Shangri-La Girls

The Girls school was called “Shangri-La”. Here are some of the girls.

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  1. WELL Our’s was the LAST co’ed GNFC batch ICSE 1975 – 1977 & I am eager to hear more {a lot} about since, What all has changed since then Our Head Master S. J.D.Singh, Mr. Waryam Singh, & Mr. E.J.Keilan . Call me at [email protected]

    • Narinder says:

      Hi Harinder. Me too of the same era. Plz. join Facebook and search for GNFCS. 3 or 4 groups … join them all and Im sure you will surely find your classmates.

  2. Irma Kooistra says:

    Wow! That’s me!!! Jai Jot. I was looking voor the adres from gnfc and came here somehow!

  3. Michael Father of Irma Kooistra says:

    I have a lot more pictures of those days from 1980 till 10 years after.

  4. Chairat Suvajanakorn says:

    One of the girl is Jiwan, is it not?

    Well, Mr. Waryam Singh resigned at the end of 1985 after Sampuran Singh Khalsa (School’s Captain) led the students (8th Grades and above) walked out of the school to town at 5:00am one morning. And yeah, I was the one who got detained separately even though I was in 8th grade and couldn’t lead anything or anyone if I wanted to.

    After Waryam Singh resigned, Air Commordore Rajinder Singh took over for many years (he didn’t wear any turban though) He passed away due to prostate cancer (if I’m not mistaken) And the last I know (because I visited GNFC in 1995) Mr. Tiwari was the head master (Atari House former’s housemaster)

    More pictures from then would be nice!

  5. Mahipal Singh says:

    Dear Centonans,

    The school is organising an Alumni Meet on 4th October 2008. The Registration form/ Information form has to be filled and emailed to the school.

    It is going to be a grand event, with students from the entire 39 bacthes there.

    The link for the form is
    (Copy & paste in the link section of your browser)

    Please send it ASAP, so that the arrangements can be made.

    Looking forward to seeing you all.

    Ciao and Tc
    Mahipal Singh

  6. Rida says:

    hey guys
    i jus felt a bit wierd
    u lot dont look like indians at all
    like u dont hav a dark complexion where are u from??

  7. Rida says:

    Oh wow
    so u are not originally Sikh(indian)
    amazing isnt that
    how unique
    hats off for your hardwork
    u must have faced so many probles Sir
    but at the end you get to taste a very sweet fruit of ur hardwork
    iam inspired

  8. Simrat Randhawa says:

    Hi  u all. Idid my X and XII in the year 1985-87. Anyone of that batch, pl get in touch. Also if I cud get some info about Devi Kiran Kaur Khalsa pl get in touch

  9. Tanya says:

    hello every1 its gud to read bout gnfc after long time.I was at gnfc during 1992 1998

  10. HARKIRAT SOHAL says:

    Hi All. Passed my XII in 1984-85… girls get in touch. Simrat saw your comment… contact me

  11. Narinder says:

    Anybody wishing to have more info on GNFCS may please join Facebook and groups names after GNFCS. Surely there are more pics and friends you could find.

  12. Priyanka says:

    Hi All, I was in Shangri-La between 1989-93. Wonder if Swapan and Dimpy know of this site. I just did a random search for GNFCS and this webpage opened up…nice to know there is GNFC crowd all around the globe and would like to keep in touch.