Gurunam Kaur Story – Girls in Anandpur Sahib

A few months back we were sitting around waiting for someone before we started our normal weekly SikhNet meeting and we started talking about India and the many adventures we had during our school years in the 80’s. Auntie Guru Nam Kaur started telling stories, so I used the recording feature on my PDA. Here is one of the cool stories she told about the Sikh Girls in Anandpur Sahib. The sound quality isn’t that great, but the story is great, so listen as best you can.

Download Audio (Size 1.2MB)

One Response to “Gurunam Kaur Story – Girls in Anandpur Sahib”

  1. jassiiee uk says:

    u should put more kirtan of the miri piri academy girls on ..
                                                                                                 i love itt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!