Musical Benti Chaupay

A month or so ago my mother Sat Kirin Kaur and Seva Kaur played a musical Benti Chaupay in Gurdwara. I recorded it and meant to post it a long while back….but it “slipped through the cracks”. Anways….here you go. I have too many cool MP3 tracks to post so have to keep up with it…otherwise they get “backed up”.

Download MP3 (29MB)

3 Responses to “Musical Benti Chaupay”

  1. Computer dummy says:

    Thanks for sharing with us brother.

    Could anyone advise how we can load mp3 files on to our blogs?
    ie, 80mb file in mp3 format..which software we can use?..
    Pls advise…. Thank you. Rgds,

  2. You can use a service like (which is what I use) thought it does cost money. Otherwise you need some place to host the files.

  3. Waheguroo!!.. This is truly blissful! Many thanks for posting it Veerjee!