Still Here

Well… been resting and healing so haven’t been online. Feeling alot better today (throat) though wrists are still healing. Yesterday afternoon DSL internet connection went down all over New Mexico for our telephone company and Arjan said, “I think it is a sign for your to not be on the computer”. Today will be another rest day I guess, though I am at the office for a bit to check in and make sure there is nothing crucial that I need to respond to.

(Just thought I would let you know in case you were wondering why I haven’t been posting much in the past days here on the blog)

11 Responses to “Still Here”

  1. No matter how ergonomically designed are the office automation equipments, any job carried out in excess of the limit which one can push ones body to, yields the bad effects in the form of certain ailments. To some, the sign show early, and to others it comes when they grow older. Best bet is to put a limit to any activity keeping in mind what your body can take. Nothing is more important than ones health, that is irreplaceable.

  2. Dont do too much or youll feel like doing a backflip and landing on your head. I feel like that sometimes when I do too much. So, chill out and live until work drags you back into it gravity.

  3. Avneet k. says:

    same thing with me.

  4. You are a prolific poster… share so much and are so creative.
    This should be your full time job.
    Thanx for such beautiful portraits.
    Anybody out there wanna be a typing assistant to Mr. Sikhnet himself?!

  5. Ravneet says:

    Do take some rest, from blogging and clicking those awesome pictures. I am mostly a technology blogger, but if you need someone to blog in your absence, let me know.

  6. HARPAL SINGH says:

    I think we should ask Mr. SikhNet JR. to take over for a while. At lest it will keep him busy and lovely, rather been a camera man only. Don’t expose him, Keep this to ourself – u know know. Please take a rest.

  7. Mankanwal Singh says:

    Dear GMSji,
    Waheguruji ka khalsa waheguruji ki fateh.
    I was trying to download western shabads from Snatam Kaur – Live in London section but could not find a way to do it. Can you help me please. Thank you.

  8. Might be good to have some guest “columnists” on this blog. We’ll see…

  9. Rochelle says:

    Get well soon, Gurumustuk. Don’t overstress yourself.

  10. HARPAL SINGH says:

    Please request and make sure to include your mother Mata Sat Krin Kaur Khalsa Ji as one……Refering to past comments, She has the knowledge of Sikhi and a good advisor…..Hope it happens. Thank You.

  11. HARPAL SINGH says:

    Veer Mankanwal Singh
    Refer Bhen Snatam Kaur – Live in England. You will see “Hear and Download…..
    MrSikhNet audio player.� Column.
    Click the followings:- MrSikhNet audio player – then Western Non Traditionals then Snatam Kaur – and the Shabads you want to download click arrow link (right hand) next to each clip.
    When you click on this it will allow you to download the mp3 file.
    Hope this will help you. Thanks Veer Gurumustuk Singh for his advice.