The Soda Dam

Near the hot springs there is this one place that is called the Soda dam. Has some cool rock formations and a small waterfall. Here is Kartar and his kids, with Harpal and his younger friend (He is in a "Big Brother" program so takes this boy out a lot and spends time with him.)

3 Responses to “The Soda Dam”

  1. HARPAL SINGH says:

    Oh my goodness, I thought My name was copy righted…….still seeing more Harpals coming around. May be my dad forget to do it….anyhow it’s a joke……..
    I am very happy 2 Harpals… -1 today(Soda Dam)… 1 yesterday- Esponala Gurdwara Broadcast……….Hope there are more.
    Anyway My best wishes to all Harpals- Singhs and Kaurs……………Thank You.

  2. Pali says:

    HAHA, my name also Harpal…although i like to be called Pali :)

  3. Did you drink a soda at this,so called dam place. hehehehe
    I wood get in trouble when I was a kid for twisting the dam part in my sentence so when we were on a road trip and we passed up a dam my mom would say “dont even think about it” Kids are so funny.