Street Singh Fighter (Video Game)

A funny takeoff from the video game "Street Fighter" feauring some cool UK singhs.
From Jatlee’s Blog

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  1. Manjit Singh says:

    Gurumustuk Ji,

    Even though I like Sikh image to be protrayed as happy, brave and tough, but these gangy, steroid looks, copying hip hop, rap etc. just sends the wrong message. I heard Canada and part of U.S. (I really don’t know in U.K.) are having a lot of problems with a lot of unemployed younger Sikh generation going into crime, gangs and drugs. May be I am just old fashioned! Don’t mean to generalize or hurt anyone’s feeling. Why can’t we show a picture of a Sikh scientist, astronaut, doctor, electrician, carpentor, artists etc?

  2. Sarabjit Singh says:

    Haha! This is funny…
    That’s some creativity there!

  3. Pritam Singh Khalsa says:

    In a way it is funny but also caters to the youth in Sikhism that dont care about nothing but themselves.

    I see so many how think they are black like the rest of these hip-hop guys.{ Im not racist at all because Im with a mexican and I have black friends, philipino friends, asian etc} but I see all these white guys with their hat on crooked and their pants falling off and they look at me dumb for being a Sikh, when anyone can be Sikh no matter the Race, but only black people can be black.

    I walked to the store a couple months ago and this white kid about 16 like the one mentioned above looked at me and said to his friend" Look, that Ni**a is crazy fooo." I was like for one, you are not black{American African} and two I am not black. They were stunned to hear me remind them of their race.

    Im a white Sikh I dress in full bana everywhere I go, but anyone can. The Guru didnt say"Uup, stop, you are not punjabi." Alot of Punjabis think Sikhi is a culture thing and not a religious thing. We need to teach the youth what Sikhi really is. This pic just shows them to act as they do and that is allright. I know these Sikhs arent like that but alot that see this are.

    I was at the Gurdwara eating Lungar and this kid sat next to me and I heard him say" he F**# you,{talking to his friend} did you see that kid he flipped me off" "do you know him." I felt like slapping him but then I would stoop to his filthy level. Shame on this type of Sikh or should I say idiot. I say idiot because they even come to the Gurdwara at all. There is no point for this type of guy. I could go on forever but Ill stop.


    Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki fateh!

  4. Prabhu Singh says:

    I hear you Manjit Singh, though in this case I think this is different. When I was a teenager the video game Street Fighter was really popular. Also Jatinder Singh is a nice guy (who does great kirtan). This joke is more like putting Sikh faces on Super Mario or something.
    Definitely a lot of Sikh/Punjabi youth in Canada seem to think it’s cool to mimic the commercial hip-hop ‘culture.’ Including referring to each other with the ‘n’ word. Even the practicing Sikh youth seem to do this sometimes and it is just an unpleasant trend. True hip-hop culture is represented by the hip-hop temple started by KRS-one. The hip-hop temple is a lot better of a social movement than the hedonistic MTV hip-hop ‘culture’ that people seem to think is cool today. Still although I appreciate great social movements and the nice points of all religions, nothing compares to Dharma (righteous living). There is no need to mimic something inferior, even if it isn’t negative, most things will not take you as far on a journey as you can go in the baby steps of the Sikh Dharma.

  5. Manjit Singh says:

    I have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to KRS-one or this hip hop movement. I didn’t know this n-word thing either! I guess they want to look tough and rough! We already have this roughness, rudeness, toughness, machoness a lot in Punjabi culture when we give disrespect to our fellow gursikhs who are from non-punjabi background. Don’t need more!

  6. S Singh says:

    These guys are part of Niddar Singh’s group. I know some of them. Nice picture though.

  7. Guru Nanak gave us the model of Sant Sapai in Jap Ji Sahib……..after putting in our efforts…(absorb ourselves in Naam) shining are their faces and they save many others.

    Manjit is so correct in his appraisal of the “falling off” of Punjabi Youth into the unpopular Western “Street” culture….as well as the roughness of the Punjabi culture that many Western ‘new’ SIkhs are not aware of.

    Again it is important for us to remember that our time is NOW… to be seen and KNOWN FOR OUR SERVICE…or we will be severely persecuted…. is upon us and all efforts should be made to channel our focus and creativity toward this end.

    Murals like this can be funny and comical but not if thay are the only outreach that represents us.

