Abiquiu Landscape and River

This is a beautiful view near Espanola of Abiquiu and the river. There are many artists that live in Abiquiu, which is about 30 minutes outside of Espanola, New Mexico. The famous artist Georgia O’Keeffe lived there and did quite a few paintings relating to the area.

This photograph is by Hari Jiwan Singh who is a fellow photographer and friend of mine.

4 Responses to “Abiquiu Landscape and River”

  1. Harpal Singh says:

    One of Akal Purkah’s beautiful created and a rare “scenery” …………… Hope time to come it is not destroyed by man.

  2. Sukhdev Singh says:

    Wow…Is this real ?? Amazing…??

  3. Yes. This is real. Photo not edited.