Snatam Kaur – Live in England

Thanks to one of my friends from England for sharing some audio recordings of Snatam Kaur at Guru Nanak Gurdwara Sedgly St, Wolverhampton UK.

Wahe Guru

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Hear and download some of the other audio clips from this day in England from the MrSikhNet Audio Player (Listed under "Western – Non-traditional")

12 Responses to “Snatam Kaur – Live in England”

  1. Dr Savi says:

    Just wanted to say that I also write for the Sikh Times every week as a non-paid volunteer. The following text comprises of my article (Lifestyle column) this week (to be published on Thursday 1st June 2006). A full transcript is available at my blog site:

    Snatam Kaur Khalsa and Party – 28th May 2006 – Park Avenue, Southall – We must become the light

    On Sunday 28th May my phone diary chimed out my reminder that later today would be the time for me to head out to Park Avenue, Southall, West London (UK) to hear Snatam Kaur and GuruGanesha Singh Khalsa, currently on a world peace tour.

    The race was on at home to get a few household chores complete, get ready and then get to Southall in West London.

    The traffic was relatively clear but the picture was different in the Gurdwara car park. After zipping around the car park a few times we managed to jostle and find a place to park.

    At 3.15pm the Dabar Hall (Darbar Sahib refers to the main hall within a Sikh Gurdwara. This hall is where the Guru Granth Sahib is placed in a prominent central position in the hall) was packed.

    Then Snatam Kaur and party arrived and took their places just behind the Guru Granth Sahib.
    The party consisted of Snatam Kaur Khalsa, GuruGanesha Singh Khalsa and a wonderful tabla player, Jagjit Singh.

    After a quick introduction and in parallel audio set-up, the party started the one hour programme. There are a some words that came to my mind whilst listening to the Peace party:

    Humbleness, Calm, Unity and Joy.

    Humbleness and Calm came to mind as there was a sense of ‘grace’ in the air. The sound was unique, soothing and provided a meditative atmosphere. In parallel the Sikhi-to-the-Max power-point presentation provided one with a view to meanings of Gurbani. There was passion in the singing by all and an energy level that confirmed commitment to the belief in God and the Spirit of the Guru.

    Unity came to mind as the Sangat sang in unison. It appeared to me that with every breath the harmony of Waheguru (wonderful Lord) simran was felt.

    Joy came to mind as it was suggested that (paraphrased) that in order to become enlightened we must first become a light. I really loved this line as it was inspiring and captured an essence of being a Sikh.

    The latter message is something that I have been thinking about since Sunday. We come to this Earth, perform our daily chores, try to keep fit in body but how much do we devote to our spiritual being? How much do we work with each other to help others?

    It is up to us to develop peace but also we have the potential to sustain its atmosphere once created. We should not simply ‘treat’ our soul but bring our soul closer to the Guru everyday. We can do this by believing in God and treating everyone as equal.

    In the Sangat hall we prayed and sang together as one world – a world that needs peace today and for always. Thank you Snatam Kaur and Party for an inspiring time.

  2. Devraj Singh says:

    A wounderful moment when Snatam Kaur was in London. All that attended were blessed with Great Kirtan. In live it is an experiance of a life time.
    Thank you soo much.

  3. Siri Atma S. says:

    Sat Nam
    it was a very good evening, she is a incredible when sing the kirtan
    I want say only thank you… and wahe guru, sat nam ji.

  4. Sukha Singh UK says:

    Wahegurujikakhalsa Wahegurujikifateh!

    Bibi Sanatam Kaurs Kirtan was amazing – beyond the description of mere words – may Guru Ramdas keep shining his kirpa on Bibi Ji!


  5. Aman says:

    The night was so amazing…!

    It was the first divaan of bibi ji and despite being tired she was absolutely amazing…! She stayed for so long afterwards and was hijacked by the sangat especially a certain set of twins *cough* accapella *cough*…!

    Very much enlightening Gurbani Keertan sung by such an angelic voice.

  6. suki says:

    Would like to say Snatnam Kaurs kirtan was amazing!!!!!! Please come back again, and this is what should happening in our Gurdwaras in Uk!!!!!

  7. Pritpal Singh says:

    I was there too. She was fantastic! I even went to see her with my friends to another Gurdwara (Shepards bush) the very same evening.

    What I found amazing was the whole Saad Sangat sang Gurbani along with her, which is often seen in India only, whereas in Europe Sangat for some reason is usually shy to sing along. I believe we should always sing along as Guruji says “ Gaviea Suniea Man Rakhiea Pao, Dukh Par Har Sukh Ghar Le Jae”

    May God Bless her in spreading his message!

    Pul Chuk Maaf

  8. Randhir Kaur says:

    bibi snamtam has a beautiful voice love the way she does kirtan. A unique style, angelic voice direclty from heaven

  9. waheguru ji aap ji ne bahut kirpa kiti aap ji di awaj bahut mithi hai guru sahab aap ji te mehr karan
    waheguru ji ka khalsa
    waheguruji ki fateh

  10. arwinder singh khurana says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ke fateh. i want to play tabla with bibi snamtam kaur.

  11. Ragi RAVINDER SINGH says:

    satguru guru RAMDAS ji aap te apaarkirpa karan ji aapji ise traa guru ji diyan khushiyan praapt karde raho or guru ki ladli sangat di kirtan rahin sewa karde raho ji



    here i wish to dedicate my song for you my ever dearest sister jst few lines

    dhan dhan arjan taj shahidi,

    gobind laal kaum ton ware,

    sir diya par sirar rakhiya

    guru teg bahadur piyare,

    katha de wich tu bhan meriye

    hind the chader kahi jna

    chhata channan da dayi jana(pls keep spreding of light)


    kaum di khatir larhde larhde jo vir shahidiyan paa gaye,

    kursi khtir bhukhe leader vech ohna nu kha gaye,

    bhagat singh te gadri babe,udham singh kartar sarabe,

    naam sabh da layi jaana

    chhatta chananaa da dayi jana,


    haq di khatir babe nanak,sach da parcham chakiya,

    satnam di mala farh layi na babbar b dakk sakiya,

    dhan dhan sacha satgur mera sabh nu kahi jana,


    sar te tokri jholi bachda tan de kapde leeran,

    roti khatir wikdiyan dekhiaya sohnia mai tsvirn,

    pate(stomich)di khtir tan jo vechn,tusi ezzat dayi jna

    chhat ……………..