The Mountain Rock

Today our secretariet (employees of our local non-profit businesses) did something different for a change. Instead of having a large meeting they decided that we should all go out for a fun outing to Nambe Water Falls which is about 20 minutes away from Espanola. Ravi Kaur and others organized some fun team building games that we did. Then loaded up on snacks and walked a bit to the waterfall. It was good fun and great to get out together in this way. The water was pretty cold so only the daring few actually went in full body (for less then a minute) and quickly got into the sun to warm up. I guess the water from the mountains is still cold from the melting snow.

This is a cool picture looking almost straight up at the towering rocky mountains which surround most of the falls.

3 Responses to “The Mountain Rock”

  1. Imagine taking a dip in Hemkunds sacred water it would make that water seem like a hot spring. bhurrrr

  2. I have dipped in Hemkunt Sahib lake quite a few times. I wouldn’t contrast this water to that degree, but no doubt Hemkunt water is much colder. This water is cold enough to take your breath away and make your eyes bulge. Hahaha…

    I remember some kids (classmates) trying to swim accross the lake at Hemkunt Sahib. Not a good idea. I think they turned back after the chill started to sink in.

  3. You have been there. That is really cool because Ive never even been to India/Harimandir Sahib might as well a very remote Gurdwara with its historical significance.