The Panj Piaray

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  1. Lovely site. Gurus chela

  2. Kiren says:

    Dear Gurumustuk,

    thank you so much for the lovely pictures. the contrast between the white and ‘kesri’ is simply glorious! i could feel the peace just by looking at the blessed ones.

    i took amrit when i was quite young and i think i had forgotten a little bit about how special and powerful it was.. these pictures have reminded me of that day and for that i cant thank you enough.

    i think these pictures are a beautiful way to capture the moment of surrender. i agree with Mata Ji’s point about minimising distractions, but also feel that there is no need to hide behind closed doors. if we truly accept it as a moment of rebirth, then why shouldn’t our loved ones be there to share such a special journey with us?

    and as for women being in the panj pyare, thats a no brainer. in Asa di Vaar we read: Why do we call her impure? She who gives birth to kings?

    keep bringing us the pictures, Gurumustuk. especially those with women in the panj!


  3. Gupty gupt gupt says:

    do the panj give the prani naam direea

  4. Sukh says:

    Hi Gurumustuk. I see that your blog is licensed under CC, but your images on Flickr are not. Is it possible to licence your images under the CC licence for use on Wikipedia? Some of your recent photos would be very useful (I’m finding it difficult to track down suitable photos under a free licence).


  5. Sukh: These Amrit Photos are not taken by me. I haven’t really been posting to Flickr….because of issues with Worpress Flickr Plugins not working with Windows IIS server. Been having trouble getting proper image support for WordPress. It (wordpress) is lacking a lot in image type functions (resizing, inserting images at different sizes, etc).

    If you would like to use a particular image send me an email an I will pass it on to the photographer.


  6. yikes says:

    YIKES I’ve been told its wrong to post pictures of the Amrit Sanchaar because it a sacred union between Guru and Chela, I don’t know if these pics should be posted ji

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yikes:Who told you? Is there any logic behind such a statement? Anything sinful about posting such pictures? As far as I am aware no. I find these pictures informative and educational. A Sikh is literally a student and a learner. These pictures can help you learn ;)

  8. I think after seeing these pictures,i felt really strong who cares what some sikh associations are saying about not to show these pictures i think there is no such rule of not showing people taking amrit in the public.
    I think after seeing these pictures many people would wanna take amrit and become Guru wale.
    this is chardikala

  9. NiyaraKhalsa says:

    Anonymous ji u r slightly on the wrong track;

    Amrit sanchar is always done in a closed area not in public view , because it is ment for only the ones who it is ment for !
    It in not an open event .
    And going by the mordern day logic , we will have many willy & crooked thinking people coming up and saying …Oh man i dont need to go to an amrit sanchar :: I just saw it on a vedio and learnt everything there is to learn !!

    lets notgivethem a chance ! ( p.s. am not saying that we ban pics of the sanchar , but we should understand the sacredness and importance of the event . )
    Hope you understand thefeeling i want to convey.

  10. You said it NiyaraKhalsa jeeooo….