Anand Karaj

The wedding ceremony of Guru Datta Singh and GuruFateh Kaur. Sitting before the Guru.

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  1. Lionchild says:

    So much white… why G Singh????

    it looks so different, probably because i wear dark colors as ppl do around here.


  2. White is a color that represents purity. Just because you wear it doesnt mean you are pure unless you sincerly are a pure character on the inside as well as the outside. {as in Anand Sahib Bani}
    Vaheguru Ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji ki fateh!

  3. Lionchild says:

    Thanks… i have alot of people asking the question latley, some people have some negative views about this. I won’t go into detail cause most of us know them already. Just asking out of curiosity. So it is ok to wear dark colorswhen going to your gurdwara??

  4. Jas kaur says:

    white is symbol of purity and when we say we are gursikh we are proud to say that and we do believe in simplicity then why wearing pure white we try to show pure and by wearing sleeveless attractive dress what about simplicity, i dont want to criticise but try to understand dont do such things that people got questions to argue us and point on us. I t is important for all sikh community.

  5. Its o.k to wear anything to the Gurdwara as long as its modest and clean{ no short skirts or dirty clothes }
    Jessica isnt a Sikh and she was worried what she can wear when she went with me to the Gurdwara a couple of times. I told her wear what you think is appropriate. She ended up wearing jeans and a nice shirt which was fine. She thought I was going to say something but to her that was appropriate so to me it was appropriate. Going to activate your third eye { visit the Gurdwara } Isnt a fashion show. We dont go to compete with whos wearing what etc. Its all about humbling your self,recieving grace and getting blessings from the Guru.Dont worry about what you wear unless its something to worry about. I dont beleive in only wearing white but people who wear white arent bad or have anything wrong with them, but I personally dont think wearing a certain color makes you a better person or Sikh. I do however wear white on occasion when I feel the time is right{I cant explain why but I feel a need to sometimes}.

    If someone jumps on your case for what you are wearing they either are correct {wearing something unappropriate or they are worrying about someone else to much and arent overlooking others shortcomings. We need to stop saying ” Well I dont do that or I quit doing that so you have to also “.

    White “symbolises” or equals PURITY
    Black = PROTEST
    Blue = BANI or Holy water
    Orange/Saffron = Spiritual soverienty or wisdom

    There are only four Khalsa colors and these are it. The rest of turban colors are just colors to match clothes etc.

    I do have a sorta question Ive seen a Hukamnama stating who ever wears a red turban is “the punished” I forgot the Punjabi word for it and only remembered the translation word.
    But why do they wear a red turban at their weddings I would almost want to wear a diffrent color turban just to see if someone tries to stop the wedding because Im not wearing a red turban so to speak.

    They say red = devotion or bliss but I dont know if thats a twist of word of mouth but I know the Hukamnam is documented.

    Jessica was looking at this picture last night and asked the same question “Why are they all wearing white “, she also ask “why are they all white Sikhs.” I said they are all Sikhs just as I am and their town has many caucasion Sikhs so their congregation is mostly caucasion and White turbans, chunnis and clothes reflects their character better than other colors in a way. Not all wear white only. But it doesnt mean that if you wear white you are pure, that is up to your additude, body language and llifestyle to reflect that. A MataJi once said when you wear white it makes your aura 15 feet around you. I beleive you could be imprisoned and stripped of all you possesions {turban, religious symbols} and still carry that 15 foot aura. It just depends how Spiritually strong you are. The Gurus had that ability you can at least slighty have it, if you live a life of Dharma and purity.

    Its good that you addressed this question rather than assuming things. Maybe you are the median in your community to relay these messages to people who need the understanding.

    If any 3ho Sikh would like to add their comment and either correct me in any places that I have fell short or second my opinions please do so because I would also like to hear your side of this question.
    Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki fateh! Bole So Nihal……Sat Sri Akal

  6. Manjit Singh says:

    I do believe that white also represents “Peace”. That is why people wear white in India, when someone passes away. Since the sould is at peace and is pure in a sense.

  7. Love says:

    How many spirits live inside of a person?

  8. Lionchild says:

    Well we had a lenghty talk on this “red” and “green” dastarr, and it was decided and agreed that it doesnt really matter, but that one should be carefull when wearing red and green to certain gurdwaras, since those colors where supposedly to do with hindu and muslim colors. But then again you see kids and even grown ups wearing those colors, so it really doesnt matter. Personally i wear all balck – black dastar(dumalla), black top and jeans, black shoes andsocks, it’s just my way of dressing. The only dawback is when summer comes, and i have to break out the shorts!

