Sunday and Jaap Sahib Course

Today was a great day…but a long one. We had our normal Sunday Gurdwara, however there were lots of new people in town. Now that the summer camps/events are starting, people from all over the world are coming to Espanola. Gurdwara was packed. After Gurdwara I caught up with friends who I hadn’t seen in a long time and got to talk with some of the visitors.

A little after Gurdwara finished I was off to the next happening. Today the Jaap Sahib course started and I am going to be there for the next few days participating and video taping it. The days are pretty full from morning Sadhana starting at 4AM, Gatka workout, classes and workshops all the way till 8:30pm at night. I plan to post some short videos/audios from the next few days of the Jaap Sahib course, but depending on free time we’ll see when I am able to. I must get some rest so not much to post up tonight. Stay tuned.  :)

3 Responses to “Sunday and Jaap Sahib Course”

  1. G says:

    Can you please post shabad sung by Ravi Kaur and Guruprakash Kaur this sunday at the Gurdawara.

    thank you.

  2. Ravinder Kaur Saini says:

    To be in Jaap Sahib course as a participant was like having an experience in heaven. I feel myself blessed and honored after attending this divine course. The most wonderful thing is this great efort of Guru Mastak singh,who has given an update of all the events side by side inspite of his busy schedule.It helps in motivating other people living all over the world to know more and more about Guru and Gurubani.This course was really a unique and collective effort of Sikh Dharma disciples. May Waheguru bless them with extra strength and wisdom to keep it up.I congratulate all of you for carrying the torch of Sikh Dharma,handed over to you by Siri Singh Sahib, so magnificiently.Satnam.
    With infinite gratitude,
    Ravinder Kaur Saini
    El Cerrito (CA)

  3. Guru Surya Kaur says:

    yes, it was such a blessing. i find myself talking nonstop about guru gobind singh ji and the jaap sahib to whoever wants to listen :-) it was an incredible experience connecting with him and i can feel i have changed, and will continue to change, because of it. wahe guru to everyone to everyone who manifested the course.