The Khanda in the Amrit

3 Responses to “Khanda”

  1. The center of the universe= Amrit bata and Sri Guru Granth Sahib. My goal after a long time is to be one of the Panj Pyare so I can taste the Nectar again even if it is just one drop.

    Jo bole so nihal. Sat sri Akal

  2. Puja says:

    very true that there is nothing like Amrit, but The Real Nector in within you when you do the Simran of the Guru, u unite with him and then there is the real Amrit, outside is just an imitation of that, our goal in life should be to taste that Amrit. if u reach the guru, u’ll not just taste but bathe in the nector a million times sweeter than the one u’ve had :-) !!

  3. Yes the Nectar within you is infinity times more rare than Amrit Bani, but the goal in life is to drink the Nectar from the Guru. Shiv, Vishnu etc. all searched for this Amrit and couldnt quench their thirst. They thought the ocean has the most water but couldnt find this Amrit there. They thought lakes or a certain lake had this Amrit and couldnt find it. Im glad this body and mind {spirit} was born in this age of Kali Yuga and have been fortunate enough to be blessed with this Amrit Bani.