4 Responses to “Hukamnama”

  1. sbk says:

    Yes….I believe this is the Eugene Gudwara. Nice surprise. Can you feel it now…Amrit Vela!

  2. When I was blessed with Amrit they had the same Paalki Sahib.

    Where do you get on like this? They dont look too expensive and I have been lookin for one but they are all handmade and very expensive. Not that I wouldnt spend the money but I had to quit my job because my boss was disrespecting Sikhi and I cannot allow this on myself and after he caused some problems but all is well and Im searching for another job but am falling short so far.

  3. jasbir singh says:

    jab lag khalsa rahe nyara tab lag tej diyu main saara
    jab eh gaye bipran ki reet main na karuh inki parteet (dasmesh pita)

  4. Pritam singh ji, rehne rahe soi sikh mera,oh sahib main uss ka chera.
    where do u live and what kind of budget for the palki sahib cauz i can provide u many kinds depends what would u like????
    i am here living in amritsar sahib.
    [email protected]
    +91 98151 08988 cell#