No More Mudslinging – Let There Be Peace

What a day. I keep trying to work on various SikhNet projects and things just keeping coming up and keeping me away from them. Lots going on in my life right now, preparing for the arrival of a new child.

I like to keep up with what is going on within the “Sikh Blogosphere” and some Sikh Discussion forums. I have to admit though I am deeply saddened when I constantly see people “throwing mud” at each other and spreading hate and ill will. It’s as if we as a Sikh community have a virus that causes a person to constantly criticize, judge and say negative things about people.

What about the principles of Love, Acceptance, Tolerance, Unity, Understanding, PEACE. It’s as if people have so much hate and anger inside that the only way to deal with it is to put someone down. Who wants to be a Sikh in this environment? No wonder the Sikh youth are taking off and leaving Sikhi. It’s not a positive experience for them. It’s all judgments for many.

Sikhi really needs to come from the heart and not the head. No one is perfect. We all go through the tests and trials of life and are going through different things. One cannot judge another. We should be there to support and help every step of the way. NO MATTER WHAT.

I have grown up with huge amounts of slander, misunderstanding and negativity towards western Sikhs in our communities and Yogi Bhajan. It’s so saddening to read the things people write. It is like a gossip circle that people feed on. People just twists things and make things up. It’s as if spreading this makes them feel better about themself. Are Sikhs the bullies or the protectors?

One has to accept that we as humans are all unique and different. We need to embrace this diversity and know that there is no ONE way. Just because something is right for you doesn’t mean something is wrong that is different than your understanding. This is the beauty I think of Sikhi is that it is open and from the heart.

I was just reading some discussions about Khalsa Camp and Sikh Student Camp and people where just “throwing mud” and criticizing this and that about the Sikh Student Camp. Everything I read was so off and untrue. Last year I had the chance to visit England for the first time and was able to participate in both these camps. They were the same week so I split my time between the two. I had an awesome time at both the camps and both had great people involved. Each had their differences which made them unique. Ok…lets just accept that there are different ways of doing things. One may not agree with the other methods, but why the need to start fights and judge each other’s methods? This only creates more anger and division within our communities.

The Internet makes it too easy for people to hide behind some anonymous name and criticize people. The next time you are considering writing something online in a discussion forum or email ask yourself if this is something you would say to the person or groups, face to face.

If we as a Sikh Community are going to survive then we HAVE to stop this. There is a way to communicate and question things in neutral way. We are all Sikh Brothers and Sisters and should really start thinking of each other that way. Let’s find what we have in common and not pick at differences. Is your glass “half empty” or “half full”? Let’s build bridges of understanding and acceptance so that we as Sikhs have a tomorrow. Is that too much to ask?

….Let there be peace In your heart, in your home and in the world.

Ps. If you can’t apply any of these suggestions, then at least go buy some Peace Cereal which helps promote peace! :) Celebrate Peace!

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  1. Thats why everything I post has my name and picture, for this exact reason.I know there are some differences in opinions and sometimes I am set straight by someones comments.
    Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki fateh!

  2. Just read your post! So So True! I’m afraid as Sikhs we forget that one Universal teaching of Guru Nanak Dev Ji which as he said is the only truth in this world – LOVE.
    I think the best example that comes to mind is west London (UK, where Im from). There are over 10 Gurdwaras in a 5mile radius – THIS IS CRAZY – Just a sign that people can’t get on – its really sad – maybe time for the youth to step up and take responsibility?!

  3. Puja says:

    Sat Sari Akaal, great post Gurmustak ji, i agree with all that you have said. i m not a sikh, but am familiar with Sikhism and i love The Guru. but when i read such negetive thoughts and comments from some people it just makes me think where is our youth going, and they are the once who have to carry the religion, if they dont have it right, it will never be right. this is not what Guru teaches us. so lets all be nice to one another and speard harmony, and leave all the trash talk and spread love for the God.
    Dhan Satguru.

  4. People can try to talk the talk…. but can they walk the walk?

    We can talk all day and criticize this or that person, but I feel that those who use their energy to create positive change are doing the real good. Rest are just gossiping and complaining. It is a waste of energy. God gave us all precious life force but it is up to each of us to choose how it is used.

