guru and his/her name is Amrit or Dham.

    Historically the word ‘Guru’ is only used for the 10 Gurus and Siri Guru Granth Sahib.

    By writing ‘Guru’ as a separate world, could imply that that person has taken ‘Guru’ as a title.

    Moreover, it changes the meaning also – by writing ‘Guru Amrit – doesn’t imply that the person is a humble servant of the Guru who has taken Amrit from the Guru’ – on the contrary it impels/conveys that the person has taken ‘Amrit’ and attain ‘Guru- ship’.

    There a good reasons why we take these names – to reminds us what we are – for Guramrit – it remind the person that s/he has taken Guru’s Amrit – will try his/her best to conform to the norms of Amrit’.

    Please note that these are just my humble thoughts and in no way a ‘criticism’ and would like to know how you view it. Even though I am a born Sikh, I wish, I could practice as per Guru’s teachings and adopt Guru’s teachings as part of my life. At the same time, I appreciate your commitments and devotions to the Guru’s teaching.

    With Best regards…harpal

  4. no need says:

    Waheguru ji kaa khaalsaa waheguru ji ki fateh

    free flowing beard
    personality overflowing

    rather roaring personality

    turban should be a large

    then the sikh’s personality is much more enhanced

    see dharam singh ,prabhu singh

    wonder ful Sikhs ,
    wonderful Children of SHIRI GURU GOBIND SINGH JEE