Kambdi Kalaai – Film by Ish Amitoj Kaur

Over the past 6 months you might have heard about a new Sikh related film titled “Kambdi Kalaai” by Ish Amitoj Kaur. We had previously posted some info about it on SikhNet news, but I had never seen the film up till yesterday. I just received a copy of the DVD and because I was home sick I had a chance to watch it.

I started watching it, unsure of what to expect since many of the Indian/sikh related films that I have seen tend to be a bit “cheesy”, silly or over religious. When it first started my negative mind starting picking at small things with the movie. However, I promptly shut off that “picking” in my head. It is not a multi-million dollar hollywood movie, so you can’t expect to see that level of quality in a smaller production such as this. HOWEVER, as I got over that and started to get into the story I realized that it covered some really cool issues that we as Sikhs deal with every day (being a Sikh, cutting hair, identity as a Sikh, relationships, marriage, mocking sikhs, etc).

The story in some ways reminded me of meeting my wife Arjan Kaur (who was not born a Sikh). I felt some parallels in this story with my life, in relation to me drifting from sikhi…and then meeting Arjan who was really into Sikhi and wanting someone for a husband who was into the same. I don’t know if I was just in a wierd mood or overly emotional…but I got teary eyed a few times while watching the movie. It was really great seeing how many of the different “issues” they covered in the film.

It is a 60 minute long movie and well worth the watch! I think the film has a great story/message and I encourage all of you to get a copy of it. The film was very well done considering the resources available to produce it. I haven’t seen any films that have a regular story line that cover Sikh issues like this. Most of the videos I have seen are more religious (documentary) and one may not relate to that story in the same way as a “movie” format about people in today’s world.

It’s great to see people create films like these and I hope that these continue to be made in the future. So, support the film, buy a DVD…and in return enjoy a cool story which hopefully you’ll get something more than just entertainment from.

For more info and to get the DVD visit:
Read the news story about the film

Watch a short video preview of the film

(View another movie trailer)

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  1. HARPAL SINGH says:

    Viewing both trailers – worth seeing this movie. Points our weakness in Sikhi and effects of media on our youths today.

  2. Pritam Singh says:

    Is this video in Punjabi or English or both? If it has both does it have subtitles?

  3. Tarun Singh says:

    I’ve watched this movie, (It’s a mix of english and punjabi, mostly english) and own an unopened copy of it as well. The movie brings up some good points, but I felt it was a little short, and there are other points with the choice of actors that I didn’t agree with but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, if you want to know what these are please feel free to email me at [email protected]

  4. young Sikh says:

    Cool Ill buy it then and support the maker of it, because I wish there were more movies that I could see. At the store they are all punjabi which for now doesnt do any good for me unless I have someone watching it with me which for them I know its fun to talk the whole time while listening to it and then tell ing me.When I watch a movie like that its a producer commentary on a dvd extra feature.

  5. The film is a mix of English and Punjabi and it DOES have English sub-titles.

  6. Lionchild says:

    I wish we had more films fo new and english (and other languages) speaking people.. we tind to over look this small yet important demohraphic in the sikh community. However, this is still a good initiative and will help others to fnd out more on siki…

  7. Satnam
    Heheheheheh. Amitoj is my name too except (I’m Amitoj Singh)

  8. GS says:

    Ish Amitoj Kaur’s initiative is good spirited and we must commend her for this project. I will definitely buy this DVD and support her.
    However the trailer that I have watched on the film’s website has left me with some uncomfortable images on the choice of actors. The old Sikh man with the fake white beard and his over acting melodramatics more like bollywood and Indian TV serials could have been avoided because there are genuine Gursikhs available in the entire diaspora to do that role. Similarly a Sikh actor like Waris Ahluwalia would have made the difference in the leading role.
    Lastly the song KAMBDI KALAI is the first song in Bhai Vir Singh’s poetry book by the same name and is a longing to meet the lord who is so near yet so far. The visulazation ( if it is also in the actual movie) during this song of a girl lying on her bed and waiting for her lover/husband is out of sync with the theme of this truly beautiful poem.

