Chardikala Jatha – Story and Video Challenge!

(The challenge is at the end of story)

I was just watching the video of Chardikala Jatha and I saw one of my friends Ramdas Singh who is seen in the video playing the Tampura towards the right side. This made me remember of a story that Bibiji told us recently.

While Chardikala Jatha was playing in Harmandir Sahib Bibiji received some phone calls of congratulation about getting a woman to play kirtan inside Harmandir sahib. She then received some other calls from from management being irritated that they had dressed a girl up as a man to “sneak” in and do kirtan. Obviously Bibji didn’t know what they were talking about. She then realized they thought that Ramdas Singh (playing the tampura) was a girl, because he didn’t have much of a beard. She cleard it up and told them that he was a boy, FOR SURE. So, the management supposedly instructed the camera people to zoom in on Ramdas Singh’s face to show the world his mini amounts of beard from his chin (and that it was not a woman).

This is just too funny. Sorry Ramdas.

Having a woman play kirtan in Harmandir Sahib shouldn’t be an issue, and it’s sad to see Gender inequality in our very own Harmandir Sahib. Don’t get me started on this issue. It’s a hot topic for me. (trying to stay on topic)

The challenge….
So, as I was watching the video I wondered if they really did zoom in on Ramdas Singh’s face to show his beard. The challenge is to see if one of you can find out if they actually did do this. You’ll probably have to download the video and skip through it, or fast forward. Let’s see if one of you take the challenge and be the first!

Good Luck! Let the games begin!
If you do find it…post the number of minutes/seconds into the video as a comment.

8 Responses to “Chardikala Jatha – Story and Video Challenge!”

  1. sahilla khalsa says:

    this is sooo funny lol haha

  2. jatlee says:

    HAHAHAHAHAH! omg lol i always get confused as a girl too damn dhaari doesnt grow!! i always remember wen some dude said (thick english accent) “ELLO LOVE!”

  3. Regarding the “Challenge” in this blog post…I think I was mistaken and the person who was thought to be a girl is actually another close friend of mine and from an earlier time when CK Jatha played kirtan on April 2nd. I will post that video soon.

  4. That sux that they thought he was a young woman, cause I dont have a big beard either. Im young enough in my life to not have a full beard and I have every hair on my face that has been produced.The management should feel ashamed for Waheguru watchs over all and remembers what things are wrong that we do.

    Women should get to play at Sri Harimandir Sahib everyother group of Ragis. A male group then a female group then a male group and so on! They arent any bit lower than men. We teach this in Sikhism but certain places dont pratice this. Its hypocricy like in the days of Sri Teg Bahadur Maharaj Ji to not allow women to perform Kirtan and have a label of Hazoori Ragi.This makes me want to go and slap sense into the priti chands in charge of mis-management.

    True info from Baba Prabhu Singh Ji

    Sri Singh Sahib was given that title from Akalt Takhat when YogiJi went back to Amritsar with some white Sikhs.{ I dont remember the year, I think the 70’s } Just do some research{from many sources, many different sources} and you will be shown the truth. I dont do yoga everyday but I do use that technique when I need a personal jumpstart.Some super charge themselves by adding this technique to their lives everyday. I dont feel that I have to but I like the feeling during and after when I feel that I need it. When we do Naam Simran in the morning we sit and clear the mind and chant Waheguru. That is yoga. When we read from the pages of any Gutka that too is considered yoga. To do yoga you dont have to stand on your head or bend over backwards to achieve union with Ik Oankar. SatGuru Nanak Dev Maharaj Ji sang praises of God for his yoga, but he did say to be careful of what is ritual and what is a real union but didnt condemn Kundalini yoga.{read this in SGGS} His very son was a YogiJi.
    Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki fateh!

  5. I have removed some of the comments which were totally of topic. Please only post comments related to the blog post.

    Questions can always be emailed directly.

    Thank you…

  6. Anonymous says:

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  7. Harpal Singh says:

    SShhh…. Dhaari- Girls. It happens. There few rare cases I have seen, what happen is they shave it off.
    As for my Bhenjis-professional or non professional, please do not be disheartened- women not allowed to do Kirten in Sri Darbar Sahib. Remember doing kirten anywhere, in the presence of SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI, WAHEGURU JI’ is there, his love and care will be with You. So what else do we want, it is the SAME GURUJI. Thank You.

  8. Anonymous jee…

    Thanx for the info. But Alpha Etc Punjabi channel doesnot telecast live Kirtan from Sri Harmander Sahib… It plays the tape @appx. 12 hour delay coz of the time difference or else, we would view/listen to Rehraas in the morning tranmission and Jap jee in the evening… I guess that should be the logic of the channel and if there is another reason why Alpha channel does that, I dont know what it is. Anybody?