Chardikala Jatha Sharing Experiences

Here is a video from the end of the Jaap Sahib Course with Jugat Guru Singh, Sada Sat Simran Singh and Hari Mander Jot Singh (Chardi Kala Jatha). In the video they share some of their inspirations and experiences living in India and then answer questions by different people.

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14 Responses to “Chardikala Jatha Sharing Experiences”

  1. Thanks Ji for all the hard work with this site. I have read everything posted around Jap Sahib and downloaded all the beautiful kirtan. I have been telling everyone in the community that was not able to attend to tune in. My wife was at the course and I was not able to be there so this really brought me there.

    In this video there was a pan away from the amazing stories being told about Guru Gobind Singh and the camera focused in on my wife. I haven’t seen her for about 2 weeks and that is a long time when you have been married less than a year…brought tears to my eyes.

    I am on a plane tomorrow so should be there in 24 hours….in the meantime I will keep listening to Chardikala Jatha and all the other beautiful music and lectures you are posting.

    Chardikala!! Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!!!

    Himat Singh
    Portland, OR

  2. Pritam says:

    Theres always something new that I learn from this site and these and others on the site than from even info websites and these videos put the most usable info into my mind.

    You basically need a Gurmustuk head cam or something like a Sikh reality t.v show and then the rest of us can get inspiration from your full Sikhi lifestyle. Or at least have a microphone on in places all over the Sangat at all times.As a good thing hehehehe

    I go around seeing slander of this and other 3ho ashrams and after seeing these videos can see that this Sangat is really dedicated to Sikhi, Sadhana and Banis and all the people slandering are only about 1% of what this ashrams GurSikhs are. Your Ashram inspires me to go about in Chardi Kala throughout my day

  3. Great video! good to hear the experiences of chardi kala jatha. But I disagree with the concept of rolling of beard, it has nothing to do with the concept of British ruling India. Change of bana is not rolling of beard its more or less trimming of beard.

    Just like you give extra care to your head hairs by rolling and tieing on your head similarly you roll your beard and tie a knot. I am not saying that you should not have open flowing beard.We have been directed by Guru Gobind singh to take extra care (hygiene) of our hairs. Till the time you are not trimming your beard, it doesn’t matter if you have open flowing beard as compare to rolling of beard.

    -Sikandar Singh

  4. Mohinder Singh says:

    Khalsa Jeo,

    waheguru ji ka khalsa||
    Waheguru Ji ki fateh||

    I am not new here. I have been reading this blog from last one year or more, and I really love it. Its beautifully managed. I like everthing from pictures to quotes to music and the interviews. I watched lectured and highlights of Jaap Sahib Baba Sukha Singha and Veer Kawalroop Singh Khalsa. It was amazing. And today was the video of Chardhi Kalan Jatha. I am a sikh from India. But I relate to American Sikhs same way I would to indian sikhs. I am a sikh and I love sikhs all around the globe. I would like to ask Gurumustak Singh, Guruka Singh and chardhi kalan jatha that how and what steps we can take to unite sikhs around the world. WE ARE SIKHS AND THATS THE END OF IT. I don’t know if my last made any sense. Forgive me if it not. As far as the Dasam Granth is concerned, I have questons. I am not against it at all. I hardly know anything about it to love or go against it. From our childhood we only bow to Guru Granth Sahib Ji. We are never interduced to Dasam Granth Ji. I have read many things about Dasam Granth on internet and one site has put up some texts from Dasam Granth and their meaning. I am so sorry to say but the language was really dirty. I just could not beleive that Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s bani could be like this. And I don’t think Guru Gobind Singh wrote that. When asked some wise ment about it, who are lot more smarter than me said, It was complied some 100+ years later than Guru Gobind Singh’s departure from this earth. During the time Masands and Brahamans have taken over the Gurudwaras and they added such vulgar texts to Guru’s wording and added it in the book later known as Dasam Granth or Bachitaar Natak. I recite Chaupai Sahib and also have read Jaap Sahib but those are so beautiful Banis and wording praising God and His Powers. I loved the lactures of Baba Sukha Singh and Veer Kawalroop Singh and their explaination of Shakta and Shakti. There’s no doubt that Baba Deep Singh Ji Saheed read those Mantras from Jaap Sahib. But the wording I have read from other website talks nothing but just SEX. its really vulgar I cannot even explain it here. The url of website is: The whole page is written in punjabi. Punjabi readers can read this and please discuss this topic here. we should I think. I don’t know what else to say or write. Please forgive me if I have said anything wrong.

  5. Prabhu Singh says:

    I believe the Akal Takht asked that Sikhs not discuss the authenticity of the dasam granth on public forums. That being said what other people are telling you is incorrect. Every word of the Dasam Granth was written by Guru Gobind Singh. There are reasons for these writings and there are reasons it is separate from the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, our Guru. Nevertheless Guru Gobind Singh wrote two granths and they are both important. India used to be more open on many topics, until the British came in and imposed their Victorian values on others. There are many stories in the Dasam Granth which others might consider ‘dirty,’ but they still have value and purpose.