    I appreciate her efforts and feel that next time she will do much better.

  9. Gurumustuk Singh ji you should also watch Hindi movie called “Pinjar”. The story was written by Late Amrita Preetam. The movie is so emotional. Its not related to Sikhi. But the movie covers the story of a girl before and after India’s partition.

  10. vickysingh says:

    It’s GREAT Movie.. Im glad you watched it. I just order another movie called “Daastar” by kevin lee. I will post the review when i get the movie :) Chardi kala !

  11. I heard about this film a while ago too. So unfortunate Im in the UK and DVDs arent shipping here – had to download it too watch it! which I aint happy about, but what can u do! Defo, buy the DVD when its available. great sewa (the movie that is!)

  12. P.S. Vicky Singh Ji dasstar is like a 10 min docu film type thing GOOD THOUGH!

  13. Gurfateh Gurcharan Singh ji.Its really shocking for a filmaker to know that her film is being downloaded free of cost in addition to the large-scale piracy.Sikhi based films that dont find place in regular theatres might just die their own death if that is going to be their status.We have launched the dvd’s in almost all the countries and are planning to come to U.K. very soon.It is my reuest to kindly curb the practise of downloading the film and try and find proper distribution modes for such films.

  14. Pritam Singh says:

    When I made music. I used to have some buy the cd and hear they had available for download to the masses. I couldnt make any money when people did that and it made it hard

  15. SSA Ish Amitjot Kaur jee,

    Agree with you. Great effort, please keep up the good work.

    I tried to buy the movie at your website, but I cam unable to make payment online.

    There is a problem with the Paypal link, just after you log in and select the shipping address etc. it chokes.

    Any other ways to buy the movie.


  16. Sorry, I mistyped your name.

    Ish Amitoj Kaur jee

  17. Dear Ish Amitoj Kaur, I am in no way endorsing piracy all I am saying is it exists, and if it were made universally available it would stop some of this. I didnt share it or provide it for download I just received a downloaded copy from someone. I tried emailing you once to tell you the same – that it was a vailbale for download – I didnt get a reply. As for SUPPORT ALWAYS!
    Cant wait for UK showings and buying the dvds – I WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT GREAT CAUSES! [I also plugged the film in my monthly newsletter goes out to over 500 people in the UK, soon to become a monthly magazine] with best wishes

  18. I can provide u details of where it was shared etc if you email me ([email protected])

  19. (p.s. sorry i realise i typed i downloaded – thats not wot i meant)

  20. VJKK,VJKF…
    Ish Amitjot Kaur G / Anyone..
    Any ideas where one could buy the DVD in India??.. I live in New Delhi and am keen to watch the movie. Not sure if it’ll be available at outlets of PlanetM and MusicWorld stores :-/
    Thank you.

  21. Why can’t it be shipped international? It might cost a bit more…but could easily be done…

  22. It definitely can be shipped anywhere in the world its available on our website.But the reason for the delay to all the other countries except U.S. was to go personally to do theatrical premiers of the film and then do a dvd release.We managed this process successfully in the U.S.,Toronto,Singapore,Malaysia and now Australia.Just a couple of dvd’s reaching a country through online orders results in piracy.Sadly we have not had any response from any individual or organization in U.k. to arrange for a show or dvd distribution.
    I am in the process of scripting my next film and seeing the big void between making and distributing the Sikhi based films puts me in great dilemma.What is the future of Sikh Cinema?Its easy to make low budget easily financed films and retriving whatsoever little one has invested.but what happens to big budget films? The response of people to ‘Kambdi Kalaai’ is really inspiring but how do you go ahead without retriving the costs? how does one realize dreams like making a braveheart in Sikh Cinema or does one just drift away into main stream cinema?