  8. Pritam Singh, I think compassion is needed sometimes in these case. Many people just are not taught/trained how to act (by their parents). Not to heap all the blame on parents…but they do hold a big part of the responsibility of how their children behave.

    I have to have compassion and understanding when someone is mean or angry; When someone says hurtfull things. They express themself this way because they have hardship in their life and this is how they express it. That is what they see around them….and maybe how they were raised.

    I posted this cartoon just in good humour. I didn’t read anything into it. I certainly didn’t think it would turn into a discussion. Hahaha… those UK guys in the picture are pretty cool guys.

  9. Japnaam Singh says:


    S Singh – these guys are not in niddars so called group – i know all of them. Some wikid guys – and i think jat has put a lot creativity into this. But thanks to the gursikh sangat who never judges anyone and follows the sikh ideal of DEKH KE ANDITH KEETA – this picture has agin been blown out of proportion – have a laugh sometimes u lot!

    chill out – do a bit of simran – lol!

    fateh – love and peace to all

  10. jatlee says:

    i dint know anyone was going to be offended it was just a personal picture between us friends and some suggested i post it cause it was quite funny! and all this rap stuff lol! sorry mate none of uus really listen to that rubbish! it was just a little picture and it was actually used as my work as a test on graphic design just to see wheter i can cut out and paste and change an image! and i beleive all your assumptions are false but i agree with how we are portraying ourselves! but to waste your time worrying about somehting litlle as this come on dudes!

  11. jatlee says:

    if i have offended anyone do my nindya! cause im just a moorakh! dont ever do nindya of anyone else but me :)

  12. Gurkirpal says:

    mata ji

    hello im a punjabi sikh.
    but im living in america…

    can pls.. expalin the punjabi roughness culture???? …
    im offended beacause im a punjabi sikh.

    when i went to punjab last year.
    i never saw any bias or discrimination to white sikhs..
    the teaching of guru nanak forbid any kind of discrimation…

    mata ji said the punjabi culture is rough pls… explain..
    so i may know her point of view

  13. jatlee says:

    whole duniyaa is rough!

  14. You can not be serious?! With all due respect – IT’S ONLY A PIC!

  15. inderpaljit singh says:

    i think the picture is wiked. even though i do not know u jatlee singh, i think ur realy talented. i especialy like the guy in the red, he looks realy cool. i think this kind of fun is what we are lacking in sikhi at the moment. we all try to portray a serious image of ourselves and by doing so fail to attract the youth. i think this kind of humour is what we need to atract the youth. once again very well done jatlee singh! KEEP IT UP!

  16. jatlee says:

    thank you thank you! my dastaar aint gettin big i was just a bit baffled by ppl who make up excuses to be offended!

  17. I would just not be the one strapped to the womans body. Hehehehehe a woman with a beard. hehehehe Sorry if you were offended by this comment.

  18. Ajit Singh says:

    i assure you, the people in the pictures are not so easily offened. but look at it from more of a humorous point of view. who are we do judge people haiving fun? is that against sikhi or something? if it is please educate me

  19. Harpreet says:

    This pic is funny.

    Its not hip hop rap culture. All these people are into raag kirtan big time. They don’t even entertain anything else.

    Its just simply, funny.

    Ha ha he he ! Enjoy

    YES! its ok to laugh and be a Sikh – its not manmat

  20. A says:

    Gur Fateh!

    1. “Jatlee” – funny pic (esp. Himmi), however I hope you’ll being doing more than cutting and pasting at LCC my good fellow!

    2. “Mata” Jee – I would like to second Gurkirpal’s comments and also address them to Pritam Singh. If you excuse me for being presumptuous, from your posts you are clearly for want of a better term ‘white’ Sikhs and more than likely above 30 years of age.

    Whilst I wholly concur on the theme of imitating ‘black’ suburban and and/or ghetto culture and I do find your comments slightly immature given the underlying notions you ascribe to Punjabis.

    This is something I have noted to be a common trend amongst 3HO Sikhs of the now elder generation and something I have come across frequently myself.

    I have a number of friends from either 3HO or simply non-Punjabi backgrounds who are Sikhs and of a similar age – we tend to get on fine with no issues about our backgrounds, however the vast majority of my experiences with the elders of the 3HO community has sadly been a mixed bag of tricks wherein they seem to have drawn many way off the mark conclusions about ALL Punjabis with no appreciation of what Punjabiyat is really about and how and where it does overlap with the development of the modern Sikh community and Sikh practices.

