New Blog Layout and System

Well, the past few nights have been long. That’s all I can say. I’ve been moving over to a new blog system and at first it was great, but have been trying to work out some issues. Your average blogger just types text and a picture here and there. I post quite a bit of audio, video and pictures so this has complicated it. I have to have a streamlined system so that I don’t spend a huge amount of time formatting and uploading, etc.

Anyways, the new blog is up as you can see. Still rough on the edges and things to work out. Here are a few of the new things…

  • Better commenting system
  • Get notified of new comments on a specific post.
  • Blog posts organized In categories for easier browsing (still have to categorize the old posts which is going to take some time!)
  • Recent comments show on the right navigator.
  • Integrated realtime search for blog.
  • RSS feeds for both new posts and new comments.
  • Lots of stuff that is “under the hood” that makes it easier to organize and present the info.

17 Responses to “New Blog Layout and System”

  1. HARPAL SINGH says:

    My dear Veerji,
    Happy to see Mr. SikhNet is back. Too addicted & do not like to miss it. May Waheguru bless & take care of you and your work. Thank you.

  2. LionChild says:

    Nice new, fresh layout G Singh, i really like your blog now, i ,ight even go to wordpress. Tell me, how did you get a domain name for a blog that is hosted on wordpress server?

  3. NiyaraKhalsa says:

    everything else is good …only the speed has slowed down drastically . .. the page loads as if i am on an old phone line connection …I think you should check into that… ( note: I am surfing from outside USA )

  4. good luck with new blog server. i think is getting slower to use. wordpress seems to have more feautures.

    hope all is well.
    take care.

    manvir singh

  5. gmustuk says:

    LionChild: You can either download the software from on your own server and have maximum features, or you can get a free hosted wordpress blog at

    NiyaraKhalsa: I think the first visit will be a bit slower, because all the pages are dynamically built, however it shouldn’t be that slow. Could be your internet connection there in India.

    Manvir Singh: Yeah…blogger is always slow these days. Half the time I can’t even get to the admin interface. Forever I have been waiting for them to improve it…but I guess not for a while. Anyways…I like the server version of wordpress because I have full control and can do so much more than blogger.

  6. Sevadaar says:


    Welcome to the wordpress blogging family, you already know more than us about wordpress by looking at your blog. Well done with your blog, it has been a inspiration for our site.

    We might jazz ours up aswell now using wordpress plugins, just needed a bit of encouragement from a fellow sikh blogger ;)



  7. gmustuk says:

    Sevadaar: WordPress is pretty cool. I’m sure it will continue to get better too. There are all kinds of cool plugins that are really easy to install (just drop in the plugin directory and activate in wordpress). I recommend installing the “WordPress Widget” system. Once that is installed you can do some cool things with plugins for your sidebar.

  8. Sevadaar says:


    Thanks for the advice we will try it very soon. We just get time to update whole site, but once that is complete, we will concentrate on the blog. How do you get your top banner to change, thats wikd. But then again it make ur site unique, so its cool if you wanna keep that to yourself.

    We will wait with anticipation on what you get upto next with the plugins :)

  9. gmustuk says:

    Sevadhaar… the random image is no secret thing. You can do it too. I just downloaded a randomizer php script from the internet. I don’t recall where I got it…but do a search and you’ll find it. You can also do the same thing with Javascript.

  10. cool presentation wordpress has… will try moving to it one day….

  11. Parminder says:

    Awesome. Looks great.

    Easier to read with the white background.

    Waheguru meher kare – God bless!

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh.

  12. drsavi says:

    Nice new format. Well done!
    I’ve now got the RSS feed code and will contact you once I have it working.
    In addition, I’ll use the sikhiwiki blog listings for the source of bloggers.

  13. errantking says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of WordPress :) I use the online version and love it. Look forward to seeing how you design your site with WordPress.

  14. Lionchild says:

    i want to know if this site wil lallow custom layouts and themes, i don’t like my current theme right now.

  15. gmustuk says:

    Yes…there are tons of cool themes available and you can of course do your own custom theme.

  16. HARPAL SINGH says:

    Lion Sikh,
    Try the trail and error way and even if u are not computer expert. Though it may take some time, it is interesting to know, U will gain some knowledge. I enjoyed doing this way. I have been fiddling with it since Wednesday when Veer Gurmustuk Singh introdued WordPress. Now I know how to download Photos in my blog which I tried my in earlier blog but failed. Have faith in Waheguru, everything will go well.

  17. Categories!!! yeeaah finally cool. Welcome to wordpress, its so much better then You have total control on your blog. I have been using on my blogs and I love wp. You might want to consider a 3-column theme for