    I’m all for action and change. If you want change in others and this world, it is not going to happen by complaining and criticising. You need to set an example and be a living inspiration for others to learn from. Rest the Guru will take care of.

    My two cents

  5. Harpal Singh says:

    Read ur blog “no more mudslinging � it is a good article and I support u for every word but it is sad to say, very few will support us. This is a never ending story. There is something common about Sikhs as the sayings below:-
    If one is climbing up ladder, there are others who will pull him down and bury him completely and never let him wake up again. Meaning jealously and envy takes place if one is successfully coming up and someone else will do something to give the person bad name & ruin him….
    As our 5 fingers, every one is going in different directions / ways. For unity no one wants to be united. Each leader has his own agenda.
    Incase of Sikhs, there is no need to send spies to spy on them. There will at least 3 out 5 who will give information to the enemy.
    As for Western Sikhs, do not feel bad or hurt, the critics are only jealous of Yogiji’s success . Most important part is let Waheguru to take care of us and he will. In Ardas request him he will listen and do the needful. Have faith in HIM.
    U can see the results the more bad is spoken, the more successful are you all becoming in Sikhi. Have faith in HIM. He know his way.
    Remember our GURUJIS and their success and also how they went through their lifes, you will note, it was WAHEGURU who took care of Them all along.

  6. It all relates to the logic of Gurmat and Manmat that was described as a comment (#14) to the “Rate My Turban� post of Bhai GMS.

  7. Bindy Bains says:

    Baba Gurmustak singh ji…

    i understand your reasoning and slight anger. i would liek to point out that there has been alot of talk recently about sp called “western-sikhs” trying to reform sikhi. Well what are exactly western sikhs?

    Anyways, i accept that yoga is a different way of trying to reach waheguru… but alot of ppl are really concerned that some ppl are trying to incorporate yoga and yogi bhajan as a “guru” or high teacher into sikhi. And it also scares ppl that some “3HO-sikhs” are getting into tantric (and similer) yoga stuff – which is almost against guru granth sahib ji and it’s teachings.

    This is what i have been told and have come accross on several forums and sites.

    i wish that all sikhs, no matter what syle, race, language and background will be as one.

  8. upinder kaur says:

    Mudslinging should be stopped.Guru Nanak taught us lesson of tolerance and universal brotherhood as the first thing when he said ” No one is Hindu, no one is Muslim” Its so sad that today we divide a sikh from another sikh.We must remember that when we find faults in others we are trying to hide our own shortcommings.Gurbani guides us in every field of life.If we all are commited to Guru granth Sahib, what is there to be afraid of !
    If you have some fears then try reading Gurbani more often and pray regularly… You’ll be definitely shown the right path.Instead of wasting our energies on silly nok-jhonk we must concentrate on prachar and spread message of Gurbani.

  9. Harpal Singh says:

    Regarding some comments earlier :
    I wish to say I attended two of yoga and and meditation workshops – 1st Bhen Snatam Kaur in February 2006 and second Mata Satkrin Kaur in Ist week of April 2006). It was an exercise cum Meditation (with Waheguru Simran) which I felt was good for body and soul. In fact I had a knee pain which went off. I did not regret & felt happy that at least I am doing 2 things at same time and learning to control my mind.
    Saying Yogiji as GURU, I am sure those who are jealous and envy are the ones who created the slanders and do not want these Sikhs to succeed. Are there any Forums or sites which bring subject of unity and be one for ever. Or only to condemn others which is the usual habit. Even among themselves, they are not united. In Punjab, there is crisis where, other religions is creeping in, liquor and drug problems ( Highest in Punjab) poor farmers’ problem and so many others. For these there are no forums to solve these and some thing practical been done but just talk…
    Look at so call Sants. I have seen people who first go and pay their respect to Sants, and do things which is against the REHAT MARAYADA but with Sri Guru Granth Sahib who is our Guru, see what respect is given and have look around what these Sants are doing . No body talks about it. There are very few Sants who respect GURUJI and strictly do not let the Sangat to touch, wash…their feet
    Here we have those who are doing a good job for Sikhi and we talk bad of them. See example of Chardi Kala Jatha and others who sing well versed Kirten. Please refer to Bhai Kuswant Singh ‘comments dated 21.4.2006 – www. Hope this does not offend any one. Be practical and Respect those who do a good job if cannot, then it is better to kept quiet rather then taking a sin on our head . Thank You.