  23. Dear Ish Amitoj Kaur,

    What do u require to show this film in the UK? and what sort of funding do you require? I could try and help and ask certain organisations etc and try to arrange relative screenings in London Sikh Soc events i.e. all the Sikhi Students currently studying in London and the wider London area Gurdwaras, I am pretty sure I could put you in touch with a very active Gur Sikh in Leicester as well…In addition, all the students in North (up) are united and could quite easily be approached through certain organisations. In addition, you could sell DVD copies at the screenings/after. if you would like some sort of help please email me – I would only be too happy to help, alongside this theres massive press coverage that you could achieve?! Could do a tour of the whole of UK. Only an idea…

  24. HARPAL SINGH says:

    Bhen Ish Amitoj Kaur,
    Please could you inform, from whom this DVD. could be purchased in Malaysia. Thank You.

  25. Jagjit says:

    In Malaysia the DVD can be bought from
    Sikh Naujwan Sabha Msia.

    Pls visit Sabha House in Bangsar from 2pm-7pm during weekdays to get a copy. Its RM25 per-copy

    Go fast cause only 20-30 copies are left due to huge demand…


  26. Gursimran Kaur says:

    waheguru jee ka khalsa wahe guru jee ke fateh
    today just before 15 mins i have seen this movie
    i don’t know what i can say for this movie
    i am indian and we r for membr in our family and all of them are amrit dhari
    everybody is commenting for this movie like it’s really good for this generation in abrod
    well i just want to say that it’s like a special gift to sikhism
    i am living in canada but i am related to sikhism by heart
    but i want to know something from this movie is that
    can u tell me why you have choosed this name for this movie i really don’t undertsand this thing however my mom is the great fan of bhai veer singh jee and she also had read this book
    but if u can reply for my question then it should be very greatful for me
    and again thanx to that persona even all of them who had helped that person to make this movie
    well plz reply me if u can
    thank you so much
    waheguru jee ka khals waheguru jee ke fateh

  27. Harjinder Singh says:

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh,

    First of all i must say what a grand effort by makers of this movie. I saw this movie last weekend and beleive me after seeing the movie i felt proud of my identity and for being a sikh.

    Ish Amitoj Ji, Can you please tell me when is the schedule for showing this movie in Mumbai. I stay in Sydney, so i ahve seen this movie but i want my family to see this movie as well.


  28. Parmjit Singh says:

    Sat Sri Akal,
    I was fotunate enogh to be given a chance to be a part of this history in the making. This Movie forever changed how sikhs look at Movies. Up untill the release of this movie, there weren’t any movies which featured a Gursikh as a lead. After this Movie, so many young kids aproached me and said they were more proud of themselves.
    When I was in Toronto, I attended their Nagar Kirtan for Vaisakhi. Two guys in their early 40s approached me, they had a pagri on and very little beard. They said they actually decided to keep hair after watching the Movie.
    I think its a great Movie, and every household should have at least one copy. Our childern are learning more from TV then us. It is the new way of comminicating with them.
    If we all do not support movies like Kambdi kalaai, there would be no more movies of its kind.
    We must ensure that these kind of movies are given the kind of attention they require, and support such projects.
    This will give our kids a chance to be a part of the entertainment scene and still be a puran gursikh.

  29. waheguru ji ka khalsa
    waheguru ji ki fateh
    i watched this movie. it is the movie which can change a person.these types of mavies are in today’s era, as some sikhs r not in pooran gursikhi.I am just proud of sardarni ist amitoj kaur’s intelligence for making such a brilliant picture.
    waheguru ji ka khalsa
    waheguru ji ki fateh

  30. Wonderful movie,
    May waheguru jee bless the whole team for many such endeavours and above all, always
    ChaRRdee Kalaa,
    The same great Sikhi Spirit , which Guru Saahab have infused in us all and which is refilled by writings of great Gursikhs like Bhai Veer Singh Jee.

    Piracy sure is a Problem and unless and untill we all resolve to SAY NO TO PIRACY, we can’t beat it, and such wonderful attempts (like of Bhainjee Ish Amitoj Kaur Jee), would not attain the desired goal of churning more and more such films.

