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Some of you have probably heard about the RateMyTurban.com website. The idea behind this is to promote the Sikh Turban and make people proud of it (Men and Woman alike!). In this day an age there is so much pressure to conform to society and it can be harder to maintain our identity as Sikhs. It is important that we develop things to support youth in this challenge.

I sometimes hear from Gursikhs on SikhMatrimonials.com who feel bad because a many of the people on the website are looking for a “Non Turbaned Sikh” and are not really looking for a practicing Sikh. It makes one feel like you have to change to be accepted and fit in. This is just one of the many challenges. We even changed the whole layout, design and profile questions on the Sikh Matrimonials in an effort to promote the Sikh Identity (the turban) and support those Sikhs who choose to maintain the Sikh identity.

I remember when I was single, and in my teens/early twenties and still struggling with my identity as a Sikh. I didn’t have many Sikh friends in my area and went out trying to meet people. Not much came out of that in terms of meeting the right kind of people. I always felt the pressure to dress up a certain way, try to look “sexy” and fit in. During that period I had a Girlfriend and my beard was starting to come out. I normally had my hair down in a pony tail at that time. I remember feeling subtle pressure from her about my beard and shaving. It didn’t feel good. In the end things didn’t work out with that girl and I later met my wife, Arjan Kaur who was a world of a difference. It was so surprising for me to meet someone who was attracted to me wearing bana and being a spiritual person. For once I didn’t have to change myself to fit in and could just be myself. What a feeling that is!! What I learned from all this is that we have to be patient and not change ourselves to please society or other people. Be Yourself! If someone doesn’t value who you are…then you are better off with someone else. The true friends are ones that love you and accept you for who you are without judgment and pressure. These friends can sometimes be harder to find these days, but don’t give up hope. I had given up after years of searching…..and when I just let it go…and just left it up to God…. things worked out perfectly. And here I am today. So…be strong and don’t shrink who you are. Shine like a light and set an example so that others feel the courage to also do so.

I got a little off my topic there. Hahaha… That’s what happens sometimes when I blog. Anyways… Check out the latest draft of T-Shirt designs that Ashvinder and Me have been working on. One of the many SikhNet projects. Cool eh? The shirts are not printed yet…so you can’t get them. I’m not yet sure how they will be available to people.

Ps. If you haven’t already done so (and especially if you have a funky cool turban) post your picture up on RateMyTurban.com

I was just looking at our web log and I saw that Yahoo featured RateMyTurban as a “Website Pick”. Check it out (at the bottom) or direct link.

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21 Responses to “RateMyTurban.com T-Shirts”

  1. I like the green and blue layout. I remember when he first put them out to look at. Someone mentioned that one looked like a taliban turban.{I thought so too} But the blue layout looks like my silhouette minus the long flowing beard{mines just starting to want to grow out}.
    When they are available Ill buy two of the blue layout but on a white shirt.

    People need to just ditch the woman who wants them not to where a turban and beard and let her be with a non-Sikh that just goes to the Gurdwara. All those non-Sikhs dont have a need for Gurbani or at the right times or amount. Then theyll both be unhappy in the long run.
    What gets me is Jessica isnt even a Sikh and allows me to have a Turban and beard. It took two years but last night she asked me why I sleep with my Kirpan on. Itold her because I wont take it off for even 1 second might as well justify not wearing it at all.

    The women who dont want a turbaned Sikh with an uncut/even trimmed/shaved beard a literally blowing out the candle in terms of commitment. They should say if you dont have a turban and uncut beard then dont even ask. Remember Jessica doesnt even tell me that I cant wear a turban and a beard and shes not even Sikh.

    Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki fateh!

  2. xSHANTIx says:

    i love the designs they are just fab! love the pink one!!!! keep up the fantastic work…i dont know what i would do without sikhnet.com i have communicated with so many wonderful Sikhs through sikhnet and this blog including the above singh, Pritam Singh Khalsa. We really have THE best worldwide sangat…AWESOME!!!! love and blessings Shanti

  3. Anonymous says:

    well considering that there is a “caste” option in the profile page… some ppl don’ take the site seriously. I often wonder too… how a convert or new sikh will look for a partner if we can’t date.

  4. Anon: I think you are mistaken. There is no caste option on SikhMatrimonials.com profiles and never has been. Some users try to sneak in caste information in their profile discription.