  10. Prabhu Singh says:

    I’ve seen saints slandered on the internet by so-called ‘Sikhs.’
    That’s a heavy karma to slander saints.
    I’ve seen Gurumustuk slandered (or close to it anyway) and I thought ‘anybody in the world would be lucky to have Gurumustuk in their family, and I’m glad he’s my Khalsa brother.’ I’ve read and been upset by people’s slander and fanaticism, but then I realized, I know truly spiritual people and I know true Dharma, those slandering and condemning differences are not worth any time. I’ve read some really crazy things by ‘Sikhs’ who claim that these strict practices makes one truly spiritual. Those ‘truly spiritual,’ will then go on to say that if you don’t do it you’re a sinner and unclean and every thing else. It’s pretty ridiculous. I’ll never be what everybody wants me to be, and I’ll never try. I think different, I act different, I dress different, I speak different. I am different than every other person and yet my values are the same as the whole Khalsa.
    There are some punks on the internet and they act tough and high and mighty, but they’re hiding behind keyboards. When I read about things that people do and how fanatic some people are, all I can think is ‘If they had real lives (away from the keyboard) they’d know that their fanaticism doesn’t work in the real world.’ Compassion is the only thing that works.

  11. Amandeep Singh Khalsa says:

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa weheguruji ki fateh!! hey brother gurmustuk singh, why didnt u come to SIKHI CAMP, it was wicked! proper chardi kala, though i havent been to any of the others. Come to sikhicamp aswell, check it out on

  12. Anonymous says:

    Gurumustuk ji, Some people don’t have anything better to do , other than leg pulling & criticising others.Sometimes it is best to ignore these kind of people and stay focused on the path of truth ,as laid down by Gurbani. Carry on the good work with WAHEGURU’S blessing.

  13. Really a great post. I usually think about these things. This is not only true for sikh religion people but for all people. We are not too wise to judge the people, in my point of view no one is so. As far i know every sikh has to get rid off egoism, hatred and ….. ,but if you always try to see negative points of others, you can never acheive these goals.
    I have told according to my knowledge which may be right or wrong for some people…

  14. Dear Ones,
    The mind is our servant not our master….everyone’s mind is filled with all kinds of garbage that we pick up from here and there. That is why we must clean our minds daily in Amrit Vela…..through Simran, Bani’s. All these practices are the way we subdue the “soch” of the mind and bring us into “Yog” or union with our divinity. When we feel this goodness inside we can see goodness in others.

    Conclusion…”let your mind recite the praises of the absolute Lord…..” then you master your rascal mind and the garbage slinging is not done toward anyone….you empty your own garbage cans.xoxoxoxoox bless yourself. God bless you. Mata-ji

  15. Well Said Mata Ji! :)

  16. Anonymous says:

    Sat Sri Akal gurmustak jee,
    long time couldn’t write anything in your blog as i was in India for about a month…came back and got to see Arjan,she is so big already…when is she due for and do you guys know if it’s a prince or a princess.
    Another thing i wanted to ask you is that back few months you have gave the preperation method of Yogi Tea but unfortunately i forgot that which blog it was in so if you can please tell me the month then i can look it up again.

  17. Wahe Guru ji ka Khalsa ||
    Wahe Guru ji ki Fateh ||

    Gurumustuk Singh

    Wouldn’t just “Let There Be Peace,” be a better title for your article? since this article is aimed at me and others, I would like to make some comments.

    If you would closely read your article, you would find that you and some of your responders are pretty enthusiatically participating in the “Mudslinging” yourselves.

    Here are few of some of the very loaded words and expressions that are used: “mudslinging,” “slander,” “negativity,”garbage slinging,” “twists things and make things up,” and “so-called ‘Sikhs.'”

    Are these supposed to make me feel all ‘warm and fuzzy’ towards you?

    I have never slandered 3HO or Yogi Bhajan. Nothing that I have written is a lie or madeup. Everything can be documented by personal experience (15 years in 3HO and you learn a few things,) from lectures, videos, books and yes, even from Sikhnet.

