Snatam Kaur in England

Those of you who are in England, just a reminder in case you would like to listen to Kirtan played by Snatam Kaur. She is now in England and is going to be traveling around to different Gurdwaras and parts of England. You can see the dates and places that she will be. I spoke to her just a few minutes ago and she let me know that she just updated her blog and will try to update it during her travels (I always try to encourage her to keep blogging since it is inspirational to hear her stories).

Ps. I’ll be hoping to see some pics or audio recordings on one of the UK blogs or Ektaone. We’ll see… Hehe :)

4 Responses to “Snatam Kaur in England”

  1. HARPAL SINGH says:

    It has a very long long time- not hearing from her, let say- after many2 centuries. AT LAST she has introduced Veer Sorpurkh Singh ji in her blog, in her photo, she take the centre and Veerji – side side – slighltly hidden. We have seen her many many times but not Veerji. He looks shy but a very nice gentleman. Hope the lovely couple are not offended, in case it is, I beg for pqrdon. Wishing them well. Anyhow Thanks to Veer Gurumustuk Singh for informing about the new article.

  2. Caught a program by Snatam Kaur, GuruGanesha Singh and their tabla player yesterday – was something unique and different for me – but thoroughly enjoyed it – LOVE, PEACE RESPECT!

  3. I attended the evening programme at Guru Nanak Guardwara in Wolverhampton UK.
    After listening to Snatam ji for a no. of years I was truly inspired further and was so overwhelmed with actually being in her presence.
    A dream come true.
    The kirtan was unbelievable and my soul was truly touched further.
    I took my younger nephews and their faces showed how much the gurbani affected them.
    You could feel the presence of God I wish it could have lasted forever.
    I pray to Waheguru Snatam ji takes time out and visits the UK yearly .
    I felt the need to speak to her after the programme however could not say everything.She felt over whelmed with all the good wishes.
    My only wish is a lot more young and old people could witness what I did last nite. All night I felt on a high.
    God bless her for how she has touched our souls and insipired us .

  4. Bhaji, I got 2 videos (small on my mobile fone) which I can send u? not great, but if u want them drop me an email!