Arjan and the baby in the river. Her belly is getting pretty big as the due date comes near (July 3rd)

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  1. I remember when Jessica was pregnant. Her ankles were likethe size of her thighs{really swollen}. Its good your wife get out and walks{its good not to just sit around even though shell get exhausted} She looks very healthy and viberant. I hope everything goes well for your family.


    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh!

  2. yep thats me says:

    wow i luv ur picture i luv all the nature and the water that person is very beautiful. i would like you to sign my guest book on my website please please please. well i was looking up snatanam kaur khalsa and well this came up! so here i am on your website or the website looking at this picture.
    well i must go i go to guru nanak sikh secondary school and there is tonsssssss of homework but i love the school.