  6. jatlee says:

    maha anand!

  7. Naamdeep Kaur says:

    This truly is one of the most moving things i have watched, thank you for sharing, Superb!

  8. daljit says:

    sat sri akaal.

    i was wactching and clip where members of the cardikala jatar where speaking about events in their lives, and i was disturbed when one of them stated that guru ji worshiped shiva and durga . and how people back in punjab had trouble coming to terms with this..
    this type of talk is damaging to sikhi and fuels rss backed hated directed towards sikhi. RSS and a large amount of hindus already want to claim sikhi has a part of hinduism in order to destroy sikhi.

    and altimatily guru ji stated that

    ਬ੍ਰਹਮਾ ਰੁਦ੍ਰ ਉਪਾਇ ਖਪਾਏ ॥
    ब्रहमा रुद्र उपाइ खपाए ॥
    He hath created and destroyed Brahmas and Rudras (Shivas).

  9. Mohinder singh ji

    You are very right that panth should be united. Without wasting time, let me come directly to the point of Dasam granth. Things mentioned on that site contains words/lines , mentioned with respective pages are not present you can refer to following link in more details. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Looking at the History, Before Singh Sabha Lahar, Golden Temple Amritsar was in hands of Mahants. They were just hindu sadhus who use to smoke and do all sorts of things (Badbee) in golden temple. They even had placed idols in golden temple. They also manipulated some of the bani in Dasam Granth. But After singh sabha lahar, whwn golden temple and rest of gurdawaras came back in hands of sikhs, sikhs removed all the idols from golden temple and reinstated Guru Granth Sahib with full maryada.
    Regarding the Dasam Granth. The orignal Dasam granth from which Baba Deep Singh ji use to take hukamnama was located, which is said to be a handwritten and which is stll with Damdami Taksal gurduwara and is available for darshan of sangat.It doesn’t contain anything which is awful.If you want to know more about history and bani of dasam granth. Please refer to the following videos.

    Dasam Granth is a form of power (shakti) for sikhs. I will request you to kindly go through following link and verify the pages mentioned on the link given by you. I haven’t found any of those lines mentioned in below link.

    -Sikandar Singh

  10. inder mohan singh says:

    u r right veer. i am also great reader of sikhmarg. but that web site is available in english also. so you can read essay in punjabi as well as english. i also listen the audio of Hari Dharam Kaur and Hari Bhajan Kaur first time and i really love that. dasam granth written by guru gobind singh ji or anyone; i cant tell. sikh must decide himself what to read or not. however we must remember one ord and do nitnem instead of getting involved in such matters that cannot be solve until all the sikh brothers gather and decide. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh. so do naam simran, seva, remove pride and ego, bath daily and dont involve in thefts and dont break anyone heart. only then we are true sikh. nanak naam chardi kala tere bhane sarbat da bhala.

  11. daljit says:

    yep par’ji u are probally wright, but no matter what version u read guru ji never gave Durga or shiva the credit of govening the earth in any way, like menstioned in the the video .

    in fact dasma granth says that brama wrote the vadas’s in vain

  12. Bikramjit Singh says:

    I thanks to everyone here for sharing knowledge on Dasam Granth. This shows that one must read and understand thoroughly before SPEAKING in gathering and WRITTING on bolgs.

  13. Bhupinder says:

    wgkk, wgkf

    I have something to say about Dasam Granth. Its true it was written by Guru Gobind singh ji but not all Bani is that of 10th Guru ji. There are some instances in Dasam Granth where the lewd wording is used. How a man and woman make love is narrated using every kind of dirty word. That can’t be Guru ji’s Bani. Modern sikh scholars have proven that that some hindu mahants, priests, liek they did with Budhism by declaring Mahatma Budha a reincarnation of Vishnu, tried to make it look like that Gurus worshiped Hindu gods and that sikhs are a part of Hinduism.
    Also, Guru ji himself declared Guru Granth Sahib the Guru of Sikhs. So, why worship some other book?

    wgkk, wgkf

  14. Jagneet says:

    WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh..
    iunno bout you guys but if someone told me guru gobind singh ji wrote a bani, I wouldn’t waste time arguing about it, I’d go read it and decide for myself. No matter how hard I try however i would not be able to declare it is not his bani. This is because everytime i read it i get russ and i get this nexx power that nothing else gives me. Thats my pyaare guru ji giving me strenght through his powerful bani. Personally I see sikhi as Saint Soldier where we learn how to be a saint from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Soldier from Sri Guru Dasam Granth Ji …


    WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh