Harbahajan and Dharam Singh

Harbhajan Singh has been working with us at SikhNet for a few months and has been awesome. Harbhajan and Dharam are going to be moving to Amritsar in July (at least for this next year) to go to school at GNDU and learn Punjabi (as well as other things). Both are graduates of Miri Piri Academy. All of us here…especially Narayan…are going to miss them.

3 Responses to “Harbahajan and Dharam Singh”

  1. Before they go to school in India, do they save up money or are they supported by some other means? I ask this because I wonder how they are able to live there at home so far from home here in the U.S.

  2. Jagmeet Singh says:

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    What is GNDU school? Could I have some more information about this please? As im interested in staying amritsar to learn some stuff.


    Jagmeet Singh

  3. I’ll take a stab at both of these comments since Guru Mustuk seems to be on hiatus. I believe GNDU is Guru Nanak Dev University.
    Both Dharm and Harbhajan are young guys, I know they have both been working (and probably saving money), however, I’d suspect they are going to benefit from family (financial) support.
    Jagmeet, if by “stuff” you mean “sikhi stuff”, I’d recommend calling someone at Miri Piri Academy (MPA). If you don’t have any other network of friends or acquaitances they are a good start to finding knowledgeable people. I met the gurmat teacher at MPA and the Ustad that the Chardi Kalaa Jetha studies with, and both of them are incredible people that I know I could learn a lot more from if I had more time to spend in Amritsar.