    A Sikh “Convert” like anyone…might look for someone with similar values and things in common. I don’t think one needs to date to find a partner. The word “Date” can mean something different depending on who you ask. It’s one thing if you are dating and having a sexual relationship and a whole other thing if you are dating and developing a friendship without the sexual/physical component.

  5. Prabhu Singh says:

    I know rate my turban hasn’t been officially launched yet, but isn’t there a way that we can browse the turbans?
    Currently all you can do is click refresh hoping to get a turban you haven’t seen. On the left there is a menu “ratemyturban Statistics” but only two links. Those stats should be links. Because it’s not functional I think it’s not as popular as it could be.

  6. I am a Sikh convert and Im with someone who loves me for who I am.She might not fully agree or always question me but that means shes just trying to learn as she goes along with it.

    Gurumustuk Singh is completely correct with the dating part of annon’s statement. You can date someone without even thinking of the sexual part of life.

    P.s _ How did this get to dating instead of the cool shirts.
    I need to read some more Banis and then Ill jump on my blog rather than surfin around blog-sites.
    Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki fateh!

  7. Harpal Singh says:

    Glad the subject of Turban has come up. In today world, people wear turban of less than 3 yards metres cloth (Keshkhi)or just tie with a knot at back(Patkha) and call it a turban. Even at times I had some arguements about this with my son who wear small ones. Before the turbans used to be at least 5 or 6 metres, even the law in my country says that any Sikh, on motor cycles. must wear full lenght turban lenght. I think there should some definition about turbans. Thanks to SISTERS in your country who are proud to wear turbans full lenght and never complain.

  8. Like it is said, “A rose is a rose is a rose… Similarly, it also stands true that a Turban is a Turban is a Turban. There is nothing like one Turban is better than other. It is the sentimental value of the Turban (being Gurus present to his Sikhs) that counts and all the Turbans carry equal sentiments attached to it. I don’t know what sentiments a person will have for the Turban who will have his beard shaved and cuts his hair but comes to Gurdwara sporting a Turban on his head. I see some who do that and it is just a misrepresentation of the facts.

    Rate My Turban web site is helping in upliftment of the Sikh youth, I hope it works magic. What today’s youth require is more of spiritual uplift, better understanding and respect for Sikh values and it starts at home. I see a lot of parents, who cut their own hair, will want their kids to keep them; starting off at the wrong foot by setting bad example. Also a lot of parents cut their kids hair saying that they are discriminated against or picked on in the school and they think that it is OK as later on when the kids grow they can grow their hair too which is also not happening reasons best described by GMS.

    As long as we don’t tell the younger generation what Bhai GMS has beautifully described in his post, “Be yourself! If someone doesn’t value who you are…then you are better off with someone elseâ€? (or rather I would say you are better of without that person), we won’t find them comfortable with Turbans. I know it is easy to say but not that easy to follow. But that’s what Sikhi is all about. Tests, Tests, and more Tests…

    At the end of the day, we need to applaud Sikhnet who is making a sincere effort to bring the youth back to their roots.

  9. DragonKhanda says:

    Why do none of the links or input on the guestbook work? :(
    And can there be a way to contact people? I actually saw a couple people I know… :)

  10. DEEP says:


  11. anildev_singh_malhi says:

    Dear Gurmustuk,

    Coming from a multiracial country like Malaysia,keeping hair alone is a challenge, and keeping a beard is really tough.

    I too have faced pressures to trim my beard to an acceptable length, and I have succumbed to those pressures. Well done for not doing so!!!!

    The shirts are wonderful. How do I get them in Malaysia? Perhaps you could ask organisations like Sikh Naujawan Sabha Malaysia (SNSM) to be the distributors in South-East Asia.

    Do you have a Rehraas rendition by CK Jatha? The Japji that you posted earlier was just beautiful.
    If u do come across Rehraas by CK Jatha, could you please post it on the blog?


  12. Harpal Singh says:

    Though it out of subject. This for Gursikhs – feel bad. For them, either VEERS and BHENS, do not worry about getting partners, who knows u might get Gursikh partners at least the wave length will be the same. Example of veerji who is lucky to have Bhen Arjan Kaur. Thanks to her for her Sikhi. If someone so called modern, would have caused havoc.
    For those unmarried ones, you should be happy as u are all independent and no one to bug u. Looking at marriages, where couples promise each other and agree in front of guruji to follow the advise given by the priest and 4 lavan, have happy life and etc……… but some end up in divorce, commit suicides, getting killed and the worst ones are the buggy type who upset ur life. The number is not small these days. Hope it does hurt anyone, if it is then I ask for pardon. We have face the truth as what is happening in this world.