    And yes, I have said most of these things to people in 3HO face to face. I would have said them to Yogi Bhajan but he refused to speak to me.

    One last thing, I have never called anyone a “punk,” or insinuated that they were cowards by “hiding behind their keyboards.”

    Chardi Kalaa

    Amar Prakash Singh

  18. SikhsRus says:

    So true Gurmustuk Ji! The world is full of people that are insecure and have fear of different things. I think they just don’t know any better. It is our job as Sikhs to try to reform them and spread the light of Gurus into their hearts. Both our Karma and Dharma lies in this. I call it internet terrorism , i.e. hurting some innocent person by hiding behind a keyboard. Please forgive them that is what Gurus would do. Please approach them and say hi and satnam. I grew up with some family members in Punjab that were and are worst than these people. I just forgive them all. Everyday, I meet all kids of people ranging from nice to rude, but I can’t let them control my life. Ultimate jusdge is Akal Purakh Waheguru.

  19. SikhsRus says:

    Gurmustuk Singh Ji,

    Your mata ji has said it really beautifully and has great insight! I agree with her 100%.

  20. I used to beleive that the biggest challenge for Sikhism was apostasy, and one of the biggest challanges to the planet is apathy. However, now that I’ve been around the internet I can see that the biggest challenge to Sikhism and it’s mission (Seva) is fanaticism. It’s the fanatics who will slander a Sikh who takes off his kirpan to go swimming rather than praising him for his seva. It is also the fanatics who believe that they should control all parts of a Gurdwara. When someone who is questioning Sikhi looks to be inspired they visit the Gurdwara and often times find the fanatics and see their slander and ego and run the other way.

    If someone is doing Seva, meditating and living righteously then they are a Gursikh, no matter if they maintain the 5Ks or how they maintain them. If we can’t accept this then we have ritualized our Kakkars and probably do not deserve to wear them.

    Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa,
    Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

  21. Amar Prakash: My post is not directed towards you or any specific person. It is a generalized statement of the issue as I see it. It is more about the heart of how some Sikhs interact with others, and how this can be an issue. The purpose is not to put people down, but hopefully effect change so that people can become more accepting and understanding; and think before they do these things. We all can do things unconsciously without understaning it’s impact. All I am saying is that we should be more conscious of our life, our interactions and how we communicate (and for what purpose).

    I don’t have the time to debate about these things so just take it for what it is. If you think I am attacking others and doing the same thing…then that is your opinion…and leave it at that. I don’t have to prove myself. Actions speak louder than words. Everyone has their own perspective and that is totally fine.

    Let there be Peace….

  22. SikhsRus says:

    Gurumustuk Singh Ji,

    I think Sikhs from both cultures just need to start attending each other’s Gurudwara uninvited more often and let whoever wants to stare at us. I had to get over that intial fear and hesitation, what do I say? how do I act? what is the right protocol? and all other questions. Do I say “satnam” or “sat sri akal” or “Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa…WGJKF”? I think deep down we all want to learn from each other to better our lives. Yes, theer always be more that will be negative, but it may lessen the effect of curiousity and their internal fears. I like how Pritam Singh Khalsa had the courage and deetrmination to follow the Sikh way and confront other people’s lies. He has a great post as to how he became a Sikh.

  23. Prabhu Singh says:

    Maybe I should apologize for saying that some people act like punks. I was falling asleep when I wrote that post last night and I’m surprised that it makes any sense!
    Amar Prakash I definitely wasn’t writing to you, you didn’t enter my mind once. I was thinking about all these young people who literally ‘slander’ people for being different. Just check the discussion sites it’s all about what’s right and wrong, and who’s good and who’s bad. While spending time in confusion, ego, and intolerence, they are missing the point. Everybody is right! There is only one God and this creation belongs to God.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Great discussion – time for us to put these ideas into practice!!

    Boleeeeee So Nihaaaaal!!!
    Saaaaat Sri Akaaaaaaal!!!


