Akal Takhat Martyrdom Anniversary Gurdwara

Tune in live, online at: http://www.sikhnet.com/s/SundayGurdwara

Tuesday, June 6th, 2006, is the twenty-second anniversary of the martyrdom of the Akal Takhat. Please join the Sadh Sangat in honoring this sacrifice. Beginning at 6:30 p.m (Mountain Time – Espanola New Mexico), MSS Gurutej Singh will speak about the martyrdom of the Akal Takhat, martyrdom of Guru Arjun and the birth of Guru Hargobind.

6:30pm – 7:00 Rehiras Sahib
7:00pm – 7:20 Gurbani Kirtan – Gurujot Singh
7:20pm – 7:40 Presentation – Gurutej Singh
7:40pm – 8:00 Anand Sahib, Hukam…
8:00pm – langar


4 Responses to “Akal Takhat Martyrdom Anniversary Gurdwara”

  1. HARPAL SINGH says:

    I am happy to note that Gurdwara Sahib Espanola is remembering the Late Martyrs of Akal Takhat by have a program today ( Tuesday- 6.6.2006, though the actual date is Sunday 4.6.2006 {S.P.G.C. Jantri-Calendar}). Many thanks to the Sadh Sangat and the Management committee- a few in this world who have remembrance of these Martyrs in their mind, as some have either forgotten or do not bother…..

  2. Bikramjit Singh says:

    Good to know that Espanola sangat is remembering the Martyrs of Akal Takht which feels that Sikhs are united to remind people across the world that Sikhs will never forget our Matryrs.

  3. Chand Singh says:

    Oh no, i hav to be at school then!

  4. waheguruji ka  Khalsa,waheguruji  ki Fateh,  I  am  very  happy  to  see on Sikhnet that 24th  Anniversary of  Martyrdom  of  Shri  Akal Thakth sahib is  being  observed  with  all  memories  of  our  Great Sheeds  at Espanola Gurudwara, New-Maxico.
    I  am  proud  of  the  American  Sikhs.  U  r   doing  a  very  great  &  good  job  for  the  sikh  community all  over  the  world.  All  the  best,  God  Bless  u  All.