Honoring Service

Every year when our children come back from school in India at Miri Piri Academy we honor them in front of the sangat for their courage and just being great children. We also honor those who devote so much of their life to serving the children there in India. Jugat Guru Singh (one of my old classmates and friend) along with his wife Guru Dev Kaur (another school friend) have been living and teaching there at the school for many many years. In this picture they are being honored/recognized for their service.

5 Responses to “Honoring Service”

  1. HARPAL SINGH says:

    A very few in this world who sacrifice for SIKHI. It is very good way of honouring them for their Korbani. My thanks & respect for them for their dedications. It is time for others to follow their example. Waheguruji will bless & take care of you. My best wishes to both of You. Thank You

  2. Rajwinder Singh says:

    I salute you guys…. for your great courage…. for becoming an example for our generations….. for teaching ‘real’ sikhi to our kids….

    Best wishes….

  3. GS says:

    Chardi Kala Jatha and these truly dedicated Kirtaniyas are just fantastic. It is Lord’s own wonderous play that these beautiful souls have been blessed for this great work.

  4. Beta, I love your short entries.
    Keep resting…..a picture is worth a thousand words.
    thanl you so much for your seva!
    may you be honored in the court of god!