  25. its not about being fanatic. Personally,I keep my 5Ks on as much as possible( excluding swimming, cycling when your kirpan pokes outta the jersey or stepping on an airplane) Im sure guru ji wouldve understood all these problems. besides, im entering national service soon, so theyre gonna hv a major problem with the kirpan. and im gonna be too tired maybe even for the 5 bani nitnem. but yeah, like i said, i follow sikhi closely, and strictly, as much as possible to my ability.We shouldnt use it rather as an excuse not to have our 5Ks on. Come on guys, guru ji is watching us. So yeah, dont be fanatic, at the same time, dont lose it too. Practice it as much as possible. Sorry for spelling errors or sentence structuring.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Yogi Bhajan said “judge and be judged.” I remember him having the sharpest tongue of anyone I ever knew. Some felt that his extreme criticisms were a blessing. Others copied him, and are still copying him to this day.

    I actually hope that as time passes, real tolerance and peace will be the order of the day. This world needs it.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Dear Jagvinder Singh,

    Please do not remove your Kirpan for national service. Instead stand up for the right for Sikhs to wear the Panj Kakkaar and still do their national duties.

    When Sikhs succumb to societie’s pressures of “fitting in” they don’t just compromise their own Sikhi but for everyone else also.

    When one Sikh takes off their Kirpan then the National Service can say “If X Singh can take his Kirpan, Kachhera, Kangha, and Dastaar off so easily, why can’t you?”

    Everyone has a problem with everyone. But do not give your Rehit. If you need guidance, support or boost in confidence about keeping Rehit and dealing with society then please contact the Sikh Coalition or SALDEF.

    God Bless.


  29. Anonymous says:

    its not muddslinging when its true isit?

  30. It sounds like alot of us are stuck in nuetral even if you have a blown super-charged engine in Sikhi. Maybe we should take a break from the computer for a few days and go learn something new that we didnt know in Sikhi, It might let us put our vehicle in gear to go forward up this very steep hill and hopefully is enough to not stall out. While traveling up this hill maybe we should still learn something new or maybe define what our banis mean more closely. The ego tends to put a veil over our eyes and in some even clog the ears.

    What we need is a discussion forum on this webblog{Sikhnet has one but Im here more than there}We use this blog as a forum anyway. Then the slander is controlled.Maybe even remove the fake/lie slander and place as a slander part of the forum so people have a perfect example of what is a lie.{ a creditcard doesnt allow younger Sikhs into the forum.} We should have to go through Mr.WebAdmin Singh and fill out an online form showing your true picture,name and web-blog in order to get your password from the Web-Admin. {If you dont update your own blog in 1 month you should be removed from the forum}

    I just really like to see what people say about comments, and I think a forum on here would fix/mend holes put out by slanderers of Sants, even if they claim they are Sikh. Go to the Sikh Rehit and see what a Sikh is in terms of our highest authority from the five Takhats. I feel confronting these problems straight on will do great help to the Western Sikhs and Punjabi Sikhs in America and all over the world.
    Remember I go to about 5 Gurdwaras around the area to show my face around and let people know I dont have a special group that Im allowed to worship with[ not saying if theres only 1 around your area then your not as open or anything{{so dont manipulate that}}]
    I have at all those Gurdwaras have some welcome me and make me feel as a warrior in the Khalsa army and most look at me with a sour face{ they are mad that Im traditional and their kids are not really even Sikhs, they just go to the Gurdwara } But I try remember”try” to be a Brahm Giani and dont let there un faithfulness interfere with my chardi kala. They see that and then come and talk to me and notice I have no hard feelings even when I know what they have said or their gossip. Waheguru has allowed me to be pulled out of the quicksand of life and allows me to float above it now, while I watch and try to help others out, but only Waheguru allows me to help others out even if I wish too with all sincerity in heart. So try to see the bigger picture and rip that veil off from over your eyes.Only then will the Sun shine as bright as Waheguru planned.
    Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki fateh!

