Audio and Stories from This Week

Story and Poem by Guru Tej Singh Khalsa

During the June 6th Gurdwara, remembering the events of 1984, Guru Tej Singh, who is is a poet and historian told some stories to the Sangat. They are very energetic and worth listening to.

Stockholm – Poem About Guru Arjan Dev ji

[audio: tej singh – stockholm – poem about guru arjan dev ji.mp3] Download

Stories of Guru Hargobind, Guru Arjan and The Akal Takhat

[audio: tej singh – stories of guru hargobind-arjan and akal takhat.mp3] Download

Audio clips by Hari Bhajan Kaur from Gurdwara last Sunday.

Ray Man Eh Bidh Jogh Kamau

[audio: bhajan kaur – ray man eh bidh jogh kamau.mp3] Download

Gobinday Mukhanday – Waheguru

[audio: bhajan kaur – gobinday mukhanday – waheguru.mp3] Download

3 Responses to “Audio and Stories from This Week”

  1. Manminder Singh says:

    Dear Veer Ji,

    Guru Tej Singh Khalsa’s Story on Sikh history was very interesting. One thing i dont agree with Guru Tej Singh Khalsa when he said that Baba Buda Ji forgot which side the sword goes, when he gave it to to Hargobind Sahib Ji. I mean think about it the man who had a chance to see 4-5 Guru’s in his lifetime, so much knowledge about the sikh dharma and we historians are saying that he FORGOT which side the sword goes too.

    Baba Buda ji purposley did that to Hargobind Sahib ji. The reason why he did that because he wanted to see the man who is asking for a sword does he even know the meaning of the sword, does he even know the meaning of the the saint and a soilder, Between Bhagti and Shakti. He wanted him to wear two kirpans so Hargobind Sahib ji stay in balance of Power and Spritual. If you read the history you’ll find out that Baba Buda Ji didnt had to go anywhere to get 2nd kirpan. It was there by him so he can gave it to Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji.

  2. jagvinder singh khalsa says:

    im really sorry, im a lil late in posting a comment for the panj pyare controversy. my 2 cents,

    i understand its against “maryada” to read from the gutka sahib.

    but do you think, in 1699, when guru ji himself took amrit from the panj, they couldve memorised the 5 banis in under a few minutes. after all, they were humans like us. it would take us about months, even years to memorise the japji properly, as some pauris are so confusing. now, before you jump on the bandwagon and attack me with saying tt, oh, guru ji was anterjami, he made the panj pyare recite the banis from memory, oh, it was actually him, who was doin it, yes, our guru ji was the greatest man.but i would consider it a miracle for that to happen. and go back to the words of guru tegh bahadur, men of god do not show miracles.i am not discriminating my guru. im am just putting some practicality into this issue. im sure guru ji would be much happier with the panj pyare reciting the bani correctly as much as possible, from the gutka sahib, rather than mixing up lines, so commonly done in the japji and jaap sahib. let us look deep into ourselves, we are not perfect.

    thanks gurmustuk, and i apologise if i had posted too late, just hoped that people could look at it from this point.

  3. I believe it was the same “Amrit” that was prepared by Guru Gobind Singh Sahib jee Maharaaj that he first gave to the five Sikhs who offered him their heads and later he took (the same Amrit) from the Panj Piyaree. I dont recollect (as far as my memory goes) that it is mentioned in history that the Panj Piyaree after having the “Amrit” prepared separate “Amrit” for Guru Gobind Singh Sahib jee Maharaaj. (So the question of Guru jee showing miracle, I guess doesnot arises.)

    If one has to appear in some material world exam, one can memorize whatever answers one need to pass the exam in flying color (no matter how long the answers are) , but when it comes to memorizing bani, it sounds confusing; reason being one is not going to get any degree on paper after memorizing bani, so memorizing Bani is least important on the agenda of life.

    And yes, I am not perfect (I dont know about others). And also it is a fact that one who should be chosen to be Panj, should understand the great responsibility that they are given and should measure themselves on the scale of Gurmat (as one for sure will know his/her short comings), and then decide if they are right to be in the Panj.

    Bhul Chuk Dee Khema…