  9. Green is a Muslim color and normally they are only allowed to wear a black or white turbans but if you wear a green turban means that you are a hajji or hajja meaning you have gone to Mecca during the holy month of Ramadan.

    Wearing all black all the time reminds me of heavymetal heads or Gothic people who wear all black and black lipstick.Not that it is bad or anything but it just seems like you are the oppisite of the New Mexico Sikhs from them wearing white.

    Just because its a debatable topic to me doesnt mean to just drop it. I think its good to bring things up.

  10. Lionchild says:

    Pritam Singh Khalsa ji…

    Yeah, i heard about that mudlim stuff and hindu related stuff on green and red. But really, we should focus our attention of medtating and waheguru than silly thing as dastar colors. However, it is important to recognise peoples cultural difference or rights. In soem culturals, wearing some types of colors and style of cloths is offensive to people, around here, green and red are ok in western culture, i suppose not so much in indian cultural… but then again we are not indian lol.

    Well i wear the cloths that i suit my style and of course are appropriate for wear. As there are no such thing as sikh/khalsa clothing, language nor culture.

    However, it’s always fun to dress up sometimes!

  11. When we are on this site we arent meditating but you should with every breath think of Waheguru {while you breathe in—WAH when you breathe out — Guru as saying GUWDU.So if your meditating you shouldnt be on the computer. This is sorta a quesions/opinions site. So we dont do group meditation cause we are on the computer. Have you ever seen two devoted Nihang meet it pretty cool sounding they breath in Wah breathe out Guru and can do that like 100 times in 30 seconds its really a dedication thing because its kinda hard. I can do it but after feel high or something while they feel normal.

    You are correct with the Khalsa dress code but if you wear Kurtas you are wearing and living as the Gurus dressed and lived. So you feel closer to the Gurus when you wear what they did. Thats why alot of Khalsa will only wear Cholas or Kurtas etc only. Once you wear Kurta Pajamas or a chola everyday for a couple years and live like a Khalsa you wont feel like you are dressing up. Today I wore a button up shirt with dickies and shoes with socks instead of sandals and felt sooo wierd. Even Jessica was like “whats wrong” and “Why are you dressed like that” 2 years ago she was like that but the oppisite but not as a bad thing but she was suprized that I would wear them everyday no matter where we went.{ Remember I live in a redneck racist town and Im the only Sikh within 30 miles. }

    You should check out my blog I have the Rehat Maryada from Akal Takhat.There are all the rules that all Sikhs should follow and not stray from also not to subtract certain rules that they dont like or want to follow. Im searching for Gurmat so I can type out what we should and should not do according to what the Gurus themselves want us to do. { }

  12. Lionchild says:

    Pritam Singh Khalsa ji…

    Yes it is not really possible to meditate while on the internet. Yet it’s a good starting point for many sikhs who would otherwise be left behind due to the lack of resources due to lack of resources.

    I know alot of khalsa sikhs wear the Kurtas, i have actually do want my own, yet i feel that my own cloths are good enough for server waheguru – as he is more concerned with the way you are inside than outsdie. With that said, if someone wants to wear their own cultures (appropriate) cloths to gurdwara and other functions then they should be able to. It’s a sad sight when you see other people trying to dress up like punjabi’s cause they think it’s sikhi – well it really is quite silly… just be yourself! Meditate on waheguru and follow guru granth sahib ji.. and all we be good.

    On the topic of the Rehat maryada, i don’t know what “version” many follow, nor i don’t want to know, as there are many versions out there. Damdami for example has their own version. Really we should just be following the guru granth sahib ji, and the rehat should be viewd as a starting or basic outline of sikhi values/rules.

    i started a thread on the origins of the rehat maryada on



    “Tan man dhan sabh saup gur kau hukam manniaai paaeeai” O man! Surrender all your body, soul and wealth to the Guru and act acoording to his will, THEN you shall obtain the Lord.

    “Chit jin kaa hir la-iaa maa-iaa bolan pae ravaane” Those, whose mind is enticed by mammon, are reciting his name like machines.

    “Baahroh nirmal jeeaoh ta maile tinee janam jooai haariaa” They, who are pure outwardly but filthy within, lose their life in gamble.
    “Baahroh ta nirmal jee-aoh nirmal Satgur te karnee kamaanee” They, who are pure within and pure outside, perform good deeds through instructions of the True Guru.

