Gobinday Mukhanday Meditation

Last night we did an amazing meditation for 62 minutes chanting the Guru Gayatri Mantra (from Jaap Sahib), "Gobinday Mukhanday, Udharay, Apaaray, Harian, Kariang, Nirname, Akhame". The chanting was lead by Snatam Kaur along with quite a few others on backup vocals, Guitar, Violin and Tabla. We did this meditation after a long (wonderfull) day at the Jaap Sahib Course. It was quite an evening!

If you want to try meditating to the audio, download the file and then play it on your computer or audio player loud enough for the sound to surround and "wash over" you. Sit with your legs crossed on the floor and sit up with your spine straight and shoulders relaxed. Close your eyes and start chanting the mantra.  Pull in the navel area near your stomach a bit as you pronounce the end of each word (Gobin-day, Mukhan-day…). Focus at your third eye point in between your eyebrows at the base of your nose with your eyes closed. Continue the meditation for as long as you can (at least 11 minutes). You’ll notice how you can really get into it after a while. The audio evolves and changes throughout the 63 minutes. When we were all chanting it together as a group it felt very powerfull. Give a try and see what happens? Your mind may start to wander so just keep bringing it back to the mantra and chant it out loud powerfully from the navel point in your stomach.

I made two audio files. One is cut down to about 30 minutes and the other is the full 62 minutes.

Audio Downloads
30 Minute Edit (27MB)
Full 62 Minute Recording (58 MB)


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11 Responses to “Gobinday Mukhanday Meditation”

  1. G says:

    again, poweful, wonderful, I could feel every pore of my body vibrating!

    thank you!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mohinder Singh says:

    Sardar Gurmustak Singh Ji,

    Can you provide details of how to take “hukam” and how to do “Sukh Aasan” late in the evening. I want to learn it badly.

  3. Sunny Singh says:

    This recording is awesome. Are there any other like this with simran of mool mantra or wahegur?


  4. Arpinder Singh says:

    I have seen the entire blog and I one day I would to visit Espanola. I reside in Toronto. The pictures are very fasinating, and I listened to the Gayatri Mantra.

  5. Bhai Arpinder Singh jee,

    I believe you are refering Guru Gayatri Mantra i.e. “Gobinde Mukande Udare Aapare, Harian Kariyan Nirname Aakame” as Gyatri Mantra. These are 2 separate mantras.

    Gayatri Mantra (the mother of the vedas), the foremost mantra in hinduism and hindu beliefs goes like this :


    Bhul Chuk De Khema…

    Chardi Kala…

  6. oh i have always really like snatam kaur’s voice and way of recitation. thanx a lot that i got one again its really nice, smooth music

  7. Sanchi Uttamchandani says:

    Waheguruji ka Khalsa Waheguruji ki Fateh!
    This meditation audio was amazing.I tried to meditate with good volume and speakers ON…my body n mind were resonating with the mantra and music.Really felt nice and enjoyed.But i am not able to download the audio….i this link has expired.Pls let me know about this.Do you have any other audios like this.It would be great to know abt them.
    Waheguruji ka Khalsa Waheguruji ki Fateh!

  8. Sanchi, I fixed the download links.

    The Jaap Sahib course that this was from is happening again this year! For more info see: http://www.sikhnet.com/jaapsahib/

  9. Sanchi says:

    Thank you ! for updating the link of meditation.Please guide me where n how should i learn kundalini yoga

  10. You can look for people that are qualified to teach Kundalini Yoga at: http://www.kundaliniyoga.com

  11. Thank you so Much _/\_