Japji Sahib: The Song of the Soul

Ek_Ong_Kaar.jpgTonight I am posting a video which is from the Japji Sahib Course which was held in Virginia, USA in March. This was led by Ek Ong Kaar Kaur and a few others from the local sangat in Virginia. The video is Ek Ong Kaar Kaur’s Introduction at the beginning of the course. She tells stories of Guru Nanak and about the Spirit of Japji Sahib. Last night after blogging I found DVDs that she had given me. I popped the first one in the player thinking I was going to quickly check it out. Next thing I know an hour had passed and I watched much of the first DVD. I learnt a bunch of cool stuff. You can watch part of it below and if you want to get a copy of it go to EOK’s blog for details. In case you don’t know Ek Ong Kaar Kaur, she lives here in Espanola, New Mexico and was a great asset as she worked with us at SikhNet for many years. We continue to work together but in smaller roles. She always has lots of energy to serve! She is a great writer and has a unique way of expressing her thoughts. You can read her blog to see some of her previous articles. Download: Video (69MB) / Audio (8MB)Video recorded by Pritam Pal Singh Rishi

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  1. I think these kind of courses help out everyone in the room. They help inspire people to help inspire people. I do have one question and I know people{even I} make mistakes when trying to cram a feeling into words but I thought {from my research} that when Guru Nanak went into the river for 3 days he came out and said”None is a Muslim and None is a Hindu”. I know Sikh history get mixed up sometimes and I just need a correction on the Sangat behalf. I know we didnt have cameras or recorders back then or we would know forsure, but if a majority know a story one way then the other half/group should direct the correstion to the majorities information. I think{ and this is my opinion } that sometimes {not intentionally } somethings get mixed up and if we confine them to the correct places then the future generation Sikhs can keep on track, because over time things might get too mixed up that people will stop believing in it because its to diffrent.{{I already debate Muslims all the time about the history}} Not that these this didnt happen but ,when and why. I know alot of oral stories in anyway shape form get mixed up sooner or later, but other religions tend to jump on slight mix ups, and we need a majority like an Akal Takhat version from professional Sikh scholars stories so we as a Khalsa Panth can get toghether with all the stories and history. For one about how Nirankaris think Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj secretly passed the Guruship to Raam singh {which is NOT true} [[For one why would the Guru hide these from his children[Khalsa] and why would he hide and pretend to be someone else[new name] in order to stay Guru {which they said he wasnt cheapsoted by Muslim assasins while he was sleeping} I know the only way to kill his body was to cheat because nobody could win against the Guru.

    I just had this feeling when I was watching this blog-clip.

    I wish I could buy this video but I had to quit my job because my boss totally disrespected me, my Guru, Waheguru/Ik Oankar and I can not let him walk over me like that so today I walked out. He became soo greedy he only realized it when I left. I told myself he could give me a million dollars to get me to work for him again because he lost every bit of trust I had for him.

    Sorry of a long comment and thoughts but I thought it was important enough to discuss with the cyber-Sangat.
    Waheguru JI ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki fateh!

  2. I even messed up on this comment and clicked submit as I figured out. I meant he COULDNT give me a million dollars to work for him. Oppps.

  3. SAT NAM…thanks so much for the video clip….my order is in!!! Can’t wait for the dvd..im so excited..im a fan of EOK..shes great!!!! keep up the good work..love from Scotland xx

  4. arvin singh says:

    I watched this video, it’s really inspiring…….I liked it. Thanks !

  5. inder mohan singh says:

    thank satnam for sharing guru nanak video. please forgive me for my comments. as a sikh i am learner and do mistakes but i think guru nanak didnt meditate 10,000 years. its not possible. i love guru nanak v much like you. i like your other stories abt guru nanak. but only one thing that i think is wrong is about guru nanak 10,000 years meditation. how can any person tell you about guru nanak meditation experience? please forgive me i don’t want to upset you. just from my point of view the truth is that, nanak believed in one true god and always sings his songs. by the way i like ur video and waiting more videos abt guru nanak from you. bye and may god bless you and all the people.