  31. Veerji , this will be there till the end of time.
    I was hearing one of yogi jis audios that you had uploaded , he was saying ” people will not make it easy for us , they will slander , pull your leg and do every thing they can do in negativity . Why? beacause if it is left to us we do the same!. ”
    Solution is Gurmat.
    Gurmat here will be ” Gursikhan ek piar , gur mittan puttan , Bhaaiyaan ”
    May all of us who are under the flag of Nanak imbibe Gurmat in all our activity !
    ਵਾਹਿਗ�ਰੂਜੀਕਾਖਾਲਸਾ ॥ ਵਾਹਿਗ�ਰੂਜੀਕੀਫਤਿਹ ॥

  32. dear anon, thanks for your support. i really needed tt lil boost. i’ll fight for this case. :)

  33. Would you entertain this idea???
    When ever you feel your gut rising in reaction you do the following
    and do not speak or write until you have completed this:

    -drink a tall glass of WATER
    -take 11 long deep slow breaths focusing on each Guru starting w/ Guru Nanak
    -then say out loud:
    “in the Name of the Guru I bless you.” (or do benti chaupa-ee 5 times)
    say this 3x for the person who upset you and 3 x for yourself

  34. Out of 32 comments, at least I have one, who agrees that GURMAT is the solution of ending all the differences that leads to mudsliding.

    Thank you “Niyara Khalsa” jee… Everyone talked of all the concepts except for the GURMAT logic.

    Anyways, thank you all for your feedback.

  35. Bindy Bains says:

    I do wish that somehow the white and punjabi sikh communities come together somehow. i just fear that there are some things in the 3HO movement that are not healthy for for all… but that is just my opinion…

  36. Harpal Singh says:

    “I feel that Mata Satkrin Kaur Khalsa Ji’s comments are a conclusion to our HO-HA’s (comments). Think carefully what has been said by her. I personally feel the statements solves our problems and we all have said enough and should stop it unless we want to break record and enter In “ GUNIESS BOOK OF RECORDS “( Already 34 Comments – the highest I have seen) I think it is time go for something new, and heed Mataji’ advise which a very few good and saintly people can give. Take it and do not miss it. Thank you…..â€?

  37. Bindy Bains:

    Everyone has things which are not healthy or positive. We are not perfect. The point of my post is to accept the positive things and not focus on the negative all the time.

    In regards to Yoga…I suggest that you visit some of the communities of Sikhs and actually see what people do. Too often people talk about Kundalini Yoga as if it is anti Sikh, when in reality it is very aligned to the goals in Sikhi. You would never know unless you had a chance to experience it for yourself. Otherwise it is all talk and baseless opinions.

  38. SikhsRus says:

    In regards to Bindy Bains comments and is not to hurt anyone’s feelings:

    There are so many things that us Punjabis do that are also not healthy for all. I won’t go into details but alcoholism is one example. A lot of us don’t even use name Singh or Khalsa which is very unhealthy to all Sikhs. Also, who am I or you to judge someone’s spiritual connection to the Guru. Some get inspiration from pictures, some get it from visiting gurdwaras, some get it from reading Guru Granth Sahib quietly at home, some from singing, some from being quiet. It is all personal.

  39. Bindy Bains says:

    Gurumustuk Singh ji and rest of posts…

    First off, i’m not punjabi, i’m native /aboriginal. jsut get that cleared up.

    i would liek to say yhat my opinions are not baseless, since i have not mentioned anything about yoga about being anti-sikh (didn’t say that). However, we should not try to bring this form of meditation under sikhi, as it’s not kirtan or simran/seva. I respect yoga as another form of opening up to waheguru, as i do another form of meditation myself, but don’t call it sikhi.

    I would like to also express mine and other ppls concern… some ppl are putting Yogi Bhajan on a very high level, to the point of near guruship, i’ve seen it… some videos of ppl dancing with a picture of Yogi Bhajan ji on the wall and some ppl hanging pictures of him elswhere. That is not , it’s already bad enough that we have pictures of the gurus, let alone pictures of others.

    i respect him, but not to that point.

  40. >>we should not try to bring this
    >>form of meditation under sikhi,

    Bindy Bains, I don’t think anyone is calling yoga as part of Sikhi? Who can define what “is part of Sikhi” anyways? Sikhi is so vast that it cannot be defined soley by rules and regulations. Myself and many others have realized the benefits of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, healthy lifestyle, and other things which Yogi Bhajan taught over the years. It has helped to inspire so many people and changed many lives. These are merely tools which can be used, or not. A Sikh can decide for him/herself. I see these tools as helpfull to the Sikh community at large which is hurting on many levels.