  31. Jattz says:

    If it is a good initiative , why is being sold with the producer and director standing in the Que selling the DVD’s. In singapore filming the direcor of the film stands witha box in her hends asking for the donation in the name of the filimg of the fim in singapore…..WHY??…Its a nice film….it will sell by itself….dont lose the fundamentalism of being a sikh


  32. Dear Jattz/M.S.Dhillon Vrg,
    40 Years ago, when a Non-Gursikh Ram Maheshwari
    produced ‘Naanak Naam Jahaaj Hai’, he had all
    resources with him, he had Bollywood’s established
    distribution and promotion channel for such movies
    and that movie was a great success & still is. I am sure you will agree with me on this.
    Today a Gursikh sister has taken such step, from her
    own resources, & all she has/ or looking forward to is
    support of Saadh Sangat to help her promote/distribute
    her movie so that she can get her investment returned
    (which will ensure her and help her produce future
    such projects).
    Gur Sangat BaaNNee Binaa Doojee Oat Nahee Hai Raayee ||
    Dear Vrg, We DO NOT HAVE that distribution channel and in the absence of that she has to stand herself & sell that movie as a counter girl. We as a community should be ashamed that if someone of our very own has taken such a wonderful initiative, Instead of freeing her to concentrate more and more on making more such movies, we make her SELL herself

    and Then while she is selling, We term her selling as ‘collecting donations’, no my dear, she was NOT collecting donations, she was selling her Premiere/Show
    Guru Pyaareo, Please buy this movie, your very own copy, even if , you have already watched it from someone else. We need to strengthen her hands. You can buy to give as a gift to family or friends also. I repeat again, She is not asking for donations. Our act of buying will help her a lot & go a LONG way to promote Gursikhee based projects & her future endeavours. May God bless all of us and all such sewaadaars.

  33. harpreet singh says:

    dear ish i m harpreet singh from india i really wanna say “i m proud of u”. that u hv made a film with a sikh gentlemen cast. u r doing such a great work . u came forward to tell the community importance to sikhs. no doubt in bollywood sikhs r given roles just to make some ideot people laugh at them. acc.. to me a a waring should b given to the industry for doing so. i really feel very bad when i saw these roles. i request u to run on this way as more as u can. v r really with u. hope if i can help u in any matter regarding this plz do not hesitate to contact……

  34. kavneet singh says:

    Dear Ish Amitoj Kaur Ji,
    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
    i saw the trailer of ur film, it’s a great work done by u. i want the this film so that everybody in indore(madhaya pradesh, india) could encourage these type of works. pls tell me the way so that i can have the distributorship, so that i can arrange the shows in the multiplexes.

    kavneet singh
    GURSIKH(MP unit)

  35. inkotime says:

    Piracy is a big problem, not only for movies but (obviously) music as well. Piracy occurs all over, even with big hollywood blockbusters and it isnt going anywhere anytime soon. And to the producer of the film, good job…although someone made a comment about the acting…he is right…Waris Ahluwalia could of done a better job than Param (i know him for a while) because hes not a full-time actor and this was his first acting work (i’m 95% sure).
    Also dont worry about distribution channels, movies is all about pull-marketing. It’s not something u could shove in people’s faces like toothpaste (i wanted to say cigarettes but i didnt know how people would feel to that, but that is a ideal example) where they will eventually try it. Movies you have to create a hype and make people want to come (hence the pull) movie theater or go and purchase a dvd or rent it from your local video store. Also like any other business, you need longevity…everything takes time and you cant buy time. Also the demand for Sikh Cinema is quite small, so that demand has to be created with great work. Kind of like Yash Chopra (indian director) has done with his films, people automatically say his films are good cause hes known to produce great films.
    Also like i tell a lot of people about business…you dont need to be a rocket science…it just takes time and a little luck from the guy upstairs!