    By Punjabiyat, I don’t mean drinking, bhangra and singing songs about Jats etc, but rather the cultural and intellectual centre that Amritsar was some 50-100 years ago in terms of music, art, spirituality, food, philisophy and so on much like Beneras, these matters are far from dead and can still be found in many Punjabi households, however clearly it seems certain people have to place all things into little box compartments.

    Gurmustak Singh is a fine example of someone, alongside others like Ash Singh who have gone beyond these ‘boxed’ personalities and made very constructive personal and collective progress as Sikhs firstly AND then Americans, Canadians, Punjabis etc.

    If people in Punjab deem Sikhi to have some cultural importance to them, then it is hardly surprising given the development of the Sikh Dharma. It is no different to how many non-Sikhs (i.e. no longer adorning the 5Ks etc) having links to 3HO circuits still retain elements which will now form their cultural values over the course of coming generations.

    Ascribing terms like ‘roughness’ to Punjabis demonstrates nothing but ignorance and is much like ascribing the term ‘racist’ to every person of white appearence.

  21. Manjit Singh says:

    Dear A,

    I was the one used the word “roughness” not Mata Ji and I did say I did not mean to generalize or hurt anyone’s feeling.

  22. jatlee says:

    koi naa manjit paaji! no 1 is hurt! :)

  23. Im 23, not a 3ho Sikh{ Im a Sikh ou in the middle of nowhere }

    And I would label myself a Sikh that came from the filthiest of places and used to do the oppisite of Sikh things. I know everything about many types of people from ghetto slums all race trash etc.Im not afraid of anybody in that category because I know how they think and act. When I walk down the street they look at me like I know what they are thinking or they cant put their finger on what I am or was. I moved towards Sikhi by the most greatest good fortune and am soo thankful for it. I now know of the ful spectrum of people and can refer to all the bad stuff that the Gur Granth Sahib states of who to watchout for or not to become like. I read SGGS and can refer to certain things I used to do or people I used to know when it comes to the bad things of human characteristics. I used to do the worst of things and am now in the process of cleaning off or annuling my sins. I owe more than any Sikh in the world most likely and cant bare to see youth these days going from good to bad because its basically impossible to break that chain once in to it deep enough. I look at alot of the youth and can tell they dont do one thing a Sikh should, and see them doing everything a Sikh shouldnt because the world does or its cool or Ill look cool and can tell they will be stuck in a world unhappy and misfortunate. I wish to help out any Sikh youth who are falling away from the Guru. It feels like its my fault when I see young Sikhs act in ways opposed to the whole of Sikhi.

