Guru Datta Singh and GuruFateh Kaur

Yesterday at Gurdwara Guru Datta Singh and GuruFateh Kaur were married. Here is a picture of them after Gurdwara (I took the wedding pictures)

5 Responses to “Guru Datta Singh and GuruFateh Kaur”

  1. gurusharan says:

    Is this Himmat Singh’s mother?

  2. Yes…this is Himmat Singh’s mother.

  3. Deva Kaur (Orlando) says:

    They are a radiant couple!

    I don’t know Guru Datta Singh, but do know that Guru Fateh is as divine as can be….and that he looks like a good match for her!

    Wishing you joy and contentment in your marriage!



  4. Gurufateh Kaur says:

    Sat Nam – Thank you Gurumustukh Singh for posting a few photos of our wedding ceremony – Gurudatta Singh and I are very grateful. Once we receive all the wedding photos that you took we will post a link to them. Thank you everyone for your love and support – we are so blessed.
    Gurufateh Kaur

  5. Lisa K Mack says:

    What a beautiful couple! Congratulations!