Warrior Workout

Every morning Sadasat Simran and Jugat Guru (Chardikala Jatha) lead us in a "warrior workout". After I got done my legs and arms were "wobbly". I wasn’t used to this level of workout. Mostly I get workout from running and playing sports, but not so much of a strength workout at this level. It was good fun and I’m sure my body liked it. Hopefully I won’t be too sore tommorow.

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  1. DEEP says:

    I don’t know total number of Gursikhs living here in Espanola, But I think the GurSikhs from this region should join the U.S Army so that people can see the strength and bravery of Sikhs in battlefield. I feel remaining isolated won’t serve any purpose and serving the one’s motherland is most important thing.

    I have seen people here have strong determination and are very hardworking, so I am really Optimistic that if they try even U.S Army can have a Sikh Regiment same way as British army has a Gurkha regiment.

  2. They will make us cut out hair and not wear bana {5Ks}

  3. Dear Friend ,
    Your Idea is really good!
    I just felt like informing you and others that Sikh Turban is not allowed In US army any more after 1980,s but still allowed in UK Army

    I would like to request people living in USA to do something about it and get the right to wear tuban in Army .
    Other option is contacting united sikhs organisation in US to fight for this cause .

    It would be more appropiate if it is done by somebody who is living USA .

    Jatinder Singh

  4. Deva Kaur (Orlando) says:

    Deep Singh Ji,

    I just don’t know if the U.S. army is the way to showcase or put to use thier “strength and bravery”. The “battlefield” of current day is Iraq and is it really ALL about justice?

    A worthwhile war would have been against the Chinese who poured into Tibet slaughtering the peaceful Tibetan monks for no reason.

    Also, I do recall a case where a man fought for and was granted the right to wear a turban in the U.S. army. Evidentally it did not change the policy for others?

    Didn’t Hari Singh Byrd also wear one while in the military. Does anyone know?

  5. hardeepsingh says:

    Bhaji about the Us army we don’t know oh man! i was just there with the Chadikala jatha in singapore and can’t believe it that they are so energetic teaching shastar vidya all over, i wish i could carry on learning that all the time but all we have is gatka in Amritsar Sahib.
    But my brothers the armt is there and guru ji when needeed will come out and people would know about them themself.

  6. HARPAL SINGH says:

    Refering To Deep’s comment:-
    1. British Army had Sikh Regiments who had proven their bravery in First and Second World War fighting in European and Asian battle grounds and also in they were and still are in Police and Armed Forces – countries eg. Malaysia, Singapore….
    2. I agree with Sdr. Pritam Singh’s comment about not joining the Army. Further it is a risk for Sikhs, as Al Queda members might disguise as Sikhs and infiltrate in to the Army and create havoc, as it is happening, as they did in Iraqi Army and Police. Now it self since 9/11 we had serious problems with the Americians, with this, anything serious happens, it will worsen our relationship with them.

  7. This is a remote possibility whay you are saying Bhai Harpal Singh jee. As mentioned earlier, Sikhs are serving in UK and also in Canadian Armed Forces. And I dont think these countries (CANADA and UK) has faced any such issue (of Al Queda or Taliban trying to enter in their Army as Sikhs).

    How can US Army be any different than Canadian and UK Army. It is just further proof of how racially discriminating Americans are. Enough proofs have already been documented of the discrimination against Sikhs and other minorities after 9/11. Americans claim to be an open society, yet they are far from having open arms to tolerate other cultures.

  8. I was just talking to my Seva group about this idea the other day. Evidently I was the ony one really enthusiastic about persuing this idea. I don’t think I could spearhead this effort myself alongside my current seva and prospect seva in the near future, but I would definitely be willing to participate in this campaign if someone else organized it.

    I think part of the lack of excitement from my seva group is that we all oppose the war. However, I beleive now is also the perfect time to launch the campaign. US army recruitment has dropped significantly as a result of the war and now would be a good time to show the public that there is a part of the public that is restricted from service for no good reasons. The US army stopped making exceptions for religious garb in the mid-1980s after a Jewish man challenged the right to wear religious headgear in the military court system. There is atleast one Sikh army official in full roop in the US army that I am aware of, and he joined prior to the 80s.

    Deva, just because most of us oppose the war doesn’t mean that this is something we should not fight for. This is the perfect chance to fight for our rights to practice our religion and join the US army. The process to win this right could easily exceed the remainder of the campaign in Iraq. Also, of those who fight for this right, only one needs to join to uphold our principals. If no one else, is willing then even I will join and if I die in Iraq then I’d be martyred for a Sikh cause not for the war-profiteering genocidal maniacs who currently dictate US military policy.

    Harpal Singh, the comment about al queda disguising itself as Sikhs is …well to put it mildly, absurd. They could just as easily disguise themselves as Muslims, whom the US army has been trying to recruit like crazy since the start of the campaign. I know a young muslim teenager who has been approached by the US army numerous times, because he speaks Arabic. With so much desperation to recruit Arabic speakers, I’m sure al queda would have a much easier time exploiting this route.

  9. Dear Hari Singh Khalsa ,

    I really happy to some thing positive !

    I know people dont think this as a important issue but for a sikh it is important .
    Joining army is one of the best way to serve the country and it will be single most thimg that push the image of sikhs to the top of charts

    In uk Sikh contribution is so well known that I it plays important part in overall image of Sikh panth

    And in times where identity has become a so core issue to sikh panth could be well benifitted from this initiative

    Just imagine Osama being captured and sikh being a part of that patloon will people be able to ignore this ( I know some people will think it to be hilarious! but actually its not)

    Actually I am currently in United Kingdom so hardly I can do anything in this regard , but I have heard of a organisation Called united Sikhs in USA
    may they can be of some help .
    The time is very Ripe as Both USA and UK army are facing desertion of there troops and shortage of troops ) UK is even recruiting directly from India!)

    I hope something could be done

    Jatinder Singh

  10. I remember once ( 8-10 months ago) reading in the news on Sikhnet, when some high profile Singh Doctor (I think his last name was Kalsi) and his wife were invited at white house dinner and he met with President Bush and initiated the topic of Sikhs being allowed to serve in US Army in their swaroop (with beard and turban). Bush assured him that he will talk to Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld and will see where it goes from there. I havent heard anything on that issue ever since.

  11. Here is the URL to the news article I was talking about.


    I hope Bhai Hari Singh jee can use this information and write to the authorities asking the feed back.

    Chardi Kala…

  12. Dear Sarvjeet Singh

    Thanks a lot for your input!!

    Jatinder Singh