    My life story in a few sentences.
    1 I was born a Mormon. I went to church every Sunday, did church things on Monday night, fasted when I was supposed to, was baptised {a mormon at 8 years old} like every Mormon parents wants, I did youth nights on Wedsday/Tuesday nights, as older I recieved the Mormon priesthood, became a teacher, went to the Temple and did weird “sacred” rituals{ now they are so very not sacred now that I now what is truelly SACRED}but lost all faith when I would ask questions about the faith { I was basically told to keep quite or I would go to hell for going against Mormonism } I quit the religious life and became a break dancer to look cool {like I see youths doing now} as a break dancer would travel around in a crew and would battle any crew and win{ we were one of the best in Cali} I sdont know if any farther because we never left Cali} A guy that used to be in the crew kept going while we quit{David Lara} and he now gets millions of dollars and is a pro breaker for Walt Disney {I still havent lost anything move wise I can do evrything just not as endurance as before} I them became a sk8er{rides skateboards} which again was very good{ still havent lost everything } Thats when I got into a really bad crowd I smoked, drank alcohol and smoke “bhang” and was really addicted to everything bad, I would travel to all the skateparks in California and my crew would be able to have everyone in the whole park stop and wait on the outside and would watch or videotape us skating like we were pro{ we werent pros but really good AMs } I then quit sk8ing to play guitar{Ive been playing since I was 11} in a heavy metal band which again we were really good, I was good enough that I played for 3-4 bands and with one band would travel all over the state ofCalifornia { I still have people ask me to play but I tell them Im a Sikh and only play reggae music with guitar or Kirtan} they have repect for me because they knew everything I can do skill and talent wise, my neighbors know me as a Sikh but knew me almost all my life and now that whatever I want to do I end up putting all my heart into it so they have no objection against me being a Sikh they even want me to teach their daughter to play guitar/piano/drums etc, I have played about 100-200 full fledged concerts, I have been publisized in magizines in Texas used to record with the Drum tech of the Deftones and had the producer of Tesla record me { I still owed them 700-800 dollars for recording which they didnt make me pay and still they want me to record heavy metal for them at little or no cost which I turn down all the time because I am a Sikh} I have recorder 3 CDs with one band and two with others, I used to be on a website{which they havent taken me off still because I draw people to it} I walk into this huge musicshop in Sac and people still recognize me as a really good guitarist even though Im dressed in full bana of the Guru, the all want to walk up and talk about how I used to play, { I would play a show and after would sell CDs and would have a continual line of 20-30 people wanting autographs for hours and when the others in the band would try to write theirs they would refuse them and just want mine} I also played in a reggae house band for 3 restraunts in the Sac area{ they would import Jamaican bands to have us play with or want us to play our show and have them play after and would pack shows all the time every Fri-Sat nights for a year and a half, I always was a good person doing bad things and all the people I used to know think Im in the perfect place for how I was. DO I CARE FOR ALL MY PREVIOUS LIFE? NO I GAVE IT ALL UP I DONT CARE FOR ALL OF IT
    I HAVE PEOPLE WANTING ME TO START A BAND TO TOUR BUT I SAY ” NO NO NO ” I do though teach the nieghbor kids to sk8, play instruments etc which they all love {imagine a Sikh wearing a turban doing all sk8 tricks and skating on a halfpipe hehehe} I read GURBANI and found out I wasnt and arent supposed to be with that crowd {which Im not and dont} I can see really broad things in Gurbani and can see how easily you can fall into the worldly bottomless pit the five evils in Sikhi is no joke and one most never assosiate yourself with any of them even slightly. I dont mean to sound goody goody or anything but I have expierence with all the crowd I am talking about and I see kids trying to be like this so I try and say “try” to help them get the filth out of their heads. I know Waheguru is the only one to do this so its up to them and Waheguru ultimatly.

    I wasnt saying anything about the faces on the pic I was implying to the kids who wish they were, and to the kids who dont want to be Sikh just to look cool and feel they are. I have a high respect to Rag kirtanis but I hope they dont lose essence in it because I read the posts where the pic was from and saw some kinda bad comments. Im not trying to be a finger pointer but people cant tell me I dont know what Im talking about if anything I now too much about bad things or trends. I wish everyone can prosper with SIkhi as their guide. I follow the light of Sikhi with a passion for life now and cant stand to see people waste theirs{ not that the people in the pic are }

    Things got blown out of proprtion with this pic {thats wierd} I just got really in detail of the people who will think things bad from it. Sorry for my filth knowledge.I basically put a blog post as a comment.again sorry.

    Se-ee paire mel jinhan milian tera nam chit avve Nanak nam chardikala tere banee sarbat da bhalla
    Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki fateh!

  24. Thanks for sharing Pritham Singh. It is interesting to know more about you and your background. We all have different paths that have brought us to the Guru.

    On a side note…growing up in India we were all into the same stuff. We used to build half pipes, ramps etc…and skate all the time (and we were Sikhs). I remember the heavy metal phase.

    I don’t think you have to give everything up to be a Sikh. I used to go out clubbing and to crazy stuff which I don’t do anymore because it doesn’t support my spiritual lifestyle. One has to find the balance for themself of what helps or detracts them from their spirituality. One CAN have fun and do fun things AND be spiritual.

  25. jatlee says:

    Thanks Pritam paaji what an inspiring personal account! i never thought about different backgrounds, thanks for your input though! and you knowledge isnt filth! no matter what!

  26. Ohh yeah. I forsure give up only the things that will effect my spiritual side. Im really goofy and love to have fun, but to some people versions of fun doesnt support Sikhi. I show the neighbors how to skate and play alot of musical instruments.I also used to go paintballing alot when I had the money or a job.I didnt know people skated in India{shows how much I know} I think its fun to teach kids things that I used to do but only the things that are good for the mind and body.

  27. jatlee says:

    I agree! :) this is good for body makes me laugh HA HA!

  28. Manjit Singh says:

    thanks Pritam! Great story.