Stirring the Amrit

The Panj Piaray Stirring the Amrit while reciting the 5 banis

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  1. Guru Sahib da Nimanaa Sikh says:

    I don’t ever comment on posts or other stuff, so forgive me if I make any mistake or hurt any ones views, but khalsa ji Dasam father asked for 5 heads of sikhs, and he didn’t say only men, he asked for 5 sikh heads, and we all are aware that 5 sikh men offered their heads, thats the reason only 5 men sikh are put in the punj piyaare. It would be wrong to say that I though up this argument or fact. 20 th centuries mahaan gursikh Sant Brahmgiani Baba Jarnail Singh Ji passed this Sikha down to us. If anyone wants to hear this pls refer to this video:


  2. nanaksar says:

    how nice i never saw a lady in the panj payare but its nice too see them

  3. Sachi Sikhi says:


    There is nothing wrong in holding a gutka sahib while strring amrit bani is bani!