  36. kavneet singh says:

    dear ish amitoj kaur ji,
    waheguru ji ka khalsa
    waheguru ji ki fateh!
    i m not able to contact u. no replies are there on the given mail.
    plz reply me soon.
    chardi kala
    kavneet singh
    GURSIKH(mp wing)


    wahe guru ji ka khalsa wahe guru ji ki fateh..,

    satriakal….I am jagandeep singh from india…I am doing doctery in physioyherpy heartly Iwant to greet you on yourbiggest acheivement… and always I appreciate your work for the welfare of sikhism…I want to be a part of your company….Infact I want to do something for my society…don”t forget me for any work…..satriakal…..wgjkk wgjkf

  38. harneet singh says:

    after watching this movie my friend decides to be in a full bear jst like complete GURSIKH and also agrees external appearence also matters.
    thanks to ish amitoj kaur for giving him right direction.

  39. Sarabjeet Singh says:

    I think instead of selling it, these kind of movies should be distributed free of cost.

    These kind of movies should be sponsored by a Sikh Organization.

    What is the use of putting marbles and gold in Gurdwaras, when there will be no Sikhs to visit them.

    All the rich Sikhs and rich Gurdwara Committees should ponder over it and come forward.



  41. Kulwinder says:

    Dear Ish Ji,
    Congratulations! You have created a very good movie .
    Can you distribute it free of cost to all singhs?
    and can organise shows in Punjab by getting funding from SGPC?


    I hope that such movies must be seen by every1.
    Thx again !


  42. Jasinder says:

    I tried buying this movie from sikhnet.com but there was a problem with ‘Pay Pal’ system. Any other site from where it can be bought?

  43. Dear Kulwinder Jee,
    I don’t think Bhenjee Ish Amitoj Kaur has recovered her investment yet, so that she can even think of distributing it free to sangat.
    rather, We as sangat SHOULD think & devise ways to help her promote the movie & buy & distribute amongst known ones, ourselves, if we really start feeling pain.
    about funding from SGPC ??
    SGPC is Badal & his daldal controlled, they will never help any such project because they are too busy in politics, elections & in-fighting amongst themselves.
    Actually, issues which this movie has raised, might not be Issues, in their opinion, …

    And Jasinder Jee,
    Depending upon your location , you can get this movie from many sources. SO please let me know your location and I can help you pointing to right source or better send her an email directly at
    [email protected]
    and she can tell you from where you can pick up your copy.

  44. kulwin says:

    movie is Xlent & must see. Thanks to The sis who dare to rise most issues of the young sikh Pl make its easy availability in india.

  45. manpreet singh says:

    this movie is best
    pls tell me availability in punjab
    or if i want to download by net

  46. kartar singh says:

    i am in delhi…
    from where i can get this movie….???
    or can i download the same from net???
    please inform me as i have a keen interest to watch the movie…
    i had seen that part only where a girl told the hindu boys about significance of 12’o clock in sikhs…

  47. Satinderjit Singh says:

    I was in india in 84 and have felt the fire up close.Human beings ,to be in doubt about faith ,some times ,its normal i guess but you need to work hard to get clarity and stand up in belief.
    watching this movie felt like yeah somebody understands…
    Thanks for such good work.

  48. Surinderjit Singh says:

    Him can you please let me know where to find any other Sikh movies/documentaries?

  49. i was see the all movie. nice movies. but i make’s the some movie’s. but i don’t know how i send its any body help me and tell me about how i send its. it is my phone number 9877093675. and i finding a my childhood friend. sukjinder singh bajwa. he live in u.s.a. but i dont know which city. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  help me.
                                                                                         Aman hayer.

  50. i really liked the idea…watched it at YWCA, New Delhi…met Amitoj also. i think its a great beginning. Was also keen to locate and create profound and intense sikh actors and performers.

    “Being a sikh will take away the opportunities of acting” …is a myth now as so much of Sikh Media is created. Thanks Ishjot for giving us a great beginning.

    Mau Guru bless us all.