Live Espanola Gurdwara Broadcast

Every day our community secretary (Guru Meher Kaur) sends out emails to us all letting us know things that are happening. On friday we see who is going to do Gurbani Kirtan during our Sunday Gurdwara. I noticed that this Sunday Chardikala Jatha and some others are playing. The students from Miri Piri Academy came back (from Amritsar) on summer vacation a few days back. So, I guess Chardikala Jatha is back too.

In case any of you want to tune in…you can listen to the Kirtan from the Gurdwara live through the internet. See  the webpage for timing details.  You’ll see a permanent link to this page on the right hand navigator of this page.

Sunday, May 21 Gurdwara Schedule:
10:00 – 10:30 Guru Sadhana Kaur and Dharma Kaur

10:30 – 11:25 Chardi Kala Jetha (55 Minutes)

11:25 – 12:00 Siri Singh Sahib Ji Lecture: ‘Relationship with your Soul’ (35 minutes)

12:00 – Children’s Program, etc…. Chardi Kala Jetha / Harpal Singh

Followed by the Guru’s Langar 



14 Responses to “Live Espanola Gurdwara Broadcast”

  1. HARPAL SINGH says:

    If possible should bring a monthly Gurdwara Schedule – for the Sangat and Net readers. In my place, we print a simple monthly program – Monthly schedule + a few religious articles. Hope there is some improvements. Thank You

  2. jatlee says:

    chardi kala jatha are amazing! have they ever been to the uk paaji?

  3. Jatlee, I don’t think they have been to the UK…. they should go though.

  4. Jagjit says:

    just a suggestion,

    have the time in GMT. Much easier for those outside the US.

    Chardi Kala Rocks!! We in Msia are so lucky because they come here often!!

  5. HARPAL SINGH says:

    No need look for Time (GMT).
    Just right click on “Sunday Gurdwara” Page…then…Click on “Bookmark this page” for Mozilla Firefox” or “Add to Favorites” for Microsoft Internet Explorer.
    Then on “Bookmarks” (Mozilla Firefox) or “Favorites” (Microsoft Internet Explorer) – You find Live Kirtan Broadcast – Sunday Gurdwara Sahib-Esponola, just click – You find Esponala current local time + inside view of Darbar Sahib (seen only in Mozilla Firefox). Normally when I want see – Local time – Esponala for Sunday Program I use this method. Hope it helps …… thank you.

  6. Jagdish Kaur says:

    Is Chardikala Jatha going to come near Ohio while they are here in the USA? Please let me know via email. Thanks!

  7. Pali says:

    Wonderful kirtan by CK Jatha
    and i was quite surpirsed at the katha by yogi ji, is this standard practice, and is it done my a video? I really Loved the katha by Yogi ji! Dont be Dark and Dull, Shine, Reflect!

  8. Jadish Kaur…I am not sure of the plans of CK Jatha. I don’t think they are in “touring mode”. They do travel sometimes…but at this point are still focused on Learning Gurbani.

    Pali: Yogi Bhajan used to give a lecture every sunday in Gurdwara. He did this for over 30 years so you can imagine that there are quite a few lectures. We listen to one of them during Gurdwara. Maybe I’ll post it on the blog if people want to hear them.

  9. Are these net-casts ever archived, ji? Since we were at Gurdwara at home (in Millis) yesterday, and only two hours difference, we missed this, but I (and my son Hargobind Singh who LOVES CKJ) would be so happy to get to hear it…


  10. SSA Gurumustuk jee.

    I missed that too, I was in Gurdwara San Diego.

    Hope someone recorded the CKJ Kirtan.

    Got all their CD’s and can’t get enough.

    Hopefully, they can visit San Diego soon. We are having a special diwan for Guru Arjan Dev ji’s shaheedi on Sunday, June 18 2006 and graduation for our Punjabi/Gurmat School kids.

    It would be so wonderful, if CKJ could visit us that day. Please relay my message to them. It wold be so inspirational for 40 something kids graduating.

    Gurinder Singh (San Diego)

  11. Parminder says:


    I was in the Gurudwara in Toronto. Missed it. Would you be posting the recording on your website? I do so wanted to listen to CKJ Kirtan. Please…


  12. Jagjit says:

    I think the public has spoken n veerji gurmustuk pls put that kirtan by chardi kala online

    I was lucky enough to catch it live and it was damm good!!!

    would love to hear it again!!

  13. I will post more audio from CKJ. I’m trying to vary the content a bit. I have quite a bit of kirtan backed up for posting. Will post in time. Stay tuned… :)

    Also it does take a good amount of time to edit and post up..and I do this late at night so have limited time. One does have to sleep right? You guys are watching TV…and I’m on here. HAhaha…

  14. Sat says:

    Will CKJ be in Toronto anytime in the future?  Please advise.