Narayan’s Favorite Uncles

Narayan and his Uncles.

Himmat Singh Tying a Turban on Narayan

“Maharaja” Narayan Singh!

15 Responses to “Narayan’s Favorite Uncles”

  1. Puja says:

    sat sari akaal, Gurmustak veer ji, nice brand new blog, congratulations !!!
    very nice pictures !!
    oh m i the first one to comment anything on ur new blog…..yey, i win…..haha !!!

  2. pRITAM sINGH kHALSA says:


  3. Jenny Miner says:


  4. chardikala————————- it always gives me chardikala to see singhs in chardikala.

  5. gmustuk says:

    Pritam Singh: One is his real uncle and the other is his “loved uncle” (as you put it).

  6. Raju Singh says:

    Narayan singh is soo cute nice pic i wish you showed his uncle tying his nihang turban (dumalla) stage by stage. New blog a little hard on the eyes make it softer like the last one. Latters

  7. Manjit Singh says:

    New layout is really nice! I love the pictures of Guru Nanak Saheb. Does that Narayan ever gets a break? It seems like he is always full of energy; I mean jumping and thrown off on the couch, picked up like a maharaja by his uncles, having fun parties and all. It’s looks so much fun!

  8. gmustuk says:

    Narayan is like a bouncing ball. Once you start wrestling with him he is all over the place. I was playing with thim this morning and he starts to fly off beds and high places ready to plant me flat on the floor. He can be quite fearless in this mode. He doesn’t take a break very often and is full of energy all the time. Can be tiring as parents…but it is nice having a community of uncles, friends etc…who he can interact with.

  9. Pritam Singh says:

    Allright now if you dont mind me asking, Which one?

  10. Simon says:

    stand up. Hehehehehehe

    from Pritam S.

  11. Narayan looks so happy and secure. Will you send him away to India soon, and do you have an idea of what age?

    I am a yoga student and do not understand this tradition.

  12. Amarjeet Singh (London) says:

    Waheguruji Ka Khalsa, Waheguruji Ki Fateh!!! Veerji, your photo’s are such an inspration!! You all look so beautiful, absolutely Guru Roop Khalsa! I pray Waheguruji keeps you all in Chardi Kala forever, Waheguruji Ka Khalsa, Waheguruji Ki Fateh!!!

  13. wow! says:

    oomg he looks soo cute

  14. juvraj says:

    seeing these pics really inspires me, narayan is so cute and so are the two singhs.i wish narayan comes out of my pc screen and i give him a hug.may waheguru keep you in chardikala, waheguru ji ka khalsa , waheguru ji ki fateh

  15. ardeep singh sangha says:

    sat sri akal veer ji ur dumalla is verry verry nice