Musical Jaap Sahib

Ok, I’m a music/Gurbani lover, I have to admit it, so I’m always on the lookout for unusual recordings and different musical styles. The past few days many of us here in Espanola and visitors from all over the world have been embarking on a Journey exploring the Jaap Sahib bani during this 4 day experiential course. This morning we started with a beautiful musical rendition of Jaap Sahib sung by mother and daughter, Hari Dharam Kaur and Hari Bhajan Kaur. The audio has a certain esoteric feel to it like you are floating in the clouds. It was great to just sit and meditate on the sound as we all recited Jaap Sahib together.

Background instruments were played by Guru Jot Singh (SikhNet Wale) on the Dilruba, and Hari Kaur on the Harp.

I hope you enjoy it. It’s been another really long day (and more to come tommorow) so best get some sleep while I can.

[audio: – non traditional/hari bhajan kaur/hari bhajan kaur – musical jaap sahib.mp3]


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  1. Gurmeet Kaur says:

    Hello Veerjis & Penjis,

    I love musical nitnems and all musical banis.
    Would be grateful if you could email to me at
    [email protected].

    I have tried the above links, but not possible due to server connection.

    lots of blessing

  2. charanjeet singh says:

    it was very good to listen this bani……….
    i am very glad to listen from the foriengers……….
    i am proud to be a sikh………..