Jaap Sahib and Stories

A little over two days have passed since we started the Jaap Sahib course and I feel like I am in another world! It feels like ages have passed but I know it has only been about 2.5 days. The days are packed from early morning till late into the night so we keep really busy. It has been such a great experience learning and getting into the the vibration of Guru Gobind Singh through Jaap Sahib. This course is very unique and every person that teaches provides a very different experience.

I’m really glad that I was able to participate in the Jaap Sahib Course (one more left). I wanted to participate in the course but because we already take off the following week for Summer Solstice Camp, and some time after that Arjan will have the baby, I thought it might be a bit much to take the time off. The day before the course started I got a call saying they needed someone to video tape it, so I guess it was a calling that I needed to be there. I really am glad that I made the choice to do so, because I have learnt a whole lot and it really has deepened my relation and understanding of the bani and to Guru Gobind Singh. Learning is great…but experiencing and feeling things are even better!

I’m gratefull for all the hard work that went into putting together this course and hope they do it again next year! I’ll be posting a few video clips and audio in the following days so you can get a taste of some of what went on here. Still, nothing beats being here and actually being in the experience of the whole event. You just can’t get that from watching a video.

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