    >>ppl are putting Yogi Bhajan on a very high level,
    >>to the point of near guruship,

    Some people have very high regards and respect for Yogi Bhajan (including myself) however it is not as “Guruship”. You really can’t make this judgement without seeing the whole picture. Many of the people from my parents generations were teenagers and had their lives change in a HUGE way as a result of the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. Our lives are literally molded based on the things he taught over the past 30+ years, so it is natural for people to have a high level of respect. I have pictures of Yogi Bhajan in my home. So what? They are not there to worship. Yogi Bhajan is part of my family and is a big part of my life, so I have pictures. There is nothing wrong with this.

    One cannot take a situation or people as a whole and make a judgement. You have to see much deeper to understand things more clearly. Things are not always what they seem after first glance. Open your heart and give people the benefit of the doubt. There is no one way.

  41. Anonymous says:

    For there to be peace, there must be understanding- and that comes from all organizations, sampradas and jathas.

    When it comes to 3HO, there are many questions that go unanswered, even when one tries to get answers, they are oftentimes ignored. As Niyara Khalsa said, things should be done according to Gurmat.

    If we are one panth, and every other jatha- even with their diverse views still stands underneath one nishan sahib; why does 3HO have their own “nishan sahib?”

    When the “minium” marayada of the ENTIRE panth has certain rehats which everyone falls under, such as the naming process, why do 3HO sikhs defer from this order and rely on numerology which our Gurus are against?

    I have immense respect for Bhai Harbhajan Singh and the entire 3HO sangat. The sangat who has helped me in my path of spirituality is very diverse- AKJ, Taksali, 3HO, and people who don’t affiliate with any group, in the end all Sikhs full of love. I wish we could understand each other so the mudslining would stop.

    I hope I can get answers to these questions.

  42. Anonymous: We all have questions and things to learn from eachother. I just feel that in general people can’t expect to get all their answers on the internet. When dealing with these issues it requires more depth to understand situations and people. It’s not so simple as just posting “The answer”.

    I was driving home today and the guy in front of me had few bumper stickers like: “Born to hunt…made to work” (something like that) with a deer on the side. This guys loves to go hunt and kill deer. Now for me…I consider that cruel. However…how can I judge that person. He might have a totally different perspective that might be valid.

    Anways…I think in time all these questions will be answered for people as we all get to know eachother (in person). I think the internet actually does a lot of harm and has negative effect on some aspects of Sikhi. Sometimes you have to just shut off the computer and actually TALK to someone face to face.

  43. Bindy Bains says:

    i would liek for someone to clarify and define what “mudslinging” is… i’m sure we can give helpful critasism and also ask legit questions…

  44. molly says:

    WAHE GURU JI KA KHALSA, WAHE GURU JI KI FATEH.Once again a very  valid & positive write up by Gurmastak singh has been blown out of proportions.I some times wonder why we people tend to give a negative connotation to every little thing which is being written to put a stop to the needless ( also in very bad taste) discussion.Our American brothers & sisters r a part of us,we belong to each other.I, personally hold Yogi Bhajan as well as my western counter parts in very high esteem and know very well that Yogi ji was a true Gursikh who always held our GURUS and Guru Granth shahib ji in very high esteem.Even if at times he was critical of sikhi as it is being practiced by an average sikh,it was nothing but the truth which was being told frankly.And Yes, yoga does help in meditation via breathing  and makes concentration easy.All things said and done, even if we do not believe in something, still we have no reason to critisize something or someone else belief or way of life.I think u shud ignore this type of people and continue speading SIKHI far & wide.GOD BLESS YOU.
    Another thing i have noticed is that it is not the common sikh who talks negatively against the western sikhs but the sikhs living in USA & Canada as if they were thier rivals,who have to be confronted for anything they utter.If we sikhs look at the deras in India so much can be found which u cud say was not in tune with what u call sikhy & the dera chiefs r being given a very special status.So if yogi ji has a special place for our brothers then whats our problem. Do not we keep our fathers or brothers pictures in our homes.So brothers march on and preferably with each other.GURU RAKHA.