    “Ae man chanchala chaturaaee kinai na paae-aa” O my clever and mercurial mind! No one ever has obtained God, through cleverness.

  14. Lionchild says:

    thanks for the quotes.. it only enforces that we should pay attention to our actions and thought inside than outward appearance.


  15. young sikh says:

    After reading these comments I was wondering “Isnt a turban considered outside appearance?” If you should only worry about your insides “Is that why people stop wearing turbans?”

  16. Pritam Singh says:

    This is why I encourage Sikhs to go back into wearing Bana and a turban with their Kaysh intact. I think alot of Sikhs think a turban is just an outside appearance and it way more significant than merely being an outside thing. I think your outside appearance shows your dedication to Sikhi. It shows that you dont conform to fashion in the Western sense. It also shows that you would rather show the world you are a devotional Sikh and then do western things and not Western and just a Sikh on the side. I wish people could understand the fullness of Sikhi from the inside out. The young ones have a curiosity for Khalsa, I can see it everytime I visit the Gurdwara. They feel they know all about Sikhi yet they have so many questions which is good for them to ask questions. You only know after you ask or study. Other than that you are just having an educated guess. You dont have to wear bana but when you do you are fully surrounded with Gurus chela. I wasnt born a Sikh so I dont have parents wishing me to be wearing bana. I dress in the morning to start my daily battle from within as well as from outside. The more we get away from Sikhi the more the society with absorb the practice and fully devoted Sikhs will be like Buddist monks in secluded monestries hidden away from the world. Which as far as Im concerned I would be the last one walking the streets with the rest of society so to speak.

    I hope this sheds light upon you youth who want to practice as your elders do.
    Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki fateh!

  17. Lionchild says:

    For those of us who want to know what Pritam Singh is saying… it’s encourages to wear 5 articles of faith as well as your head covering (isnt that part of 5 k’s anyways). I try to wear as many as possible, and i feel proud to wear them. Yey we should not try to wear them to be “higher” or to look like a sikh.

  18. Pritam Singh says:

    Im actually saying……Waho Waho Gobind Singh appey Gur Chela. Be as Guru Gobind Singh intended us to be, Khalsa with full bana and not be afraid of wearing bana.He doesnt command you to wear bana but why not follow the uniform of the Khalsa from the begining If we only have1% of Sikhs wearing bana then eventually society will win and only in India people will wear bana.
    Muslims arent afraid to wear their salwars and kurtas with their skull caps and trimmed beards so why are alot of Sikhs scared to wear bana and project this image of Khalsa. I want everybody who sees me know that Im a Khalsa and when there are Sikhs wearing turbans with trimmed beards or turban and no beard they throw off society and they categorize us as Muslim.We must show a good example of Sikhi and undermining the Gurus doesnt help. All the Gurus wore Bana with a turban and if we follow the Gurus then why dont we follow their example fully.We need more fundamentalists to show people the way. But now days you are called radical if you follow word by word. So you get labeled as extreme if you follow the rules fully and people get mad when you label them as slackers who need a jumpstart in Sikhi. Strange times wonderful world. “Wonderful world, beautiful people”J.Cliff

    The five Ks are:
    Kaysh-uncut hair{not a turban} though a turban covers your hair to maintain it and keeps it clean. Women are Amritdhari but dont have to wear a turban. It is optional for women.
    Kara- steel/iron bracelet{not gold/silver} People buy gold/silver ones from Hindu stores. Which dont count not everyone could afford gold so the Guru prescribed a cheap material that anyone could get. Also having iron close to the skin/on your wrist at all times improves blood flow {scientific fact}MEN-on Right Wrist[Solar side] WOMEN-on left[lunar side]or smooth on prominent side broke design on opposite side ,if you wear more than just one{which I cant take off both sides so they are stuck on for life} also to add, cook with iron skillets that also helps your health by giving you more iron in your food.{scientific fact}
    Kachera- a type of boxer shorts{not briefs} regular briefs underwear dont count either because if you bathed at Amritsar or anywhere it is unappropriate for women and men to see you in even speed-os.
    Kangha- comb{not a brush} the beard brush cant be used for the hair on top of your head.
    Kirpan-sword{not a knife}If someone non-Sikh says knife let them know its a dagger then, because some cant see it as a sword because its small, it isnt a “knife”.

    Its wierd how it all started with the”why white” question.
    Vaheguru Ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji ki fateh!