  13. Bindy Bains says:

    Yes… it sometimes is hard to find someone on the same “level” as you are. Especially in the smaller sangats, and if you are new… >

  14. The comments are going of the topic of Rate My Turban, so I thought that I pitch in what I think on finding a soul mate.

    Well, we all know that there are two words, one being the Gurmat, and the second being the Manmat. And I don’t think I ve to elaborate on the meaning and differences between them as you all are quite learned people. And I not being a very learned person, am just reproducing the explanation that I once heard on a CD in which Prof. Darshan Singh jee (Ragi) was explaining this… Why do we have differences among each other. That is coz, most of us follow the Manmat and that’s why we all think differently on different aspects of life like marriage, money, status, etc… Now we all go and bow to our Guru, Dhan Dhan Shri Gur Granth Sahib jee Maharaaj. But we ask ourselves this question that are we really bowing (Matha Tekna) to our Guru Sahib, or we just got into the ritual of doing so. When we bow to our Guru Sahib, we should be doing the Ardas that Guru Sahib, I’m putting my head in front of you. Please honor this request of mine by taking the Manmat out of this head of mine and please place Gurmat (thinking according to Guru)in it instead. The point here is that if we all have Gurmat in our head, then we all will be thinking alike and thus the differences will not be there.

    This is the main problem, that we do not think according to Gurmat and thus we create rift between ourselves, i.e. between brothers, sisters, husband & wife, parents etc.. no matter what the relation is and it is very much prevalent in our society. Now when we talk of someone outside of out Sikh circle (like lot of people go out of the Sikh world to find a partner), do we expect a person who is not a Sikh to be thinking on the lines of Gurmat when we ourselves are not following Gurmat. Do we expect someone who is not a part of Sikhim to follow it when we know that they don’t even know what Gurmat is.

  15. SikhsRus says:

    Please watch movie “kambdi kalai”. I bought one for sake of supporting Sikh movie makers. It has some good insights on wearing a turban and being true to Sikhi. For a first attempt for diaspora Sikhs, I would give it 4 out of five stars. But I think the directors/producers could use some help on next project by experienced movie makers.

  16. rajwant singh kalsi says:

    On your above text you wrote ” I always felt the pressure to dress up in a certain way, try to look Sexy and fit in.” Gurumustuk Ji, what is this mode of dressing to look sexy and fit in ?

  17. Jotroop Kaur says:

    It is very frustrating that many men are pressured to cut their beard and not wear turban. But I think we should remember that it is also very hard for women who wear turban. I know many girls and women who are actually discouraged by their families and sangat to wear dastar and keep ALL their hair. But what people have been saying, stay put, be yourself, things will work out.

    The shirts: pretty awesome. although i personally wouldn’t mind a less “girly” one for the ladies. i may be a woman but i dont do the pink thing… lol.

  18. FT says:

    I agree with jotroop. I love the t-shirts and will order one when they’re out, but I’m not a “pink” lady. I prefer blue or gray t-shirts. But really anything other than pink is fine. LOL

    Will you have X sizes available?

  19. To address directly your comment about not knowing how you’ll market the shirts, have you thought about CafePress.com? I don’t know anything about their rates, or commission, or whatever, but I do know a lot of small entrepreneurs market cool stuff there.

    Just a thought, jio!

  20. Thanks for the suggestion GuruKaram Kaur. I know of cafepress.com and used them for my Gora Sikh Pride T-shirts. We tried some of the RateMyTurban designs on cafepress and it doesn’t look nearly as good. They only have a few basic colors and are limited to a small sqaure. If you look in the RMT designs you will see the colors are quite bright and the design fills most of the shirt all the way to the bottom. If anyone has ideas… do let me know.

  21. Harman says:

    I realize this is a very old post, but have you checked out http://www.zazzle.com? They do customised tees/baseball shirts/cards/mugs etc. etc. as well, but seem to have a greater selection. They definitely look more interesting than CafePress (which bores the skull out of me) in both choice of shirts and general funkiness.